Help page – tutorials and tips

Mounting cotter pin and buttonPaper clip or wire mounting over buttonJoint with screw, washes and nutHow to make elf shoes

Variations on Elf girl hair

How to join legs with ch3


Fairy HowTo Part1 Head and Body

Fairy HowTo Part2 Hair

Fairy HowTo Part3 Painting Eyes

eye samples





Doll’s hair from satin ribbon

How to sew limbs on Bratz inspired doll

TeddyEddy head sculpting

How to make Hands

Smurf Shoe Pattern

Blue Fairy Hair Making

How to paint eyes

How to join legs on BB Doll

Ch6 into 12sc oval making

How to make duckling tailDuckling-back


120 thoughts on “Help page – tutorials and tips

    • If you can find any light peach, or natural beige color, those will work great for caucasian skin color. Any shades of light browns will work wonderful for darker skin tones.
      I have picked two shades for lighter skin tones you might want to check online and compare shade with brands you can find locally.
      Brand is Schachenmayr, Catania Originals; colors:
      0401 and/or 0263
      Hope it helps

  1. I’m making your Waldorf dolls for my girls for Christmas. I can’t find the tutorial for the diaper. And for some reason the tutorials for the clothes won’t load for me. Could you send those to me? Or tell me where I can find them. Thank you so much

    • Maybe was some kind of that day error. Never had those kind of problems happened before. First you need to open the file you wish to download. Once opened you can save it (download it) to your computer. Please try again and let me know if it works.
      If problem persists, write me which How to’s you wish to have and I can e-mail them to you.

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