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Quack quack babies

Last year I have introduced Quack Quack parents. Hope you still remember them. They were accepted very well and have seen many of them done for the past few months.

One of the nice blog followers who is with me since the first day I started here is dear friend Amanda Turner. She came up with completely new pattern using the Quack one I made. She made duckling and drake first, but then was missing the baby. In order to do that she cut the original pattern in half; rows, stitches….and came up with baby duckling. Miniature, miniature duckling to make and add to duckling family.

Amanda sent me the pattern to try out and I was thrilled the way duckling was coming out. First one I made was with 5 ply cotton yarn and 2 mm hook and it ended up not bigger than 6 cm (2 1⁄2″). Being so sweet and huggable decided to try to make one even tinier than that. Grabbed 1,5 mm hook and thread no.10 and made little baby duckling of 4,5 cm (2″) tall.

What can I tell you except Amanda did great job. Pattern is easy to follow, easy to make and duckling is more than adorable.

Here are two of my little baby ducklings

Quack brothers

I have already added the .pdf of the pattern you can find here, under Free Patterns page.

Hope you will enjoy these little ones as much as I did!

All thanks to Amanda and her great job done making this pattern available for us.

Minie quacks

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Quack? Quack, quack!

What do you call the female duck?

Today learned that female duck is duck! 🙂 It is male who is called the drake!  We’ll call these little two just simple ducklings 😉Ducklings - 1

Yes, that is the lovable couple! I love old photography, and just had to make them in b&w 🙂

Was thinking the other day how I haven’t seen that many ducks made as crocheted toys or amigurumi. So gave it a try. Really enjoyed working on them and hope you will like them as much 🙂

Here they come in colorDucklings - 4

Hope you like them, because the pattern is already done.

Everything is done in continues rounds. Head was started as an oval, while the rest of the pieces out from magic ring. Legs are done little bit different. Used triangle shape instead of round. Everything I could think of I have explained in the pattern. In advance I apologize for my bad english or any misunderstandings caused because of it. If you will find any mistakes, please let me know and will correct them immediately.

Ducklings - 5

Here is the pattern for all duckling lovers or those that will become one!


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Sc: single crochet US (double crochet UK)

Inc: increase, two stitches in one stitch

Inc+: increase, three stitches in one stitch

Inv.dec: invisible decrease

Dec+: use invisible decrease through 3 stitches (or 3sctog)


Materials used:

8 ply cotton yarn (pastel yellow, orange, pink)

bits and pieces of left over yarn for details (bows, neacklace….)

2 mm crochet hook

4 mm round black beads for the eye

needles for sewing up the eyes and body parts

fiberfill stuffing



Yellow yarn


R1:  sc4, inc3, (continue around the chain), sc3, inc. (12 sts)

R2: inc., sc3, *inc* x3, sc3, *inc* x2 (18 sts)

R3: sc1, inc.1, sc4, *inc.1, sc1* x2,  inc.1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc.1 (24 sts)

R4: sc2, inc1, sc5, *inc1, sc2* x2, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc2, inc1 (30 sts)

R5: sc3, inc1, sc6, *inc1, sc3* x2 inc1, sc6, inc1, sc3, inc1 (36 sts)

R6: sc4, inc1, sc7, *inc1, sc4* x2 inc1, sc7, inc1, sc4, inc1 (42 sts)

R7: sc5, inc1, sc8, *inc1, sc5* x2 inc1, sc8, inc1, sc5, inc1 (48 sts)

R8: sc6, inc1, sc9, *inc1, sc6* x2 inc1, sc9, inc1, sc6, inc1 (54 sts)

R9-R18: sc54 sts

If you are using safety eyes, place them in between the rows 15 and 16, leaving 7 stitches in between them)

R19: *inv.dec1., sc7* x6 (48 sts)

R20: sc48 sts

R21: *inv.dec.1, sc4* x8 (40 sts)

R22: *inv.dec.1, sc2* x10 (30 sts)

R23: *inv.dec.1, sc1* x10 (20 sts)

R24: *inv.dec1, sc8* x2 (18 sts)

Tie off. Stuff the head nice and firm.



Yellow yarn

R1: sc6 in magic ring

R2: inc1 x6 (12 sts)

R3: *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: *inc1, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R5: *inc1, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R6: *inc1, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R7: *inc1, sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R8: *inc1, sc6* x6 (48 sts)

R9-R13: sc48 sts

R14: *inv.dec.1, sc4* x8 (40 sts)

R15: sc40 sts

R16: *inv.dec1, sc2* x10 (30 sts)

R17: sc30 sts

R18: *inv.dec.1, sc1* x10 (20 sts)

R19: sc20 sts

R20: *inv.dec1, sc8* x2 (18 sts)

R21: sc18 sts

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the body and the head together. Stuff the body nice and firm.



Orange yarn


R1: Sc7, inc+, (continue around the chain), sc6, inc1 (18 sts)

R2-3: sc18 sts

Tie of and leave long end for sewing the bark to the head later.

The bark will be placed between rows 15-20. Place it nice, pin it well and sew it nicely al around.



Yellow yarn

Tail is done with two little parts joined together and continued to be crocheted as one piece.

First make little piece

R1: sc5 in magic ring

R2: inc x5 (10 sts)

R3-R4: sc10 sts

Tie off.


Next piece:

R1: sc5 in magic ring

R2: in. x5 (10 sts)

R3-R6: sc10 sts

Now take the first piece made, slip stitch to any stitch to connect these two pieces together and continue stitching al around both pieces until you make 20 stitches.

That was our R1 at joined tail (20sts)

R2: *inv.dec.1, sc8* x2 (18sts)

R3: *inv.dec1, sc7* x2 (16 sts)

R4: *inv.dec1, sc6* x2 (14 sts)

R5: *inv.dec.1, sc5* x2 (12 sts)

R6: *inv.dec.1, sc4* x2 (10 sts)

Cut off leaving long end for sewing the tails end and sewing the tail on the body.


Wings (make2)

Yellow yarn

R1: sc6 in magic ring (6sts)

R2: inc1 x6 (12 sts)

R3-R4: sc12 sts

R5: *inc.1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R6-R7: sc18 sts

R8: *inc1., sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R9-R10: sc24 sts

R11: *inc1, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R12-R13: sc30 sts

R14: *inv.dec.1, sc1* x10 (20 sts)

R15-R16: sc20 sts

R17: *inv.de1* x10 (10 sts)

R18-R19: sc10 sts

Flatten the wing and stitch across both sides with single crochet. Tie off and leave long end for sewing the wings to the body later.


Legs (make2)

Orange yarn

R1: sc6 in magic ring

R2: *Inc+, sc1* x3 (12 sts)  don’t forget! In legs every increase is 3sc in one st. in order to reach triangle shape)

R3: sc1, *inc+, sc3* x2, inc+, sc2 (18 sts)

R4: sc2, *inc+, sc5* x2, inc+, sc3 (24 sts)

R5: sc3, *inc+, sc7* x2, inc+, sc4 (30 sts)

R6: sc4, *inc+, sc9* x2, inc+, sc5 (36 sts)

R7: sc36 sts

R8: sc4, inv.dec+, sc9, inv.dec+, sc17 (32 sts)

R9: sc3, inv.dec+, sc7, inv.dec+, sc16 (28 sts)

R10: sc2, inv.dec+, sc5, inv.dec+, sc15 (24 sts)

R11: sc1, inv.dec+, sc3, inv.dec+, sc14 (20 sts)

R12: inv.dec+, sc1, inv.dec+, sc13 (16 sts)

R13: inv.dec.+, sc12 (14 sts)

R14-R16: sc14 sts

Tie off and leave long end for sewing. Stuff the legs lightly. Just enough to form the nice shape. Close and sew the end nicely so can be attached to the body later.


Now time to attach the parts together.

Sew body and the head nicely through the 18 stitches you have on both sides. That should give you nice and tidy connection. Put some more stuffing if needed so they stick together nicely and firmly.

Wings place on the sides of the body. Place them evenly, pin them and sew them.

Legs are placed in between rows 4-5 (looking from the bottom side of the body). Center them leaving 2 stitches in between and see them nicely.

Tail is placed centered on the back side of the body between the rows 6-7.

If you didn’t use safety eyes, sew them on on between rows 15-16, leaving 7 stitches between them.

Place the bark between the eyes in between  the rows 15-20. Pin it and sew it all around nicely.


Details such as hair, bow or necklace!


Drake’s hair:


Slip stich all the way back,


Slip stitch through the chain, tie off leaving long end for sewing the hairs on top of the head


Duck’s hair:


Inc x15

Repeat for as many hairs as you want duck to have

Tie off leaving long end for sewing the hair on the top of the head



Leave long end before the chain Ch6

R1-3: sc5

R4: skip1 stitch, sc2, 2 stitches together (3 sts)

R5: sc1, 2 sctog (2 sts)

R6: inc.1, sc1 (3 sts)

R7: sc1, inc. x2 (5 sts)

R8-10: sc5 sts

R11: skip1, sc2, 2 sctog (3sts)

R12: sc1, 2sctog (2sts)

Tie off here and go back to the first row.

With the yarn you left at the beginning of the chain use to repeat R11 and R12

Tie off.

Fold the end of the bow to the center of the bow. Use the access yarn from the ends to wrap around the middle and sew so the bow stays closed and firm.

You can sew the bow directly on the body, or tie it behind the neck line so can be taken off and replaced with some other detail.



Depending what yarn you will use for making the necklace, measure it before starting R2 so can be placed all around ducklings neck.

In my case I used 25stitches in the chain

R1: ch25 (or as many as you need to make a chain all around the ducklings neck)

R2: sc24 sts

Change color

R3: skip one st, slip stitch next, ch3, skip one st, slip stitch next, ch3… repeat all the way around.

Reaching the end, chain to make circle you will use to lock the necklace. Close the ring, cut off. Sew and hide the ends.

On the other side, sew on the bead or very small buttonDucklings - 2

That’s it! Your ducklings are done! Hope you enjoyed making them as much as I did, and hope kids will love playing with them too!

Until next week, keep calm and crochet 😉Ducklings - 3