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10 thoughts on “Sophie

  1. Oh, she is so beautifull, she looks just like my granddaughter. Where can I find the pattern please?
    Thank you.

    1. Glad you like the Sophie doll. So far haven’t posted the pattern. It is very simple one to do and will be glad to share the pattern with you, so you can make one for your granddaughter 🙂
      If you can give me e-mail address or send me one to and I will send you instructions on how to make this doll.
      Thank you Christine, looking forward to hear from you soon.

  2. Hallo,
    I am sorry to answer so late, but I’ve read your e-mail today yet.
    Oh that would be nice if you would be so kind to send the pattern of Sophie for my granddaughter.
    My e-mail is:
    Greetings and thank you, you are so kind xxx

  3. I was wondering if you would please send me the pattern for Sophie? Sophie is adorable!! I want to make her for my granddaughters. Thanks, Gail

  4. Here is the website.

  5. Is the pattern available for Sophie. My Grandbaby is 1 yr old and her name is Sophie. I would love to make her one. Thank you so much Becca Dixon

    1. Yes, the pattern is available. You can find it here
      Will try to make printer friendly version very soon, so will be easier to download and work with it.

  6. Sophie is wonderful! You make the best dolls! Thank you.

  7. I would love to make this doll as a gift for a co worker. Can you share pattern with me?

    1. Debi, you can find pattern here. For any help, please feel free to contact me.

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