Free Patterns

Flip by AmigurumiBB1Flip, The Grasshopper by AmigurumiBB

DSC_0017Maya the Bee & Willy Pattern by AmigurumiBB

ducksLittle Yellow Duck Brooch by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBBWaldorf Baby Clothes by AmigurumiBB

Sucking finger arms for Waldorf babySucking Finger Arm by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired Baby with open mouthOpen Mouth Baby Head by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired BabyWaldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBB

Bunny Babies by AmigurumiBBBunny Babies -AmigurumiBB

Christmas Elves - AmigurumiBBChristmas Elves

Winter DollsWinter Dolls

DSC_0019Helga and Hans


Merida the Brave by Jo Merriman



BB MermaidsMermaid dolls

pammy_the_piglet__free_pattern___tutorial__by_nvkatherine-d7mbvwtPammy the Piglet by NVkatherine


BB Dragon

Waldorf inspired dolls by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf inspired doll


Blue Bear Pattern

Bianchina by Stefania

bianchina by stefania

Lolly front

Bratz inspired doll

mama, papa and their son

BB Bunnies

Mooshka dolls2


Marsupilami by AmigurumiBBMarsupilami

Minie quacks

Baby Duckling Pattern

Barbamama & Barbapapa

Barbamama & Barbapapa

Penguin&MrsClaus Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Part II 



Christmas Ornaments - AmigurumiBB - Free Patterns

Christmas Ornaments

BB Boys

BB Boys Pattern

Vexy & Hackus Smurfs

Vexy & Hackus Smurfs Pattern

SmurfsSmurfs Pattern

LalaOopsie Doll Pattern

WheeWhee the Shy2WheeWhee the Shy Free Amigurumi Pattern

Karla&friends playing againLittle Karla Girl free amigurumi pattern

Fairy DollsFairy Doll 

Ducklings - 2Ducklings

Rice stuffed dolls - 08Sleeping Buddies

BBDolls - 5BB Dolls

Totoro - 09Totoros

Angela the CatAngela the Cat

Ella the ElephantElla the Elephant


442 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. Woe wow wow!!! Marsupilami was the thing that got u to my fav amigurumi page. Excelent work dear. And thank you for sharung your skills with us:) Keep up the good work.

  2. Been looking everywhere for adorable doll patterns for my granddaughters and my daycare kids! Extremely excited to have found these! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart 😍

  3. Looking at your precious ‘Christmas Ornaments II, I find there is no pattern for the heads. Was that given in ‘Christmas Ornaments I’? And if so, how and where might I find that pattern?

    Thank you for all your generousity in making these patterns available for free to us less imaginative folks. They are treasured!

  4. I love them!! I’m going to make them for my grandchildren.A little bit a puzzle, because I live in Holland. But I hope to meke the girls happy !!!Thanks a lot!

  5. I am so thankful that I found your blog and I want to say thank you so so much for providing us your absolute gorgeous patterns for free. I just finished your Winter Doll and she is just awesome. Now I will crochet a second one 💙 I just love her and all your wonderful designs. Thank you! I added my Facebook Page in the details section, and will post her public, so you can have a look. Have a wonderful Christmas time.

    • Thank you Thalia. I am happy to hear you are satisfied with your little Winter Doll. You are welcome for the pattern(s), this is just little something I can do and share from my part. Feel happy to hear when one enjoys, like you do. That makes all this work worth! Thank you very much for your kind message.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family

  6. Merry christmas!Thank you for the wonderful patterns!I would like to crochet the smurfs and I wanted to ask how tall it will be once finished!Thank you very much!

  7. Thank a lot for your reply!I have one more question..😀 I have just started on the shoe but I just cant figure out how to do this!I dont understand what to do after the do you go to r1?Thank you!!

  8. Thank you so much for your generosity , your creations are really fantastic and for you to share them with us free is so amazing. All I can say is I hope I am clever enough to make some of them. Thank you again . xx

    • Thank you Susan.
      You don’t have to be clever at all to make them. If you have will and are determined you will do it! You always have me you can count on when in need of help or advice.

  9. Thank you so much for your beautiful and adorable patterns. I’ve ‘recently started crocheting amigurumi; I’ve made about 5 dolls, however, none from your patterns. I just began making your Angel, and I’m having difficulty understanding the instructions for the legs. Can I make a magic ring of 7 and continue from there? The way I’m interpreting your directions, it comes out flat? What am I missing? Please help!

    Elaine Q.

  10. Thanks for the free patterns. I was given a book at Christmas from my brother in law and have enjoyed it immensely. I am also going to be a grandma and the kids are using Noah’s Ark as their theme, so I thought making a bunch of animals would be a great nursery gift for them.i have been looking for great patterns on Pinterest and found you. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Michelle

  11. These free pattern are great. I am just teaching myself to crochet with the help from blogs when needed. I have been knitting and sewing for about forty years so I think it’s time I mastered a new skill.

  12. I’ve just started crocheting and love making dolls. Thank you so much for all the detailed information provided. Ever consider putting all this info into a book? Think you’d do great at it!

  13. Hi I’m new to crochet, I came across your page and wow what lovely patterns you have, I have already done the cute dragon I will try a few more I can easily say I’m addicted to amigurum I love them I cant seem to find where to post a picture of the finished item tho.

    • Unfortunately, photos can’t be posted on blog, but you can always post one on my FB page or send me by mail. I love to see work done by others and love to share those photos with my fans. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns! I love them but the one I wanted the most won’t let me download. I have tried about a dozen times to download the bianchina pattern and it always says download failed. Is there any other way to get this one?

  15. Bedankt voor de patroontjes mijn kleindochter was helemaal weg van de oopsy dol dus oma aan de slag ja toen kwamen de kerst elf en de winter meisjes ook nog even maar oma was lekker bezig en het was leuk maar ja het vertalen koste me het meeste tijd hoop dat jullie de patroontjes ooit in het Nederlands vertalen maar het is me gelukt badankt namens mijn kleindochter en mij oma Corrie

    • Corrie? Mag ik zo brutaal zijn om te vragen naar jouw NL vertaling? Ik vertaal ze anders gewoon zelf hoor, geen probleem. Ze zijn echt geweldig!

  16. what a lot of wonderful patterns. thanks for sharing them. i have a question that may have been asked many times: where can i purchase the eyes used on the dolls. I live in the Netherlands and have not been able to find them. kind regards, Sylvia

    • Hmmm….on my dolls I use what I have by hand. I use textile paint, crochet eyes, for small dolls, many times I use simple round 5 mm beads you can probably find any craft shop in the Netherlands, and I like sew on eyes (6 to 8 mm ). For crocheted and painted eyes, if I make them, I always write it in the pattern and explain how to reproduce them. If you have any particular eyes you like and don’t know how to make them, let me know and I will try to explain it in details.

  17. hi, love your patterns, crocheting is so relaxing started four years ago, had a student to teach me the basic stitches, then I bought books to teach myself, went on line to learn more. long story short I now am pretty good at it. I have made your amego friends, working on mooshka dolls now love your patterns, in fact I like making animals and dolls more than hats and scarf. Keep the good work up.

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  19. OMYGOD Vanja, your bunny babies are just ADORABLE but then so are all of your BEAUTIFUL dolls!! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to make these, have a blessed and BEAUTIFUL weekend!! 🙂

    • Ears are started with longer chain and first round is worked around chain. This way you’ll create an oval. Once you finish with the first row, should be easy to work in spiral .

  20. Hi do you have the pattern for the white, red, and black dress that the Bratz inspired doll is wearing? Thank you so much for sharing your awesome patterns with us!

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  22. You are amazing! Lovely dolls and animals. It’s very generous of you to share the patterns.
    I live in Sweden so my biggest challenge is to translate them into swedish so I understand what I’m doing, but I think it’s gonna work out 🙂
    I’m thinking of doing your little angels and give away to people I know that have done something special or just care a lot about their friends, and if I manage to make them look like yours, they are just gonna love them!

  23. These are such beautiful patterns. Thank God for people like you, who share your work for others to also enjoy. If I make these and sell them to raise money for our food pantry, will that be alright with you as long as I put your website info on the product for them to refer or put you name for pattern designer?

  24. Oh!! I love to crochet baby dolls, the Waldorf babies are fantastic!!! There are so few baby doll patterns to crochet. Your baby is so perfect, Ii just love it!! Thank you for another WONDERFUL pattern. I,m going to start this one today! Thank you again, I am so excited about this pattern!!!

  25. Thank you so much for all your free patterns, they are beautiful! After the BB Dragon, which my daughter adores, I started on the BB Boys and it works so quickly and nicely! I do have one (silly) question though – is the head meant to be “very” big compared to the body? It looks a bit strange the way I made it and in your pictures they don’t have gigantic heads! I used acrylic and 4 mm hook because I wanted it to be cuddle-size. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

    • BB dolls and boys are small dolls and will never make nice cuddly toy. And yes, the head is way bigger than the body, what is specially noticed when heavier weight yarn is used, so don’t worry because of the head being big. It is just that kind of doll. Weirdly cute! 🙂 Acrylic likes to stretch too. I work with cotton yarn and work very tight. that is why I started to test my patterns to see how it’ll work with different sizes hooks and yarns.

  26. Thank you for your reply!! That solves it then, I thought since I could make the BB Dragon cuddle size I could make the boy too if I substituted the yarn and hook. I might just have to make them for myself then 😉

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