Free Patterns

Flip by AmigurumiBB1Flip, The Grasshopper by AmigurumiBB

DSC_0017Maya the Bee & Willy Pattern by AmigurumiBB

ducksLittle Yellow Duck Brooch by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBBWaldorf Baby Clothes by AmigurumiBB

Sucking finger arms for Waldorf babySucking Finger Arm by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired Baby with open mouthOpen Mouth Baby Head by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf Inspired BabyWaldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBB

Bunny Babies by AmigurumiBBBunny Babies -AmigurumiBB

Christmas Elves - AmigurumiBBChristmas Elves

Winter DollsWinter Dolls

DSC_0019Helga and Hans


Merida the Brave by Jo Merriman



BB MermaidsMermaid dolls

pammy_the_piglet__free_pattern___tutorial__by_nvkatherine-d7mbvwtPammy the Piglet by NVkatherine


BB Dragon

Waldorf inspired dolls by AmigurumiBB

Waldorf inspired doll


Blue Bear Pattern

Bianchina by Stefania

bianchina by stefania

Lolly front

Bratz inspired doll

mama, papa and their son

BB Bunnies

Mooshka dolls2


Marsupilami by AmigurumiBBMarsupilami

Minie quacks

Baby Duckling Pattern

Barbamama & Barbapapa

Barbamama & Barbapapa

Penguin&MrsClaus Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Part II 



Christmas Ornaments - AmigurumiBB - Free Patterns

Christmas Ornaments

BB Boys

BB Boys Pattern

Vexy & Hackus Smurfs

Vexy & Hackus Smurfs Pattern

SmurfsSmurfs Pattern

LalaOopsie Doll Pattern

WheeWhee the Shy2WheeWhee the Shy Free Amigurumi Pattern

Karla&friends playing againLittle Karla Girl free amigurumi pattern

Fairy DollsFairy Doll 

Ducklings - 2Ducklings

Rice stuffed dolls - 08Sleeping Buddies

BBDolls - 5BB Dolls

Totoro - 09Totoros

Angela the CatAngela the Cat

Ella the ElephantElla the Elephant


442 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. I love your patterns! I have recently started crocheting toys and found your patterns. I have made one Waldorf doll and plan to make many more for friends & family. I just saw your Waldorf baby doll – that is my next project! Thank you for sharing your talent.

      • Hi. I have never finished any amigurumi project bc I cannot attach limbs..I just don’t get it and I haven’t ever seen cotter pins . I’ve quit trying bc so many things are just laying there discarded bc I work so hard on them and the few times I have tried to attach they get destroyed , and I do mean destroyed . They are hideous, anyway if you could recommend ANYthing to help including correct hook sizes and best type of yarn for this I would love it your creations are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The fairies are mind boggling! I don’t think I could ever do anything close. But I’d like to try it one more time and if you’re too busy to reply it’s ok. I’ve wanted to reach out to you for yeArs thanks so much for putting your creations out for all to see. I am fully prepared to pay you for any time you might have to help me,bc this is very important to me.

      • Thank you Lisa for your time to stop and write your message.
        To be honest, I dislike attaching limbs too, but to avoid that I started making them in one piece and connected them to the body as I go 😀
        I will help you with all I know and all I can to get you started and make your dolls from start till very end, aaand above all to be pleased with your work at the end.
        All what I wish to say would not fit this message, so please send me e-mail, and lets make a crochet doll master out of you. You will see how simple it all is!

  2. Hi! Your patterns are really awesome. Congratulations on your generosity in sharing. I am making the Smurf but I think that the hands need to be done in a different way: because of the thumbs, When you attach the thumb, you do 6sc then 2 stc with the thumb and then 5 sc.This is for one hand; the other has to be opposite, right? Is it 5sc then the thumb and then 6sc? I made two following the pattern and one has the thumb facing backwards. Sorry for my question but I seem to be blocked, can´t move forward. Thank you!

    • Yes, Nancy, you are right. I might have made mistake. Wanted to make thumbs placed somewhat in the middle so one pattern can fit both arms, but I might have done it wrong and when you make them they look odd. If you can adjust the stitches (as you said) please do so, and proceed with next round following the pattern. If you can’t do it on your own, let me know and I will try to adjust and correct it for you.

  3. Hi.
    I’m trying my hand at your Baby Dragon pattern and I’m doing their legs and am not sure how to carry on after the popcorn row for the toes.
    I’m wondering if there is a decrease row that I’m missing?
    It’s a beautiful pattern by the way.

    • No, there is no decreasing round after popcorns are done.What I forgot to mention in the pattern, was, skip the chains st you made on each popcorn stitch on the first round after. This way you will keep the stitch count on 24sts. What I do when making popcorn stitches on amigurumi, I close them but do not make chain (to secure the stitch), this way my stitch count remains the same.
      Sorry for missing this explanation in the pattern, and hope it helps now.

    • mot of my dolls are about 20-30 cm high. Not very big. And I work with 2 mm hook using DK cotton yarn most of the time. For any questions and help you might need, please feel free to drop me an e-mail. Will be glad if I can help.

  4. Thank-you so much for designing these wonderful dolls…you are so talented and the instructions are so good…Bless you!!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing patterns love them all and they have inspired me to do some toy making think I’ll be having a go at most of them

  6. Just looked at your lessons I am very impressed not often do you find all this free information brilliant for people starting out you are a very clever lady and I am sure everyone who ends up here would agree with me well done you should be really pleased with yourself xx

  7. I’v just found your site and am ABSOLUTELY impressed with your talent and I thank you VERY much for sharing your patterns. I anticipate making as many as I can. Regards Anne

    • send me mail, and say which one you wanted to download and I’ll send you the pattern with reply. This is best I can offer. Don’t know why you have problems downloading them.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your talent so we can so them for our grandchildren and enjoy them in the process of making them

  9. I love your patterns and can’t wait to start making them, Thank you for all the free pattterns and giving use all kind of patterns to make. Thanks for all your talent and giving so many FREE away!!!!!!!!!! Regards Karen

  10. I love,love,love your patterns. Thank you so very much for sharing. I will enjoy making these for my grandbabies and niece’s.

  11. Your patterns are very good! I want to say thank! I make a BB DOL! It’s well written, and the doll look very cute. Tomorrow I will put a photo on my fb page and I’ll show it to you too! Thank you!!!

  12. On one of the posts I left a question for you, as I couldn’t seem to download Any patterns…..
    Well I finally worked it out So I GOT ALL THE PATTERNS I was interested in!! So THANKK YOU for your very talent in your creative mind & hands♡♡♡♡

  13. I love all the toys and dolls! Amazing work!!! But I was wondering what the policy is on them? Are the finished products sellable or no? Would just like to make sure.. Again, AMAZING work!!! Thank you in advance.

    • Finished products are sellable. It is the pattern that is protected by copyright.
      If you wish to make some and sell, as long as it is not mass production you are allowed to do so.
      Have fun and enjoy crocheting. For any questions, please feel free to write and ask.

  14. Your site is like having someone by my side showing me step by step on how to crochet. Very instructional, dynamic and inspirational. My 11 years old daughter has been teaching herself by just reading your patterns that I have printed out, laminated and put in a folder as her book guide. So we both seat and watch tv as we are crocheting together, what a precious and priceless mother- daughter time. Can’t thank you enough for sharing and for being so generous.

  15. Hola

    Saludos desde México, todo lo que he visto de tu página es lo mejor de la web, felicitacione, me estoy esforzando en entender los patrones, si pudieras tener la opcion de traducir a diferentes idiomas o por lo menos al español te lo agradeceriamos miles de latinas.

    Gracias y bendiciones

  16. I wanted to thank you for this pattern im in the process of making this baby and am so excited to finish this Im greatfull for the pattern been looking for one to make.HUGS and blessings….

  17. I was wondering on the bed buddies it said to change 12 but it doesn’t say anything if we should connect the chain or work back and forth I love your work I have made several of the dolls for my grandkids, thanks Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,
      From what you wrote I’m not sure what these change 12 refer to. I red the pattern several times trying to find it but had no luck. Please give me more details on which part of the doll it says and I will get back to you with more details. Thank you

      • If you start with chain in order to make oval, you don’t join. You work first round around both sides of the chain. After first round is made, you simply continue to work in rounds (spiral work). Hope it helps this time. let me know if you need more help, please.

      • Hi,

        The sleep buddies body part starts out with ch 12, and in R1, it says in second chain from hook sc10, 3 sc in next stitch turn, 9 sc and 2 sc in next stitch. Then R2…I don’t understand, is there supposed to be a join somewhere?


  18. I just love your patterns! My kids just saw this page for the first time and were excited to recognize several of them. I have just finished making the Waldorf inspired baby. Now she needs clothes. (And hair, but I haven’t decided on a color yet) I looked through the patterns for the dress and shoes and noticed that there was no pattern for the cute little diaper she is wearing in the picture. Is there any chance that there is a pattern for it.

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