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WheeWhee the Shy Bear

Just recently finished this little shy teddy called WheeWhee.

She talks a  little but loves to play with ChubiChu the Cute who is her best friend. Free amigurumi pattern of this WheeWhee the shy bear will try to post by the end of this week. By that time enjoy the photos of this little one 🙂Image

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ChubiChu the Cute

Had this ball of fuzzy yarn for quite some time and no idea what to make out of it. Until yesterday!!!

Started, finished it and here it is;  Litle ChubiChuChubiChu2

Hope you’ll like it as much as I do 🙂

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Free amigurumi pattern! Little Karla Girl

Posted new, free amigurumi pattern, Little Karla Girl you can find under Free Patterns and Tutorials page.


Don’t forget to share you version of Little Karla with us! 🙂