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Talking Angela Free Amigurumi Pattern


First heard of Angela the cat when my friend told me how it is adored by her daughter Sara, and asked me to make that cat as amigurumi doll for her.

For all of you that don’t know who is that Angela, here is a picture of this adorably cute cat.angela_bg_8bit

Took me a few days, maybe more…almost  a month to research about this Angela cat and to figure out how to do that doll.

Encouraged myself this week to finally make it, and here it is what I came up with. My version of Angela the cat.


Even have the pattern done and ready if you would like to try making one. Have to say, that it is working pattern so some mistakes might be found. I did check it in written, but didn’t make time to make second and third Angela cat to be absolutely sure about this pattern. So keep that in mind if you decide making Angela.

For any details or further instructions please, feel free to ask. I do apologize for any mistakes or misunderstandings caused by my english, but am here to clear those as well 🙂

So here is the pattern! Hope you will enjoy making Angela!


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

st: stitch

inv.dec.: invisible decrease


2.00 mm crochet hook

white color cotton yarn for the cat (sport wight)

mohair or any other fuzzy yarn for the tail

embroidery thread in blue, black and white color

pink yarn for nose and mouth

embroidery needle for sewing the parts together and designing the face



Row 1:             Chain 6

Row 2:             starting second stitch from the hook sc4, 3sc in next sc, turn around as we are making stitches around        the chain, sc3, 2sc in next sc (12)

Row 3:              *2sc in one st, sc1*  x6 (18)

Row 4:             *2sc in one st, sc2*  x6 (24)

Row 5:             *2sc in one st, sc3* x6 (30)

Row 6:             *2sc in one st, sc4* x6 (36)

Row 7:                *2sc in one st, sc5* x6 (42)

Row 8-11:            sc 42

Row 12:             *2sc in one st, sc6* x6 (48)

Row 13:             *2sc in one st, sc7* x6 (54)

Row 14:             *2sc in one st, sc8* x6 (60)

Row 15-20:            sc 60

Row 21:            *Inv.dec.1, sc8* x6 (54)

Row 22:             *Inv.dec.1, sc7* x6 (48)

Row 23:             *Inv dec.1, sc 6* x6 (42)

Row 24:             *Inv.dec.1, sc5* x6 (36)

Row 25:             *Inv.dec.1, sc4* x6 (30)

Row 26:             *Inv.dec.1, sc3* x6 (24)

Row 27:             *Inv.dec.1, sc2* x6 (18)

Tie off and stuff the head firmly.



Ears (x2)


Row 1:             4 sc in magic circle

Row 2:             *2sc in one st, sc1* x2 (6)

Row 3:             *2sc in one st, sc1* x3 (9)

Row 4:             *2sc in one st, sc1* x4 sc1  (13)

Row 5:             *2sc in one st, sc1* x6  sc1(19)

Row 6-9:            sc 19

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the ears later.



Legs and body


Row 1:             sc6 in magic chain

Row 2:             *2sc in one st* x6 (12)

Row 3:                        *2sc in one st, sc1*  x6 (18)

Row 4:                        sc 18

Row 5:             *Inv.dec* x6, sc6 (12)

Row 6:             *Inv.dec* x3, sc 6 (9)

Row 7-11:             sc 9

At this point start stuffing the leg and continue as we move along.

Row 12:             sc2, *2sc in one st.* x2, sc5  (11)

Row 13-14:            sc 11

Row 15:            2sc in one st, sc5, 2sc in one st, sc4  (13)

Row 16-20:            13

Row 21:             2sc in one st, sc4, 2sc in one st, sc4, 2sc in one st, sc2


Row 22-26:             sc 16

Tie off, finish stuffing the leg and leave long end for sewing later.


Leg 2


Repeat from Row 1 to 26

After finishing Row 26 DON’T cut off the yarn.

Finish stuffing the leg.

Now take both legs together and put them side by side, toes pointing same direction. Tie both legs together for easier work to continue.

Row 27:             sc5, ch1, sc15, ch1, sc10


Starting with second leg, where we didn’t cut the yarn:

Sc5, ch1, continue stitching to next leg starting to stitch on the last stitch you worked on before tying off, sc15 (leave last stitch on this leg unstitched), ch1, leave unstitched 1st (first empty stitch after last one you stitched on this leg) sc10 (32)

Row 28:             sc 32

Pull out the yarn you left for sewing on the first leg made through the gap between the legs so it doesn’t get into your way while crocheting. We will use it later to sew and close this gap.

Row 29:             sc4, 2sc in one st, sc2, 2sc in one st, sc5, 2sc in one st, sc14, 2sc in one st, sc3 (36)

Row 30-34:             sc 36

Row 35:             *inv.dec.* x2, sc8, *inv.dec.* x3, sc16, inv.dec. (30)

Row 36:            inv.dec., sc8, *inv.dec.* x2, sc14, inv.dec. (26)

Row 37:             sc2 in one st, sc4, sc2 in one st, sc5, sc2 in one sc, sc5, sc2 in one sc, sc5, sc2in one st, sc2 (31)

Row 38:             sc2 in one sc, sc5, sc2 in one sc, sc6, sc2 in one sc, sc6, sc2 in one st, sc6, 2sc in on st, sc2 (36)

Row 39-40:             sc36

Row 41:             *inv.dec.1, sc4* x6 (30)

Row 42:             *inv.dec.1, sc3* x6 (24)

Row 43:             *inv.dec.1, sc2* x6 (18)

Row 44-45:             sc 18

Tie off and leave long end for sewing body to the head. Stuff the body well.


Arms (x2)


Row 1:             6 (magic circle)

Row 2:             2sc in each st all around (12)

Row 3-4:            sc 12

Row 5:             *inv.dec.* x3, sc3 (6)

Row 6-10:             sc 6

Row 11:             *2sc in one st, sc1* x3 (9)

Row12-16:             sc 9

Row 17:             *2sc in one st, sc2* x3 (12)

Row 18-19:             sc 12

Row 20:             sc6, *in.dec.* x3 (9)

Row 21:             sc3, *inv.dec.* x3 (6)

Sew end nicely to close the gap and sew arms on the body



Chain 30

sc1, slip stitch10, sc8, turn around (continue onto the other side of chain), sc8, slip stitch10, sc1  tie off (and hide the end)

Designing the face


Embroidery threads:

Sky blue


Tiny bit of white

Cross stitch the eyes with embroidery needle and thread

/X \̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̏ ̑ /X\

XXX ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑XXX

XXX ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑XXX

(X\ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑ ̑(X\

Outline the iris of the eye with two threads of blue embroidery yarn.

On upper black stitch embroider tiny white spark.

Outline the upper side of the eye with black embroidery thread to give it long lash kind effect.

To fill gaps on eyes or eye lashes, you can always use some markers to make tiny corrections.

Nose and mouth

Pink yarn

Sew the nose in between the exes (one row lower from the lowest eye line)

Sew triangle shape nose, across three horizontal stitches wide and the lowest part of vertical lines also three stitches long

From the lowest nose point, sew the mouth line pointing down, additional two stitches, and from there sew two stitches long line to each side to create mouth shape.