6 thoughts on “Bumba

  1. I would also like a copy of the bumba pattern. I would be happy to pay for it. Love your patterns

  2. I still owe you the pattern of Bumba! Just didn’t have time to write it down (and so far didn’t find my notes when working this one). He is Little Karla size. Will really try to write pattern as soon as possible. Thank you all for patience and sorry it is taking me so much time-

  3. would love the pattern too. about a doll size. thank you debi. ladylightbuld@Hotmail.com

  4. I like to have this pattern of Bumba! Is that possible? I love your patterns!

  5. Hallo dear Vania,

    Thanks again for the beautiful paterns you ‘ve send us. But I wanted to ask you if I can buy the pattern of Bumba somewhere, because the grandson is so in love with him. Thank you and have a nice day.


    1. Dear Christine,
      Will try to write you down Bumba pattern as well. My youngest niece was crazy about Bumba and I made this little one (was about 10 cm tall) for her last year. It is very easy one to do. Just let me know how big you want him to be so can adjust the pattern for you. Will try to write the pattern and send you this week or next, latest, ok?
      With kind regards,

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