Time flies when we work or play… or simply enjoy the life! For the past moth I have been working and playing with my work a lot!

Finally, and yes, finally have managed to finish Flip the grasshopper pattern, one from the series of already started (Maya & Willy), and yet not all finished patterns (ants, hornets…) from Maya the Bee movie.

Finishing the pattern was disturbed and prolongated by various toys I had to make to order, and here are some of them you can see.

Made to order toys by AmigurumiBBLeonardo from Teenage Ninja Turtles and Laalaa from Teletubies are my own creations. With Olaf was running out of time so I took a shortcut and worked based on pattern created by  www.kasiulkoweprace.blogspot.com

Children who received them were over excited and really enjoying their time with new friends. Have to say that Olaf is on his vacations at the sea and is enjoying Mediterranian sun these days 🙂

Flip the grasshopper patiently waited for his pattern to be done, and finally I’ve managed to finish him today. He ended up as one remarkable toy. I am more than pleased with the outcome.

Flip, The Grasshopper by AmigurumiBB

This is  my second Flip. First one is already at my nieces hands, who was the initiator and has ordered all these characters from Maya the bee movie 🙂

I don;t think you’ve seen my first Flip finished, so let me  show you

Flip by AmigurumiBB Flip by AmigurumiBB1There is slight difference and variation of colors used in each of Flips made, but this will just give you the idea on what to expect if decided to start working on one of your own.

Working with 2 mm crochet hook and cotton yarn in sport weight, your Flip will end up of some 50 cm (20 “) tall (from foot to top of the hat).

Pattern is edited and prepared for you to download and use. The link you can find here

Violin or better say guitaoline Flip is holding is something I’ve done at the very last minute.

It doesn’t make part of the pattern!

As I have hard times keeping my patterns to myself, and I didn’t have time to write the violin pattern in details, I’ve decided to offer you basic violin shape pattern, I used, and make it possible for all of you to create violin by yourself.

Here is plain violin pattern :

Violin is made from three pieces. Bottom part, cover and neck.

Bottom part

Start with making ch12

R1     sc10, sc 3 in the last chain stitch, continue working around chain, sc9, sc 2 in the               last chain stitch

R2     ch1, to alter the stitch, inc hdc, hdc in the next 2 sts, sc x4, hdc, dc x2, inc dc x3, dc           x2, hdc, sc x4, hdc, x2, inc hdc x2, sl st to ch1 made at the beginning of this round

R3     ch1, hdc, inc hdc, hdc x2, sc x4, hdc, dc x2, inc dc, dc, inc dc x3, dc, inc dc, dc x2,           hdc, sc x4, hdc x2, inc hdc, hdc, inc hdc, hdc, sl st to ch1 made at the beginning of  this round

R4      sc around working in back loops only

fasten off leaving long tail for sewing later.

Cover part of violin

chain 12 and repeat from R1-R3

To make violin sides strong, you can add some cardboard inside. Cut out the shape that fits your violin and place it inside the top and bottom part of your violin. Thread the needle with tail yarn of the base violin part and sew around both part. Before closing add some stuffing. Do not overstuff! You need to keep the violin shape!

violineViolin neck:

R1     ch6, sl st last to first st to create circle and continue working in rounds

R2-R5     sc6

R6          dec1, sc4

R7-R9    sc5

R10       flatten the top round and make two sts across (working through both side stitches of your flattened piece) Make 2 sts. Continue working in rows (ch1 and turn after each row)

R11      inc2

R12-R14     sc4

R15      dec2

fasten off leaving long end for sewing. Roll the top (flattened part worked in rows) and sew it just a little so it keeps this rolled shape.

The bottom of your neck, sew on top of your violin.

Use your imagination to add details. I used toothpicks and beads for string curlers, added tiny little wooden piece to hold the strings on violins top.
Chin holder and pieces you see black are crocheted.

Bow is made from wooden stick wrapped in yarn.

violine2Making violin is fun and I hope you will find this basic pattern useful to come up with some extraordinary ideas and make your violin beautiful and Flip happy 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed your time with all these news and most of all you will enjoy your time making Flip!
Cover2Hugs to all



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  1. everything is great, you did a great job on all toys. and oh flip is sooooo cute and the violin is great. I cant wait to make him. thank you soooo much for sharing himlove debi Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 20:14:12 +0000 To: ladylightbuld@hotmail.com

  2. All of your dolls/toys are so cute. I just love Flip, thought he was Jiminy Cricket for a minute until I saw the extra set of legs. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful imagination. I made a BB Boy for my grandson and he just loves him. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing all of your patterns with us. God Bless.

    • it is great to hear you like the violin. You are my guru for little gadgets. If one knows how to make gadgets, than it is you and your work always inspires me.

    • Actually I just made it! Haven;t written the pattern. You can easily make one from any doll pattern you have. Make a doll in green colored yarn, and details.
      The photos don’t show, but the shell, for example, I made out of simple, spirals. Started with 6 sts in magic ring, increased each round until I reached 24 and then sewed them to oval shape that resembles to shell. Easy, right? Front shell, make simple oval.
      Bandages on ninjas foot, crochet as sock, leaving fingers opened. bandages on fingers, make chains (measure them to fit the finger or wrist), single crochet one round and sew them on your turtle.
      As you can see, it is really easy! I am sorry I didn’t have time to write this pattern. Really sorry!
      Hope this little info can help you get started on your own.
      I am here if you need help.

  3. Vanja, my friend, you are amazing. All those toys are well crafted. Your Flip look like they just come out of Maya’s movie. I love all the details, especially the violin and the bow.

    • I haven’t written the pattern. Will try to make one some of these days. Laalaa I made was made from scratch and I haven’t kept diary of my work. Sorry about it.
      Like I said, will try to write and share it very, very soon.

  4. I’m living laalaa!!!! Would love the pattern!! You are a truly gifted lady – thank you for your wonderful patterns x

  5. Hi. I just adore the Teenage Ninja Turtle ! Is it possible to get an English Translation of the pattern, as I looked on the link and couldn’t find it ?
    I also love Flip, and hope to start on making him today. You are a very talented lady, and so kind to share your patterns.

    • Unfortunately I haven’t wrote the ninja pattern. Sometimes I like to free my mind and simply crochet without writing notes. Feel so sorry now!
      As I explained in my post. You can make Ninja turtle very simple way. Use any of small to medium size doll patterns. Make them in green color (turtle color). Add two fingers and thumbs to make special turtle hands.
      Shell I made by connecting simple round pieces (discs). Back shell ended more round than oval, but when placed on back and hardened with fabric starch it took nice shape and flaws were not noticed. Front shell can be simple oval.
      I know that I might sound silly simplifying all this way, but it really is very simple. Ninja turtle is really a doll with turtle shell on. If you can imagine it so, you can do it so 🙂
      What really makes it look as Ninja Turtle are all those details. Belts, hand and leg wraps….
      I suggest you to try making one from scratch. Find doll pattern you like and start from there. Details will be easy to add later.

    • Hello sweetie. Thank you for the nomination and concern!
      I am doing well. Summer was pretty busy and extremely hot (but that you already know) 🙂
      Talk to you soon!
      Thanks for nomination!!! 😀

  6. HELP, I am doing Flip now and I am stumped on the fingers and hand. I have the fingers done, but don’t understand the pattern from R 5. You say to sc 2, bring one of fingers on and sc2, bring on next finger etc. I’m an experienced crocheter but this makes no sense, He’s so cute and I really want to finish but am at a lose. Please help.

    • When you bring one finger, crochet over that finger for two following stitches.Then bring next finger, and sc across that one 2sts….
      Does it make sense?
      This way you will connect the fingers going in round.
      2+2, then 4 (as you will sc across entire finger), then on the back side of already connected fingers 2+2
      I can make you photo or two if you are not sure how to connect them.
      Let me know

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