Colorful Lana Doll(s)

I would like you to meet these lovely and colorful Lana dolls.

Lana Doll

Created this pattern two weeks ago as addition to one book on small crochet toys and dolls (that I will talk about some time in the future). This is one of two patterns I made for this book. The second pattern will show and share with you soon, and both will be available only through the shop. So far you can find it in my Etsy shop.

If you liked BB dolls, than you will looove these little ones. Easy to make, and long lasting! I have tried to come up with

  • the doll that can fit any little girls bag or back pack,
  • durable doll that can be played with for many years,
  • doll that can be washed,
  • doll which can change her clothes/shoes….
  • doll girls will love!

So far, both of my nieces, 4 and 7 years of age love it. Hope your little ones will feel the same!

Lana Dolls1Lana Dolls

Before I finish for today, wanted to mention that Flip from Maya the Bee movie is progressing pretty nice. So far missing only the hat to finish the pattern. If times allows me, he might be finished and pattern shared next week. Fingers crossed!

Here is little preview on how the Flip looks so far.


Have a wonderful day and happy working Monday tomorrow.




31 thoughts on “Colorful Lana Doll(s)

    • thank you sweetie. The book is not mine, I am just participating with two patterns and tried my best with these dolls 🙂 So happy to hear you like them.

  1. I love the sweet little dolls and it is wonderful to have them into the book. Can’t wait to see Flip, when he is finished. He looks great so far and just like the one in the movie.

    • Hi Karin,
      Glad you like Lana Doll 🙂 She (they) are really cute little ones and my nieces love them. Flip was hard task to achieve but ending pretty well. Wanted to make open mouth, but ended up with Sesame Street character more than Flip (think it’s because I have very little time to get into the pattern these days, and when my niece orders a toy it has to be finished yesterday) 😀
      Hugs dear friend.

    • Thank you sweetie, so kind of you to say that. I am sure book will be great one and really looking forward to day when will know more and be able to talk about the book, designers and their works, publisher that brought us all together….
      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi Vanja! your Lana doll are so cute. Would not have time to crochet those days (have to travel) but can’t wait to have this pattern. Thank you for Maya the bee and your Waldorf inspired baby of course couldn’t dont pick them up. See you soon I’m running at your Etsy shop.

  3. So exciting to hear of your contribution to a book. Obviously I want to hug a copy when it is released. ❤ Also I was looking at the dolls and I loved dolls as a small girl. I would have loved them very much and now as a big girl I love them too.
    Your five point criteria is just right!

  4. I love your patterns, thanks for sharing so much with us. Learning is so wonderful and having an excellent teacher is the key. Thank you and God bless you for ever in your life and still.

  5. I have just sat here for about 4 hours going through your magnificent site admiring all the wonderful patterns. Such a talented and gifted lady. I thank you for sharing these patterns which I endeavour to make as many as I can.

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