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Maya the Bee

“…yes here comes Maya the Bee

with the greatest friends that you’ve ever seen.

yes here comes Maya the Bee

with her friends and story just for you and me…”


Maya the Bee is character, based on the books written by German author Walderman Bousel and first published back in 1912.

Maya was very popular in ’70s and ’80s through animated TV series. She was my favorite cartoon!

Last year Maya was released again by Studio 100 Media and what a wonderful work they’ve done.

Adventurous little bee who left the hive in order to explore the world.

I created crochet Maya for my nieces fourth birthday. She wished for and asked me to make her one (not just Maya…my niece asked for the whole set of movie characters)  😉

In two weeks time, which I had to investigate Maya’s new look (as well as look of her new friends), examine her shape(s) and develop the pattern) I was able to make just Maya and her friend Willy. They both turned out better than I expected they would (despite to lack of materials while making dolls for my little niece).

“Wow!” – was the only word my niece said after seeing her new dolls. Took both in her arms and since then they became unseparated. They play together, go to kinder garden together, eat together and sleep together.

This week she ordered Flip (which is the grasshopper, Maya’s friend; and hornet (son and father) friend (which I am not sure who he is and which role he plays in this, Maya’s movie). More for me to investigate and work on, but the trouble is worth it! 🙂

Since I had the pattern done, I feel happy to share it with all of you who wish to make Maya and Willy for your little ones. Please remember that both characters are registered and protected by the law and by any means do not make them for sale. Feel free to use this pattern to make Maya and Willy for you family and friends.

In this pattern I have written details on everything I’ve done while working on dolls I made for my niece. New Maya has special kind of hair, and that hair is what makes her character so unique. I tried to take as many photos as possible through all the process of hair making so you can make exactly the same one like I did.

here is collage of some of the photos you will find in the pattern on how to make Maya’s hair:

Maya's hair

Second of some specialties in this pattern are painted eyes. My dolls have their eyes painted. Knowing that even mentioning painting on crocheted dolls for many of you will cause fear I decided to draw stencils, and lead you through step by step; from preparing your materials, coping to painting. I almost 100% positive anyone can make this. If you have possibility to buy any kind of textile paints in white, green and black and have some fine brushes (or can buy some)….go for painted eyes. You can make it! Children will love this!

Here are the eyes you can copy (detailed instructions on which size to copy and use them on your crocheted doll’s head, you’ll find in the pattern)

Maya’s eyes:

Maya's Eyes

Willy’s eyes:

Willy's eyesAnd here is little collage of photos you will find explained in details inside the pattern:

how to paint eyes

At the end what is left are the mouth. I haven’t sewed them but glued them on the head. For me it always works great! Mouth stay permanently on and are very, very easy to apply (and above all always look great).

How to make mouth

As you can see I have really tried to make it possible for all of you to make exactly the same dolls!

So far the pattern is on test by several ladies, and so far the only problem they encountered is the way foot are made. I did made few photos and tried to explain it in the pattern, but still waiting for all testers to be done and give me feedback and their suggestions on how to make this foot explanation more simple for everyone. The foot I might to come up with in few days with new post. For now I will share photos and pattern I have made so far.

Foot starts from chain and is done in closed rounds. I call them closed rounds because each you start with chain and close with slip stitch (to chain made at the beginning of the round). The rest of the stitches are worked usual way…just this little start/end is different from continuous work.

Looking at this photo I think you can tell:

Maya's Foot (sole)

More details and complete 32 page pattern you can find and download  HERE

Before we end, and before I come with some new Maya’s photo for the ladies who are testing the pattern, leaving you with few photos of my Maya and Willy.

Enjoy the pattern and feel free to write and ask for help if needed. Happy Maya and Willy crochet everyone 🙂




36 thoughts on “Maya the Bee

  1. Been meaning to write to you just to say thank you for your generosity. I have kept your patterns on case I or rather for when I move back to making larger items. Love your work. Susann

    Date: Sun, 10 May 2015 12:10:26 +0000 To:

    1. Thank you for taking time to leave me this message. Highly appreciated

  2. First Ive been speechless. This is so kind of you to share a Free pattern. Im very happy as I am a older crocheter and will make these for ME!! I love these I will name them ” Buzz for boy and May-Bee Thank You. They are Beautiful.

    1. Names you’ve chosen for them are fabulous! Thinking of calling my two dolls the same (hope you don’t mind) 🙂 Yes, I’ve made two for myself, too. I am so happy to hear you like them and hope you will enjoy making them. Give yourself freedom to work with different materials (paints, wire, beads…) and enjoy seeing them grow into awesome silly couple! hugs

  3. They are adorable! Great job!

  4. They are adorable! It is very generous of you to share your pattern.

  5. Thank you!  Love them!  My mom’s name was Bea, and my sil is Bee (short for Biruta).  Hugs, Deannie   From: AmigurumiBB’s Blog To: Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2015 5:10 AM Subject: [New post] Maya the Bee #yiv8871003512 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8871003512 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8871003512 a.yiv8871003512primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8871003512 a.yiv8871003512primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8871003512 a.yiv8871003512primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8871003512 a.yiv8871003512primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8871003512 | amigurumibb posted: “”…yes here comes Maya the Beewith the greatest friends that you’ve ever seen.yes here comes Maya the Beewith her friends and story just for you and me…”Maya the Bee is character, based on the books written by German author Walderman Bous” | |

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