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Meet Eglantine

This beautiful, beautiful doll arrived today!Eglantine by

My very first Waldorf doll!

Eglantine is made by my very special and very dear blogger friend Arlette. Doll is completely sewed by hand and is really piece of art. Clean and firm work from head to toe! I am amazed how wonderfully doll is crafted.

She came wearing soft overall baby PJ’s.DSC_0012-001

Arlette sewed her adorable little dress as well. This dress my little Eglantine can wear when showing off to my friends and family. DSC_0014-001

More about Eglantine’s clothes and how they’re done you can read at Arlette’s blog.

I love this doll!


For a long time I wished having real Waldorf doll. I am not good at machine sewing and wasn’t confident or brave enough to sew one by hand. When Arlette told me and showed me doll she made for me I was so excited. Fell in love with Eglantine at first sight.

Today when the package arrived and when I saw her, I couldn’t stop hugging and cuddling her. She is sooooo beautiful! And I am sooooo happy!

Thank you Arlette for wonderful gift.DSC_0005-001

Can’t wait to make her few more outfits!!!

But before I start making clothes for Eglantine, have to finish editing Maya the Bee pattern. This one is coming in day or two!

Maya the Bee and Willy pattern by AmigurumiBB



15 thoughts on “Meet Eglantine

  1. gracias por tus lindos trabajos ..saludos

  2. You have it all: Beauty with intelligence and heart, a Waldorf doll and a new pattern! Love this post and I love it to see you! The doll is really cute und she looks very cuddly. And the design for Maja and Willi is great. I couldn’t make it any better. It was on my design To-do-list, but now I crossed it out 🙂

    1. awww…..don’t cross Maya the Bee! Make one! There are not enough Mayas around 🙂 Thank you Karin for kind message. It is always wonderful to hear from you

  3. She is so cute! You’re so lucky to receive such a wonderful doll. Looks like you’ve been busy; the bee couple looks lovely. 🙂

  4. I’ve enjoyed all of your fabulous instructions!!! I’m looking forward to Maya the Bee instruction!! This was a cartoon character when my daughter was a small child and she loved it so much!! I want to make them for her now, even though she is in her 30’s. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!!

  5. Lovely Maya the Bee amigurumi! It brings back so many nice childhood memories.

    1. mine too! I loved Maya the Bee cartoon! She was my favorite little bee 🙂 Thank you again and again for Eglantine sweetie! hugs

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