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Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll

After almost one moth of break from new posts, returning with, I hope, lovable gift to you all.

New crochet addition to all Waldorf admirers.

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBB

Simple testing the head for this pattern has taken our little Facebook group into wonderful doll making adventure. Many new ideas opened and new patterns were created. 25 wonderful and kind ladies have applied to test the pattern. Those that finished came up with the most adorable little princess dolls 🙂 Some we still wait to finish their projects. If ladies agree I will post their photos for all of you to see.

What I am specially satisfied that not matter which weight yarn or size hook was used, the pattern worked well for all.

For the first time we have tried joining limbs with cotter pins, and making joints with whatever we could find at home. Instead of original discs, washers and cotter pins, we mounted cotter pins over buttons, and if cotter pins were not available, wire or paper clips were used. Please feel free to check on home made options on joints. Few photos and how the joints are done I have added HERE

My baby grew to little girl very fast. It is amazing how fast the kids grow these days!!! 🙂 Like mushrooms after the rain. One day I saw her bald and crying and the next one she asked for her hair to be done!

Waldorf Inspired baby by AmigurumiBB

The next day her friend showed ….

Waldorf Inspired Baby by AmigurumiBBKids!!!


The pattern is pretty long.

Pattern has several additions. I will try to explain what each of them will bring and you cna choose from.

Basic Waldorf Inspired Baby includes instructions on how to crochet baby’s body from head to toe.

This is what you will get with the basic Walsdorf Inspired Baby pattern:

Waldorf Inspired BabyThe pattern can be found and downloaded HERE

During testing the pattern, one of tester ladies and my dear friend wanted to make baby with open mouth, or the mouth baby can place her finger in, pacifier or baby bottle. Based on Waldorf’s baby head she made adjustments and came up with open mouth head which is absolute must have. I warmly recommend everyone to try this technique not just for this baby head, but for any of your baby heads in the future. Thanks to wonderful friend and generous and kind TB Cess, this pattern we can share as addition to basic Waldorf Baby.

Head with open mouth looks like this:

Waldorf Inspired Baby with open mouthand you can open and download it HERE

This head required more bent arms, so the hand and sucking finger can reach the mouth easily. For that reason I adjusted and added one more pattern for arms. Called it Sucking finger arms. You can make each arm different and still keep the same size and proportion of your baby. Rounds on both arms (one you can find in basic pattern and this one) are equal. The only difference is thumb crocheted separately and added later to position you prefer and position that matches baby’s mouth the best, and this arm is bent little bit more in the elbow.

Sample on these arms you can see here:

DSC_0003Pattern can be viewed and downloaded from HERE

Hair for Waldorf doll’s I made and I always make following Beth Webber’s photo tutorial. This is the best one on the web  I have encountered so far and all of you who are following me for long time by now, know that I keep repeating myself and suggesting By Hook By Hand blog any time I can, because Beth always inspires  me  with her doll creations. Her patterns and tutorials are easy to follow and yet all are masterly made.

Photo tutorial on how to make wig for your doll you can find HERE

Following this tutorial I have made simple wig cap, and here are few details.

DSC_0004DSC_0002DSC_0003What I have said to the ladies who tested the pattern, when working on the wig, so will tell you too. Same as with crochet work, in wig making and waving the hairs on, you have right and wrong side. While following Beth’s tutorial, pay attention on how the hairs are waved to the wig. It makes huge difference later. If you will need more help regarding this, please feel free to ask and I will make a short post, showing you through photos what exactly to pay attention to.

At the end what is left are the clothes.

Clothes are crocheted in No.5 thread and still using 2 mm hook. Writing pattern for babies clothes and making it perfect to fit everyone, if you ask me, is the hardest part for most of us who write patterns wishing the pattern will work the same for all.

For that reason I tried to make pattern(s) easy enough so each and every one of you can adjust the stitch count based on yarn and hook used. Important is to work with lighter yarn and adjust the stitch count accordingly. By any chance don’t try crocheting clothes with same weight yarn as doll was made of, or even worse, using heavier one. Clothes needs to be light and fluffy. For this doll I have tried to keep clothes old fashioned.

Created little girlish top,

DSC_0005DSC_0006Nice little pants that can fit the baby even if she wears diapers on,DSC_0007DSC_0008and sock looking booties.
DSC_0009All are very, very easy to make. You can view them or download them HERE

Little by little we came to the end 🙂 I hope I haven’t missed anything.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this new baby pattern, and even more I hope you will enjoy every second while making one.

For any questions, please feel free to write and ask.

Wishing you all happy, relaxing and blessed weekend.


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74 thoughts on “Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll

  1. Had to reblog, just adorable!!

    1. Thank you Sandy! 🙂

      1. Your so welcome!


  2. OMG, too cute, thank you so much, it is on my to-do list for sure.  Great grandbabies will love it. Karen A.  

  3. Ho già scaricato i pattern, sei brava e generosa, grazie

  4. This baby doll is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for your generosity! I so appreciate it.

    1. you are welcome Linda

  5. Absolutely adorable. Thank you for taking your time and hard work to create this pattern and then share it!! I appreciate your “gift!”

  6. This is such a great baby pattern. Thank you so much. My BFF has a baby granddaughter who’ll really need one of these!

  7. What a lovely baby girl, have to make, my daughter has a new niece, so will try to make this for her, thank you so much for the great instructions, they are so easy to follow!!!!!

  8. This is realy artwork, so perfect! Thank you very much!

    1. thank you Angélique

  9. Your patterns continue to amaze me! Thank you for this beautiful doll. I am starting her tonight.


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    1. Super!!! Looking forward to hear your experience and if possible see photos of finished doll. Just remember to stuff firmly. Specially the head. That is the most important. For any questions you might have, please feel free to “ring the bell”

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! Several little girls are going to be very happy.

    1. making little ones happy is song I like to hear 🙂 Thank you Gertrude!

  11. I have been working on a baby for some time, translating a pattern in Dutch. But this one is super cute so this is the one I will be working on. Thank you.

  12. Vanja, bless your heart, I’ve been wanting to do a Waldorf Doll for a long time, but I wanted to do one in crochet. Now you have made it possible and the pattern is free. You are such a wonderful Lady. Thank you so much. huggggg

    1. you are welcome Lindygsherrod. it is joy for me to hear you’ll be making one 😀 If you look through free patterns page, you will find one more Waldorf inspired doll. Bigger one and simple (with non movable joints). Check it out as you might like that one even better than the baby. hugs

  13. Great baby pattern with perfect shapes and so cute. Thank you for the pattern, which sure was a lot of work but I think also so much fun to create.

    1. Thank you sweetie. You were there from the very beginning and know all about the work, mistakes, tests 🙂 Took long to finish but reward is great. I am very pleased with the final pattern (but then again I love Waldorf dolls and every one I see I adore) 😀 hugs

  14. Hi Vanja, You are simply amazing and generous to share this pattern. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am making Lalaloopsie doll at the moment I need to make her clothes. Thank you so so muck I love this pattern so so much.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and you are the most welcome. Hope you will enjoy crocheting this baby

  15. ME ENCANTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PRECIOSO TE FELICITO

    1. gracias querida Ruth! Besos

  16. thank you for sharing your work , you’re so very talented and generous , I really apreciate , I would be very happy to crochet this pattern

    1. thank you Sylvie. The pattern is available and you can make one doll for yourself any time 🙂

  17. toujours de l’excellent travail! merci beaucoup pour ces tutoriels si sympa que tu partages,merci pour ta générosité! bonne continuation

  18. Love your dolls! So cute!!!

    1. thank you sweetie!

  19. Oh Vanja, those dolls are so sweet! I particularly like the second photo. Wonderful patterns! <3

    1. Thank you Sharon. Waldorf dolls are my favorite making crochet baby pattern was something I wished for long time. Feel so happy you like how they turned out.

  20. Cutest crocheted doll I have EVER seen !!!! Thanks for the pattern !!

  21. Thank you for sharing this beautiful design. May I please ask if you have a crochet pattern for the diaper?? Perhaps I overlooked it. Thank you in advance

    1. unfortunately, I haven’t got diaper pattern. Made it just for photo, so the baby doesn’t catch cold 😀 Diapers are very easy to do. I will try to make one pattern very soon (have been asked about diaper a lot)!

  22. You truly are a crochet goddess. Those dolls are perfect.

    1. Thank you sweetie <3

  23. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful, detailed pattern.s. My Grandaugh. Love thter is the happy recipient .Love the details.that bring them to life.

    1. thank you Nikki and you are very welcome

  24. Thanks for the pattern Vanja. It’s beautiful!! Loved it! Will definitely give it a try.😃

    1. hello Revathi! thanks for stopping by, happy to hear you liked these babies

  25. Bless you and thank you very much.

  26. Love these!

  27. Thank you for sharing the patterns!! I cant wait to get started,,However i was wondering how the diaper is made for the waldorf baby,,just gives pattern for cloths an booties

    1. Will try to write the pattern for diaper soon. One that shows on photo was something I made just for photos. Didn’t even think it would be interested as a pattern. Diaper coming soon!

  28. Wow……That’s really a lot of work when I looked back. Thank you so much.

    1. It really is, isn’t it! Lots of work put into this one, but working with friends makes time fly by and everything is more fun 😉 Thanks Phoebe!

  29. Hi. I just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for this pattern! I’m ever so greatful of it!
    My little girl will really love this so much. She’s only 8 months but she’s very forward for her age and loves to sit and hold her teddies and wrap them up in her blankets and give them her dummy.

    I’m just a little stick on the arms and legs at the moment. I’m not sure how to start them. Iv tried but i just can’t figuepre out what it means.

    When you have some spare time could you just explain it a little more to me please if you dont mind. Sorry to be a nuisance.

    Take care x

    1. Both, arms and legs start from chain (so does the body, but I guess you didn’t come to body part yet). Once you make the chain, your first round will be done on both loops of each chain stitch. You will start on back lops, work till the last chain stitch. On the last chain stitch you will work 3 single crochets. Those stitches, 3 of them in your last stitch will move your work and direct you to continue on the opposite side (from which you just finished crocheting). Even though you will crochet the front loops of each chain stitch previously made, turning your work, it will still look as you are crocheting back loops. It might sound confusing like this, but it is very easy. Here is the link to photo tutorial I made long time ago (not the best one, but might help you understand this better).
      All is in this staring from chain! This makes your final piece flattish and oval looking. let me know if this helps. Best of luck.

  30. thanks for this pattern im just learning and iv nearly finished the baby i just love it, can you tell me where abouts the diaper pattern is for the baby plz i cant seem to find it thanks

    1. Have to make diaper pattern! Sorry I haven’t done it so far!!!!

  31. Thank you so much for this pattern, you are so generous and I can’t wait to try it! <3

  32. I have been hoping someone would come out with a crochet waldorf doll. Thank you so much for offering the pattern….it is truly amazing and I am working on my first one now.

    1. you are welcome Sarah! Hope you’ll enjoy your baby 😉

  33. Thank you for sharing your pattern,,i cant wait to get started,,however i was wonding where the pattern for the diaper is listed

  34. bedankt om het delen van uw pop
    waar vind ik het patroontje van de pamper aub

    1. Sorry, don’t have the diaper pattern. Will try to write it down and post it very soon

  35. Thank you ! For your sharing !

  36. i have ben working on this doll for afew days now…..I cant get the arms and legs done not sure how to do it can u please help Im making this for a 2year old

    1. which part do you have problems on arms and leg?

      1. arms

    2. the amrs start of with ch4 u do 1sc in second ch from hook, 1sc in next ch, then 3sc in last now follow ch around so ur crocheting the bottom and do 1sc in next hole then 2sc in the last place ur marker as you will have 8 sc around, 2nd row is do 2sc, then 1sc, 2sc in next 3st then 1sc then 2sc in nest 2st this is the part people are geting stuck on same with the feet start same way, if you dont know how to do a popcorn stitch then type it into youtube it will show you

  37. Thank you so much – I just downloaded pattern, and I am going to make it! I started a few months ago to crochet, and for now I made things like this:
    I am waiting for the pattern of diaper 🙂
    Kind regards, Aneta

    1. Beautiful work Aneta! 😀
      Hope I’ll upload the diaper soon.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am ready with the doll, please, take a look!
        Legs came out not exactly the same :))
        And I have only problem with the shoes – R3 and R4-11, I was trying but something went wrong, and I gave up!
        When I made R3 It was Chain2, sl st – around – it came out a lot of stiches. When I made R4 – it came much more!! I think, I made something wrong.
        Anyway, thank you sooo much for beautiful pattern!
        Kind regards, Aneta

      2. Doll is beautiful! Love everything about her. Colors, hair…. Thank you so much for the link. Really made my day!

  38. Hi Vanja, I finished this sweet baby last week, she is so adorable! I used 2 strands of yarn and she is life-sized and beautiful!! I’m not good with pics to web, but maybe I can get my daughter or granddaughter to send you a pic. The pattern is wonderfully clear and baby is easy to crochet. Now I’m working with one strand of yarn to make a smaller doll. I made her some ears and a bonnet to match her outfit pattern you gave us. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the fantastic patterns you share with us.

    1. You are welcome Martha! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the pattern and made your baby doll. If possible try sending me photo to see her. I am sure she is treasure to keep! 🙂

  39. Vielen Vielen Dank, für die schöne Anleitung

  40. Hello!
    Thank you for the pattern, it’s such an amazing job!
    I did one doll for myself and I would like to show you how it turned 🙂 How can I send you pics?

    1. You can send me photos via e-mail or through FB. I love to see dolls finished and shared 🙂

  41. I wanted to let you know that this is my favorite pattern of all time. I have been crocheting for 49 years, so that says a lot. I did notice the pattern was numbered wrong, but followed it well, and just finished my 6th doll. I make them with a size G hook and they look like Cabbage Patch Dolls when finished. I have also used green yarn for the body and it became a Baby Ninja Turtle. My next project is to make them into Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Thank you for such an amazing, and versatile pattern.

    1. Thank you Kimmy for wonderful and inspiring message left. I feel so happy to hear you enjoy the pattern. 🙂 Wishing you many more happy hours with Waldorf dolls.
      With best regards,

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