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Bunny Babies and other Easter additions….

Can you believe I haven’t shared any new pattern in 2015?

This year started with amigurumi lessons (and there are still more than few coming), and even though I worked on my new patterns all these time, haven’t found time to share them here. Have to break that “magic circle”!

Easter is month ahead but I think, it’s not too early to start with preparing and sharing something cute for that occasion.

Bunny Babies! Ta-daah!

Bunny Babies by AmigurumiBB aWhen making these bunnies I really felt as making baby toy, so they ended up as Bunny Babies and are suitable for nursery rooms and baby showers, so not necessarily Easter toy to make. If making as baby toy, stay alert when adding eyes. I suggest to embroider ones, if baby will play with toy (and skip the ribbon).

Bunny Baby by AmigurumiBBBunny Babies by AmigurumiBBPattern for these lovable Bunny Babies you can find under Free Patterns Page, or direct link here

I’ve also prepared two more Easter patterns:

Colorful Easter Eggs

Colorful Easter Eggs by AmigurumiBBand fun and playful Dixie Chick

Dixie Chick by AmigurumiBB

Dixie Chick

Both of these two patterns, for the first time, I offered for sale and you can find them in my Etsy Shop

If you feel as buying me cup of coffee or skein of yarn, please feel free to visit the shop.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read this post.

Hope you like new patterns and will find something for you and your loved ones.

Wishing you all wonderful Friday and happy, blessed weekend to come!


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25 thoughts on “Bunny Babies and other Easter additions….

  1. They are very cute, Vanja! I hope one day I’ll make them!

    1. Glad you like them! Hope one day you will make them! I will be here to help you if needed 😉

  2. Happy birthday. I love this blog.❤️💚💜💙💛

  3. Vanja those bunnies are so cute. You are so talented.

    1. thank you Arlette!

  4. Your Baby Bunnies are simply precious!
    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful creations!

    1. You are welcome Granny Pan

  5. Super cute, I guess I had better get started on some of these cuties. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. <3

  6. those are so cute. thank you for the bunnies. Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 08:42:00 +0000 To:

    1. you are welcome Debi! 🙂

  7. Son preciosos. Gracias por el patrón !!!

  8. Adorable patterns, I love your posts!! I shared to my FB fan page!! Sandy xx

    1. Thank you Sandy!

      1. Your welcome!

  9. They are so cute 🙂 loved the bunny babies 🙂

    1. thank you Revathi

  10. The Bunnies are SO CUTE! I want to hug them. Perfect for Easter or any occasion that needs a bunny. Also the eggs are extremely good and I am glad you are offering them for sale. Dixie chicken is fun! <3

    1. Thank you! Since my first days here, you’ve been the most supportive and sincere blogger friend. I thank you for that greatfully.

  11. Ala que bonitos 😍

    1. gracias! 🙂

  12. Congratulations to your nice Etsy shop! I wish you a lot of success with all your beautiful patterns, so you can buy tons of wool 🙂

    1. Thank you Karin! 😀

  13. Such sweet little bunnies. And OMG! Dixie Chick is so cute! Love the name you picked for her by the way. 😉 And congratulations on your new Etsy shop. I’m glad you finally did it and I wish you lots and lots of sales. 🙂

  14. These are adorable. Your creations just get cuter and cuter.

  15. They are so cute, I have to make them!

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