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Thumb Wrestling Champions!!!!

Last year my dear blogger friend Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic announced Make it challenge call. Anyone could write suggestions and challenge Jennifer to make something special and unique, something she has never done before. I found it very intriguing and as I was working on one sumo fighter at that time (and was not one easy task to do), I challenged Jennifer to make a Sumo.

Last week I got mail and my very own sumo made by Jennifer arrived!

And not just the sumo! I received a whole wrestlers collection!! Ninja, Luchador and world’s famous Hulk Hogan!

I tried to make a photo with all of them on my fingers, but didn’t manage to focus right so I took different approach and instead of fingers used bunny ears.

These bunny pattern will share with you this week. For now they are my models to show you fabulous, but fabulous thumb wresting toys Jennifer designed.Bunnies

For detailed post and wrestling thumb champions patterns, details and video on how to play thumb wrestling game, you can read and discover on Squirrel Picnic.

You sure don’t want to miss that!!

I am waiting for my son to come, to try the thumb wrestling game, but so far I have been amazed by wonderful work Jennifer made, and not just her work, but her creativity to come up with such a great design.

Thank you Jennifer for such a precious and fabulous gift

and thank you all for taking time to red this post.


10 thoughts on “Thumb Wrestling Champions!!!!

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  2. Oh my, they are so cute!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the thumb wrestlers with your friends here at AmigurumiBB! You rock! And I’m over-the-moon excited that you are enjoying them. I love how you used the bunnies to model them. So clever and cute! I look forward to seeing their pattern. They are adorable.

    1. Bunnies are keeping the wrestlers safe! 🙂 I wish I could show how the wrestlers fit fingers and thumbs perfectly, but I am “noob” photographer. Thank you once again for wonderful and amazing present! Hugs

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