Hello dear friends!

Hope all had  wonderful Christmas and fun and fabulous New Year’s eve party 🙂

I have to say I am glad holidays and all the madness they bring are behind me and can return to everyday routine (little less crazy)!

I don’t wish to start my first post in this year with the retrospective on what I have accomplished (or failed) last year but wish to focus on year that is ahead of me and all of you who follow this blog and push me each week to work harder in order to come with something new and tempting for all to try. All I can say, last year was fun and hope this one will be even more.

This year I am starting with online classes on how to create a crochet doll or toy and write the pattern. First one I will make with my Facebook group friends and ladies that are interested and waiting patiently for the past two months (for the holiday season to be done). This first class will start in week or two. I will try to keep you updated on the progress what is done. At the end of the class or maybe better say course, will show you the patterns and dolls girls came up with.

In the last two years I have received many mails asking me what brand of yarn I use for my toys and dolls. This year with each pattern I will offer you the yarn I worked with, for sale, through Etsy store. This way anyone who is interested in working with exact type of yarn will be able to find it and buy it online.

Regarding my patterns and posts on the blog, will continue to share my work in as many details and photos as possible. With each pattern will try to show you something new you can learn and use in your future work.

I am sure it will be fun!

Let us return to the topic of this post and Koalas! This year is starting with competition. I am not very competitive person but I decided to participate. I just wish I had more time to make panda family as well (this is one of the patterns I wish to make this year).

Amigurumipatterns.net has organized competition where everyone was invited to participate. Theme was animal parents and children. For that competition I made my favorite, koala bears. Mama and shy little baby koala.

These are made with heart to all my Aussie friends! Specially dear blogger friend Sharon and her Gentlstitches blog.

Koalas have been accepted, voting has started and now it is all in your hands!

Here are few photos of my little family.

DSC_0016-002 DSC_0018-001 DSC_0020-001

You can place your votes here

So many beautiful designs are there. Hope you will enjoy and find your favorite.

Best of luck to all designers and their fabulous designs.

To all of you who will go and check the page, thank you for taking your time.




The pattern of these koalas is coming soon!


33 thoughts on “Koalas

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I did vote in your contest; however, there were so many cute patterns it was hard to decide. I’m always amazed at what wonderful creations people come up with and share. I’ve crocheted for 70 years, but have always followed a pattern. I’ve enjoyed your BB boys and have made a few of them, each turned out different with his own personality; I did alter the hair however, as I just could not make it turn out the same as your pattern, but they were cute nonetheless. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Joyous New year!

  2. I have voted for your cute Koalas! This is a great design and you only had a short time for them, congratulations! I wish you all the best for this new year and I love your plans for having online classes. Can’t wait to be there!

  3. Being a new “BB” follower, I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your patterns! I have a little one here that is consumed with koalas, and we will be (im)patiently waiting to hear when your pattern is available! In the mean time, I absolutely am voting for you!!!

  4. How cute!

    Did you ever do a Panda Bear? 2 of my nieces and I can’t get enough pandas! Ha ha

    Happy New Year!

    Best regards, Anita

    • I love Panda Bears too 😀
      For this competition I actually wanted to make pandas too, but didn’t have time. Will try to make a pattern soon. I am never tired of teddies; Pandas, bears, koalas, name it and I am up to make a pattern 😀

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