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Christmas Elves Pattern

Presenting you the Christmas Elves pattern!

Christmas Elves - AmigurmiBB

My intention was to make elf on the shelf but after some research I’ve done I didn’t really like them being mischief elves. I am more of happy and fun kind of person and having elves that might shave my eyebrows during the night are not the kind of elves I would keep around πŸ˜€

Furthermore, there really are some wonderful free Elf on the shelf crochet patterns available, and if you are really looking for one of them I am sure you have already started making some of them. If not, check the Raverly or Pinterest and get your free pattern soon.

For those that prefer nice house elves, that will bring you smiles and cheer your holiday season try making one of these little guys. Make them as colorful as possible. These are happy elves and love to be dresses in crazy and bright holiday colors.

Less talking and more working!

Pattern is pretty long so I better start on with it.

I tried to write as detailed as possible. Included as many photos as I could take. I know there will be some that will need more clarifications, so please do not hesitate to write and ask.

If I missed anything I apologize in advance, as well I am sorry for any flaws or mistakes that might got on the way. Let me know if you encounter them and will make correction a.s.a.p.

Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves - AmigurumiBB

Materials needed:

Medium weight cotton yarn:

        • colors of your choice:
          • skin
          • green (in two shades)
          • white
          • red
          • yellow, brown or any other color for the hair
        • 7 mm safety eyes
        • 2 and 2,5 mm crochet hook (2,5 is used for the hat only)
        • red embroidery floss, 1 thread (for lips)
        • needles for sewing the parts together and mouth embroidery
        • textile glue (for the hair)
        • textile hardener (starch)
        • powder blush or oil based crayons to color the cheeks

Finished size: 24 cm / 9.5 inches

Gauge: 8 stitches by 8 rows in 1×1 inch (2,5 cm).Β Try to obtain the gauge when working head and body.

Abbreviations (US terms):

st(s) – stitch(es)

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

htr – half treble crochet stitch (yarn two times over the hook, insert hook into the stitch, yarn over and draw through the stitch. Now having 4 loops on the hook. Yarn over and draw through two loops . Yarn over and draw through remaining loops to finish the stitch.

pop corn – pop corn stitch (3dc worked in one stitch. Keep the last loop of each stitch on the hook. Slip stitch into 4 loops on the hook to finish the stitch. This stitch is used for making nose.)

fpsc – front post single crochet

R – row or round

* * – repeat what inside stars by number (x) following after

inc – increasing (2 stitches worked in 1 stitch)

dec – decreasing stitch (2 stitches worked together in order to create 1 stitch)

blo – work only the back loops of the stitch

flo – work only the front loops of the stitch


if making doll with lots of stripes on legs, arms, or even the body and/or hat, try this to make color change less visible as possible.

Change color on the last stitch of the previous round (having two loops of one color on the hook, grab second color and draw through these loops to close the stitch).

Now slip stitch to the back loop of the next stitch.

Make single crochet in the same stitch where this slip stitch was made (now making the stitch through both loops-as you would usually do). Continue crocheting the round. When reaching the end and starting new round, skip the slip stitch.



R1: sc x6 in magic ring

R2: inc x6 (12 sts)

R3: *inc x1, sc x1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: *inc x1, sc x2* x6 (24 sts)

R5: *inc x1, sc x3* x6 (30 sts)

R6: *inc x1, sc x4* x6 (36 sts)

R7 *inc x1, sc x5* x6 (42 sts)

R8, R9: sc x42 sts

R10: inc x1, sc x9, inc x1, sc x9, inc x1, sc x21 (45 sts)

R11, R12: sc x45 sts

R13 inc1, sc x10, inc1, sc x10, inc1, sc x22 (48 sts)

R14, R15: sc x48 sts

R16: sc x8, inc x3, sc1, pop corn st, sc x2, inc x3, sc x30 (54 sts)

R17, R18, R19: sc x54 sts

Place eyes now. Use middle round between R14 and R15 leaving 6 stitches between. Make sure the nose comes in the round below them, centered between both eyes.

R20: sc x8, dec x3, sc x4, dec x3, sc x30 (48 sts)

R21: dec x1, sc x10, dec x1, sc x10, dec x1, sc x22 (45 sts)

R22: dec x1, sc x9, dec x1, sc x9, dec x1, sc x21 (42 sts)

R23: *dec x1, sc x5* x6 (36 sts)

R24: *dec x1, sc x4* x6 (30 sts)

R25: *dec x1, sc x3* x6 (24 sts)

R26: *dec x1, sc x2* x6 (18 sts)

tie off, stuff the head nice and firm.



start working with flash color yarn

R1: sc x6 in magic ring

R2: inc x1, sc x1* x3 (9 sts)

R3: sc x9 sts

R4: inc x1, sc x2* x3 (12 sts)

R5: sc x12 sts

R6: dec x1, sc x2* x3 (9 sts)

stuff this part and continue stuffing as you go. Stuff arms light.

R7, R8, R9: sc x9 sts

change color to one you will make sleeves.

R10: blo sc x9 sts

R11: sc x9 sts

R12: blo sc x9 sts

R13, R14, R15: sc x9 sts

R16: sc8, inc x1 (10 sts)

R17 to R29: sc x10 sts

tie off leaving long end for sewing the arms later.



start with shoes (make 2)

R1 sc x4 in magic ring

R2, R3: inc x1, sc x1, dec x1 (4 sts)

R4: inc x1, sc x3 (5 sts)

R5: inc x1, sc x4 (6 sts)

R6: inc x1, sc x5 (7 sts)

R7: inc x1, sc x6 (8 sts)

R8: inc x1, sc x7 (9 sts)

R9: inc x1, sc x8 (10 sts)

R10: inc x1, sc x9 (11 sts)

R11: inc x1, sc x10 (12 sts)

R12: sc x12 sts

pull the left over yarn from forming magic ring and tie a knot inside the top of the shoe (make sure to direct the point where your last stitch of the last round is) to make the shoe tip keep desired form.

R13: ch1 and turn (work in rows) sc x10 sts

R14: ch1, turn, sc x10 sts

R15: ch1, turn, sc x3, dec x2, sc x3 (8 sts)

R16: ch1, turn, dec x1, sc x1, hdc x2, sc x1, dec x1 (6 sts)

R17: ch1 turn, dec x1, hdc x2, dec x1 (4 sts)

R18: ch1, turn, dec x2 (2 sts)

R19 ch1, turn, dec x1

R20: ch1, turn, sc x18, across the sides, front (2 sts left of R12) and back. (do not count ch1 as a stitch. We’ll skip this one on the next round)

R21: sc18

before continuing with edging around the shoe, you might want to add yarn for the leg. Slip stitch to one of the back loops of R21; *dec x1, sc x1* x6 making 12 sts round.

Now return to shoe.

R22: ch5, turn your work opposite direction from one you worked R21 (so the right side of the stitches made on chain are nice and visible) – starting from the second chain stitch, sl st x1, sc x1, hdc x1, dc x2 in the last chain stitch

skip 2 sts on R21 and slip stitch to front loop of the third st.

repeat: *ch5, sl st1, sc1, hdc1, dc2 in1 st, skip 2, sl st to third st* around (making 6 star points areound shoe). Slip stitch to the first front loop, ch1, turn

R23: sc to each of the front loops left on R22. Your work will look as *ch1, sc x2* repeated around.

Tie off, hide end.

Your shoe is done.Β 

Here are few photos that might help you understand the shoe pattern little bit better.

Elven shoe - AmigurumiBB

Legs (x2)

working in one or multiple colors

R1: *dec x1, sc x1* x6 (12 sts) – made while working on shoe

stuff the legs as you go. Add little stuffing. Make legs nice and soft.

R2 to R31: sc x12 sts

tie off.Β 

Flatten the top of the legs, right beneath the body and sew across. This will make your elf sit better.



color of your choice

place legs side by side, both facing same direction.

R1: sl st to one of the inner stitches on one of the legs. Ch3, sc to opposite stitch of the second leg.

Once legs are connected with the chain single crochet around making total of 30 sts.Β 

From the mails I get from many of you, connecting legs seems to be the nightmare to make. Here are few photos on how to connect legs with chain in between. Hope it’ll help!

Connecting legs with 3 chain - AmigurumiBB

R2: *inc x1, sc x4* x6 (36 sts)

R3: *inc x1, sc x5* x6 (42 sts)

R4 to R11: sc x42 sts

R12: blo sc x42 sts

R13: sc x42 sts

R14: *dec x1, scx5* xc6 (36 sts)

R15 to R17: sc x36 sts

R18: *dec x1, sc x4* x6 (30 sts)

R19 to R21: sc x30 sts

R22 *dec x1, sc x3* x6 (24 sts)

R23 to R25: sc x24 sts

change color to collar

R26 dec x1, sc x2* x6 (18 sts)

R27: blo sc x18 sts

change color to skin

R28: sc 18 sts

tie off leaving long end for sewing body and head together.

Stuff body nice and firm.

Elf Boy - AmigurumiBB

Lower shirt part added on boy’s body:

slip stitch with the same color yarn used for the body, to one of front loops left on R12.

R1: sc x42 sts

R2: *inc x1, sc x6* x6 (48 sts)

R3, R4, R5: sc x48 sts

R6: *inc x1, sc x7* x6 (54 sts)

R7, R8, R9: sc x54 sts

R10: inc x1, sc x8* x6 (60 sts)

tie off hide end.

Elf Girl - AmigurumiBB

Skirt for girl:

slip stitch with the same color yarn used for the body, to one of front loops left on R12.

R1: *inc x1, sc x6* x6 (48 sts)

R2: inc x2, sc x6* x6 (60 sts)

R3: inc x4, sc x6* x6 (84 sts)

R4: inc x8, sc x6* x6 (120 sts)

R5 to R10 sc x120 sts

tie off and hide end.


make a chain (I used 42 chain stitches for both dolls, but make sure to measure the length and add or decrease stitches accordingly.

To make belts look nice, work the loop you’ll find on the back side of the chain. It is one single loop, pointing up and standing in between two loops.

Look at the photo for more details.

Using this loop, your belt will look the same on the bottom and top.

For male elf I used single crochet and for girl I worked with half double crochet across the chain to create the belt. Use the stitch you like better.

Stitch across the chain and sew end around doll’s waist once done. You can sew across stitch or two on the body to secure the belt stays in place.

Belt bucket:

work in the magic ring

sc1, ch1, sc2, ch1, sc1, ch1, sc2, ch1

close the magic ring

Shape the square with your fingers pointing chains out.

Glue the belt bucket on the belt.


work in the magic ring

ch3, dc4, ch3, sl st1, ch3, dc4, ch3, sl st1

close the magic ring. Tie off but leave enough yarn to wrap around bows middle and for sewing later.

Hanging bow ends:

ch18, starting from the the 3rd chain st, hdc1, sl st next 13 sts, hdc last, work around chain to slip stitch to 1 st and finish nicely.

Hide ends in the back of the bow.

Tie this lower part on the back of up bow part and sew them or glue them on the belt.


R1: sc x10 in magic ring

don’t close the ring completely. Leave it half opened for easier working.

R2: ch1 turn, fpsc x6, sc x3, sl st x1, sl st to magic ring. Ch1, turn.

R3: skip 2slip stitches of the previous round, hdc4 to next st, sl st x2, sc x2, hdc x1, dc+htr to next st, make picot of 2 ch sts on htr, hrt+dc to the next st, skip one and sl st to last st. sl st to the base of the first stitch made on this side.

Tie off leaving long end for sewing. Close the magic ring and shape the ear nice.

R1: sc x10 in the magic ring

don’t close the ring completely. Leave it half opened for easier working.

R2: ch1, turn, sl st first st, sc x3, fpsc x6

ch1, turn

R3: sc to first st, dc+htr to next sts (make 2ch picot on htr), htr+dc to next st, hdc, sc x2, sl st x2, hdc x4 to next sts, sl st last st and base of the first st made on this side.

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.

Close the magic ring and shape the ear nice.

To make your ears nice, use fabric hardener (starch or sugar water). Model the ear while damp and let it dry completely.


Boy elf collar:

working on the front loops of R27 of the body

sl st to one of front loop stitches,

*ch6, sl st1, sc1, hdc, dc x2, skip 2 sts and sl st to 3rd * repeat around

For extra touch and better look, sc around to all front loops left undone. (same as what we did on shoe).

*Ch1, sc2*… around

tie off hide ends inside the body

Girl collar:

R1: *inc x1, sc x2* x6 (24 sts)

R2: *sc1, hdc1, dc-picot-dc to one st, hdc1, sc1, sl st1* ….around (6 petals)

tie off hide ends

edgings on sleeves:

You can try variations.

For boy I used simple single crochet around top round and then attached back loop stitches just made with front loops left on the lower arm part using single crochet again

For girl. Started with single crochet and in the second round added 1 ch stitch between each stitch on the bottom line.


Elf's hat - AmigurumiBB

Will give you the pattern for standard elven hat (light green one you can see on girl)

Work with 2,5 mm hook (if working with different size hooks than 2/2,5 use half size bigger hook from one you used to make the doll).

I started the hat from the bottom and crocheted to top. You can do either way. Important is to start stitches you can divide by 5 or 6 for easier counting.

On top, to make hat narrow and pointy, you can work 3-4 rounds. Middle part of the hat decrease every third round (example: having 42 sts one round -either after decreasing or increasing previous round, next two rounds sc same amount of stitches. In this case it would be 42. Following round either decrease or increase – depending if you started from bottom or top of the hat).

My hat started with ch45 (slip stitched last to first chain stitch to form the ring and continue in spiral).

R1 to R4: sc x45 sts

R5: dec x1, sc x7* x5 (40 sts)

R6, R7 : sc x40 sts

R8: dec x1, sc x6* x5 (35 sts)

R9, R10: sc x35 sts

R11: dec x1, sc x5* x5 (30 sts)

R12, R13: sc x30 sts

R14: dec x1, sc x4* x5 (25 sts)

R15, R16: sc x25 sts

R17: dec x1, sc x3* x5 (20 sts)

R18, R19: sc x20 sts

R20: dec x1, sc x2* x5 (15 sts)

R21, R22: sc x15 sts

R23: dec x1, sc x1* x5 (10 sts)

R24, R25: sc10 sts

R26: dec x5 (5 sts)

R27 to R30: sc5

tie off leaving long end for sewing. Thread the needle and close last round nicely. Hide the access yarn inside the hat.

After I finished with the hat and green yarn, used red to make the edging. First I single crocheted bottom line and in next round used reverse (crab) stitch all around.

If you’ve noticed, top of the head is little folded on the side. I achieved that by decreasing R20 and R24 repeatedly.

Instead of normal decrease dec1,sc2… I did dec5, sc remaining stitches.

I didn’t write it in the pattern, because to me it doesn’t look anything special. I think normal decrease, all around would look same way.

Elf's hat - AmigurumiBB

For the dark brown hat I don’t have the pattern but will try to describe what I did to get this nice shape.

Again started from the bottom. This time I made 50 stitches chain, slip stitched last to first and worked in rounds.

Same as previous hat. This one was divided by 5 for easier counting the stitches and rounds.

First 4 rounds are repeated 50 sts each round

then decreasing started; first was *dec1, sc8* x5, followed by two rounds of same stitch count, and second decrease was *dec1, sc7* x5 followed with two rounds of same stitch count again.

From this part on I made decreases on half of the hat only.

For example: if the round was 40 sts, I made those 5 decreases on half of the hat, or just over 20 stitches. Tried to count to apply them as evenly as possible on this half.

After decreasing round, followed 2 repeating rounds of the same stitch count.

This way I worked all the way it was possible to count and work decrease on the half of the hat.

Finished with 5sts, and repeated this 4 times before closing the last round.

Important is that decreases are at the same part of the hat. This way the hat will curl naturally. If I will have time I will try to write down exact pattern for this hat. It is really nice one.

I am also sure that many of you will be able to make such hat without my help.

Decrease on half of the hat evenly (every third round)! That is all the magic there is!

Bottom of the hat; slip stitched to first round. Single crocheted 50sts 3 times and 4th round finished with reverse (crab) stitch.

These 3x repeating and reverse stitch at the end made hat curl naturally at the bottom what added extra charm to this little pixie hat.


Elf's hair - AmigurumiBB

Boy’s hair

Start with magic ring but do not close it until hair is done completely


  • sc1 in magic ring and from this sc, ch 17 – sl st to the second chain stitch from the hook and sc x15
  • repeat above 1 more time
  • sc1 to the magic ring, ch10 – starting from the second chain stitch from the hook, slip stitch 9
  • repeat above (ch10) three more times
  • repeat ch17 (from the start) two more times
  • sc5, ch1 turn (continue working in rows over these 5 stitches)
  • inc x5 (10 sts) ch1, turn

R2: *inc x1, sc x1* x5 (15 sts) ch1, turn

R3: *inc x1, sc x2* x5 (20 sts) ch1, turn

R4: *inc x1, sc x3* x5 (25 sts) ch1, turn

R5: *inc x1, sc x4* x5 (30 sts) ch1, turn

R6 to R12: sc x30 sts

from next round do not chain1 but turn each round. Skip 1st stitch and make decrease (2nd and 3rd st). Make one decrease at the end of the row. Do not chain but turn and continue decreasing at beginning and end on each row, or until you reach 3 sts row count.

R13: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x25, dec x1 (27sts)

R14: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x23, dec x1 (25 sts)

R15: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x21, dec x1 (23 sts)

R16: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc, x19, dec x1 (21 sts)

R17 (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x17, dec x1 (19 sts)

R18 (skip 1st st) dec s1, sc x15, dec x1 (17 sts)

R19: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x13, dec x1 (15 sts)

R20: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x11, dec x1 (13 sts)

R22 (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x 9, dec x1 (11 sts)

R23: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x7, dec x1 (9 sts)

R24: (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x5, dec x1 (7 sts)

R25 (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x3, dec x1 (5 sts)

R26 (skip 1st st) dec x1, sc x1, dec x1 (3 sts)

tie off.

Close the magic ring now.

Slip stitch to R13, ch4 – starting from the second chain hook, sl st3

repeat this from R13 one side all the way around side and bottom to R13 opposite side.

This will create little hairs on the back of the head. Try making them little longer if you’d like. Ch5 or 6 instead of 4. Will look even better than these short ones.

Glue the base of the hair first. Place on the head and pin all around. After hair is placed and pinned, arrange the hairs in front of doll’s face.

Two longer hairs place right in front of the ears and fringes arrange the way you like.

You can glue these hairs or sew them. Which way you prefer.

Back hairs, short ones done last, leave as they are. Loose and free. They will shape the head and give extra touch to your doll.

Girl’s hair

Start with magic ring but do not close it until hair is done completely


  • sc1 in magic ring and from this sc, ch 20 – sl st to the second chain stitch from the hook and sc x18
  • repeat above 1 more time
  • sc1 to the magic ring, ch12 – starting from the second chain stitch from the hook, slip stitch 10
  • repeat above (ch10) one more time
  • sc1 to magic ring, ch16, starting from the second chain stitch from the hook, slip stitch 15 sts
  • repeat ch 20 (from the start) two more times
  • sc5, ch1 turn (continue working in rows over these 5 stitches)
  • inc x5 (10 sts) ch1, turn

R2: *inc x1, sc x1* x5 (15 sts) ch1, turn

R3: *inc x1, sc x2* x5 (20 sts) ch1, turn

R4: *inc x1, sc x3* x5 (25 sts) ch1, turn

R5: *inc x1, sc x4* x5 (30 sts) ch1, turn

R6 to R12: sc x30 sts

From now on decrease x1 at start and end of the row. Ch1 and turn when starting new row.

R13: dec x1, sc x26, dec x1 (28 sts)

R14: dec x1, sc x24, dec x1 (26 sts)

R15: dec x1, sc x22, dec x1 (24 sts)

R16: dec x1, sc x20, dec x1 (22 sts)

R17: dec x1, sc x18, dec x1 (20 sts)

R18: dec x1, sc x16, dec x1 (18 sts)

R19: dec x1, sc x14, dec x1 (16 sts)

R20: dec x1, sc x12, dec x1 (14 sts)

R21: dec x1, sc x10, dec x1 (12 sts)

R22: dec x1, sc x8, dec x1 (10 sts)

tie off.

Slip stitch to side on R13; ch40 and sl st to next side stitch. Work this way on both sides of the hair.

From the photo you can see I worked only the sides. You can work all the way, including the bottom row of back of the hair, and even the upper rows. You can chain more stitches in order to create longer hair, or make shorter ones.

I added few photos of some hair styles that crossed my mind. Might give you an idea of what hair style to make for your doll.Elf girl's hair - AmigurumiBB

And that is it! We’ve done it! πŸ˜€

I hope you will enjoy this pattern and the company of your own little elves when done. I wish they bring you lots of joy and happiness during holiday season.

…while my elves were coming to my house from far away North they met someone special on their journey. This little fellow was lonely and very sad staying all alone in distant frozen lands. My elves felt sorry for this little one and asked him to join them. He accepted invitation with great joy.

I accepted him with open arms and heart. When you’ll see him you’ll know why! πŸ™‚Snowman - AmigurumiBB

The more the merrier!


Regards to all,


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    2. You can make them in day or two. For any help you might need, please feel free to write and ask.

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    1. Yes will add .pdf with easy and regular font.

  17. I love you, muchas gracias, thanks

  18. Thank you so much for this. I was wondering, though, if there’s any way to copy the pictures. I’ve copied the pattern (for my own files only, of course!) but none of the pictures would copy….I would NEVER use your photos as my own, but it would be helpful (esp. for hair, etc.) to be able to see the pictures as I’m working on my own little elves…
    Any way to do that? I’ve tried every way I know to do this and it doesn’t work…a ‘space’ is left where the picture should be.

    Again! thank you! I know how much time and work went into writing all this down so you could share this with us! Bless you for your efforts! they are truly appreciated!

    And my you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

    1. Making the .pdf of the pattern and photos right now. Will add them to free patterns page during today or latest tomorrow so check on it to download.

      1. Did the PDF ever get put up on the page? I can’t seem to find it.

      2. Yes Kath, I put it on as I said. Please follow the link. It will take you directly to the file.

  19. This pattern is wonderful. I love it. I’ve been looking for a way to change the color without being visible and I found the solution in your pattern. Thank you so much, that was a great Christmas gift for me. This pattern (and of course all your patterns) shows your big talent and your love to Amigurumi and I’m so glad you share it with all of the Amigurumi fans around the world.

    1. Glad you like the Elves and yes, this changing color is awesome. So easy and working so great! I am glad you like it πŸ˜€
      And there is nothing to thank me dear, I share same love as you do. If we can make this world a little better place for all, why not! We make dolls! πŸ™‚

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  21. thank you soooo much for this wonderful pattern. iv been waiting anxiously since you announced it the other day. I cant wait to get started, but first I must finish my snowman. I love all your patterns, you are such a talented lady and so kind sharing your patterns for free. happy Christmas. gina xxxx Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 17:25:28 +0000 To:

    1. Thank you Gina, very much.
      And you are very welcome. I am happy you like the Elves and will try to make them. For any help you might need, please feel free to write and ask.
      Happy Christmas!

  22. Great job done! They are just perfect for sitting under my Christmas tree & they soooo darn cute! I am for sure an Amigurumi fan! Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern. You are so talented!

    1. You are welcome Debbie!
      Hope you’ll make elf or two before Christmas and have them sitting under your tree smiling happily.
      Happy Christmas!

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns. The time and effort you have put in and kindly shared them with us all. Really appreciated x

    1. You are very welcome Jackie!

  24. Wundervolle Elfen. danke fΓΌr die Anleitung. ich habe sie mir gespeichert und werde noch dieses Jahr den Elf machen.

  25. Adorable!😍😍

    1. Thank you sweetie! πŸ™‚

  26. Well done πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing this lovely patterns. Elves are great!

    1. Thank you Crochetka!

  27. thank you very much fot beautiful creatures…mieke

    Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 17:24:32 +0000 To:

  28. The Elves (and friend) are lovely. I particularly like the hair and the hats. I am also VERY glad they are nice and not naughty. <3

    1. Thank you Sharon πŸ˜€
      From all the comments I hear, I think nice elves are much more appreciated and better accepted then those naughty ones!
      Did you win the jack pot? I think I am going to win this week. If not this one, then next one for sure! If I win, will take you to amigurumi exhibition with me!

  29. These are the cutest happiest elves ever! Adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  30. I just discovered your patterns and want to make every one! I was searching for a cute elf and had given up this week and was attempting to make my own….not very sucessfully. I can’t wait to try these. I’m having trouble reading the font, but I’ll eitk through it to get these great creatures!

    1. Thank you Kristie.
      Check on Free Patterns page later today or tomorrow as I will ad printable version of this pattern.

  31. They are so awesome cute! Put me in the Christmas spirit just looking at their happy faces and brilliant colors. Lovely, and a lovely gift for all of us to make πŸ™‚ Thank you!



  32. Hello … Thanks for sharing the patterns but could u please check the shoe pattern row5 a
    In lalaoopsy doll … Thanks

  33. Is the PDF available yet?

    1. Yes it is. Did you check Free Patterns Page?
      Here it is if you have missed it

      1. Thanks , I couldnt find it for the life of me! lol

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  35. Thank’s for sharing! It’s adorable!

  36. These are precious. I would really like to try this out. I’m a novice crocheter. These will be quite a challenge but I am ready for it. The stitches I understand, but I never know what kind of yarn to buy. Do you have a preference you would recommend or any hints on what to look for?

    1. Hello Dorothy,
      Glad you like the Elves and are going to try them. Regarding the yarn, it is difficult to say which yarn is better. It is all about what one prefers. I love to work with cotton. All of my dolls are done in cotton. It doesn’t stretch while crocheting (and stuffing later) and is washable and good for kids (I also like the texture cotton gives me). On the other hand, many crocheters and friends I know work with acrylic yarn and would never change it for anything else.
      So, you have to try and see what suits you best. Sometimes it ends on what you can find available locally.
      I am sure you will do great whatever yarn you choose. One thing keep in mind and that is to work with same weight of yarn when working on one toy (and having different colors to use). Specially now while novice crocheter.
      As I say to everyone, for any help you might need, please feel free to write and ask. I will be glad to help you.

  37. […] Christmas Elves – free Amigurumi crochet pattern. The pattern for these cute elves is available on Amigurumi BB’s blog. […]

  38. So very cute! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  39. Die Elfen gefallen mir so gut, dass ich sie gleich mal nachgearbeitet habe.
    Hier kannst Du sie ansehen.

    Liebe Grüße und schâne Weihnachten. Beate

    1. Love him! You did great job Beate!
      Thank you very much for the link.

  40. Where do you find that good looking white fellow between the elves….he is also very cute!!!!! Thank you for the elf gifts they are AWESOME!!!!!

    1. Little Snowman fellow? πŸ™‚
      Was my crazy idea on making toy in just white. I haven’t written the pattern, but you can do one easily following Winter Dolls pattern. Simply make one in white. Skip the hair part tho (unless you like to make Snowwoman) πŸ™‚

      1. Awesomely Wonderful!!!!! I shall do that. Love the patterns you do wonderful work and I for one am very grateful you share with us all.

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    Missed these. Their Adorable.

  42. Adorable!! Thank you so much for the patterns!!

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