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World Amigurumi Exhibition

Hello dear friends!

By now you probably know, whenever I go quiet I am up to some new and completely crazy project or, as in this case, making dolls for exhibition.

In the second week of October I was invited to participate to World Amigurumi Exhibition that would take place at:

Resobox Gallery

Resobox Gallery

Clicking on the photo or the Resobox title you’ll  go directly to official Resobox page where you will find all the details about exhibition, as well as names of amigurumi artists from around the world that are participating. From that page you can go and visit each artist page and check those you haven’t heard about yet. There are some pretty amazing amigurumi artists you don’t want to miss. Specially the Japanese ones!

I will also add the Facebook and Twitter pages for all of you that wish to stay informed on Resobox, amigurumi, artists and more for the next few months.

Receiving invitation to join the exhibition I found very flattering but also intimidated it was not place for me. I don’t find myself an artist. I simply love to crochet. to make dolls, toys…. Was double thinking about the whole idea. I hardly have any dolls at home. Well, I do but those are my precious ones and are not to be transported, exhibited and sold by any chance!

Most of the dolls I make while designing new patterns end up in the hands of my nieces, local children or anyone else who asks for them. And I like creating more than repeating same pattern and making same doll over and over. I think by now you all know that. I like to challenge myself and go beyond the limits one would say there are for simple crocheted dolls or toys. But that is what I love and what I am passionate about. Discovering, learning, creating…

After some thinking and thinking and more thinking decided to give it go. Accepted invitation to participate and decided to send 10-20 dolls. Even though most of my patterns are fast and easy, I knew I wouldn’t made it in time if I would try making different  toys and dolls. BB dolls and BB boys would have been great choice, but my favorite of these little ones are Fairies. That was my choice! Making 10 to 20 little fairies and send them to exhibition.First 10 dolls I made pretty fast. Last 10 took me 15 days to finish. I really enjoyed making these little ones. Feel sad I had to pack them and send them to New York!

I took many photos of the last 10 fairies. Made this short slideshow to show you the little darlings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that Fairies are flying to New York, we can continue with Christmas patterns while there is still time! I already started to work on Elves and if all goes as planned will show you the dolls and share pattern next week.

Stay informed exploring the Rosebox links and all the artists and their works that are participating at World Amigurumi Exhibition!

Till the next week, wishing you all wonderful time.


23 thoughts on “World Amigurumi Exhibition

  1. Congratulations for being invited to be a part of such a huge event, Vanja! 🙂 And how apt that someone who weaves magic with her hooks decided that these fairies should represent her work during the exhibition! Congrats once again. I’m sure it’s just the beginning of many more great things to come your way. 🙂

  2. Bravo! Oh they are so lovely those fairies of yours. For sure they’ll have succes in New York. (Sorry if my inglish is not perfect)

  3. Bravo, Vanya!! Such an honor to be invited, and such adorable offerings you sent 🙂 I am constantly amazed at the artistry that can be created with yarn, hook, and needles.



  4. Congratulations! Both on your invitation to join this amazing exhibit and on a successful series of crochet beauties. They are all gorgeous. I really enjoyed the slideshow. Great work!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I am still sad you did’t join us. You really, really should had. You are an amazing artist and you should have been there to show your work.

      1. That’s very sweet of you! I wish I could have participated, but I didn’t have any time. I don’t keep any amigurumi’s on hand, so I would’ve had to make more and there wasn’t time. Thank you so much for thinking of me and letting me know about this wonderful opportunity! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and got to meet some great artists. Hugs to you!

  5. You go for it. I love your patterns. Your work is amazing. Good luck 🙂

    1. thank you Jackie! 🙂

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