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BB Boy’s hair (how to)

For all of you who asked about tutorial on how to make BB Boy’s hair I have made few photos with pattern instruction hoping it will help you understand the process and make your boys looking great.

This tutorial is made made based on the pattern for BB Boys you can find here and it is related on how to make straight hair for a boy doll (or on the photo below the brown haired boy)

BB BoysFor the curly hair boy’s hair you will start the same, but when creating “hair” instead of slip stitching the chains made, 2 single crochet stitches in one chain stitch will have to be made (in order to make each hair curly).

I have gathered all the photos in two collages, for easier following the pattern. On some photos I added text so you can see and compare you work with mine to be sure you are doing it right.

If you will have any comments or will need any additional help with how to crochet boy’s hair,please feel free to write and ask.

Here is tutorial on BB Boy’s hair (open the photos for better, detailed view):

BB Boy's Hair Part1
Part one is on how to start and make base of the hair. Finishes with first chain for the first hair made.
Part two shows how hairs are made all around and how the final hair piece will look like.
Part two shows how hairs are made all around and how the final hair piece will look like.

The final stage is adding hair to the head. My first BB Boy’s hair was sewed on the head, but every boy doll I have made since then I used glue to attach the hair to the head. For me it works the best and even after washing the doll the hair stays on. Textile glues are not expensive and I am sure you can find one in your local craft shop. I like to use glue when making dolls and toys. With glue I add hair, eyes and all tiny decorations on clothes, shoes… It really works great and I recommend it. If you prefer to sew the hair to the head, will work great as well. Will take you some time, with back stitch to sew each hair to the head but will look as good as glued.

Let us continue with adding the hair to the head.

Use pins to place and position the hair on the head nicely. Mark with pen or marker (on the head) where your hair will be (if you are not sure you will place it on the same spot after applying glue-mentioning it, because it sometimes happens to me too, so think ahead 🙂 ).

front of the head
front of the head
back of the head
back of the head
Hair glued and pinned-waiting for glue to dry
Hair glued and pinned-waiting for glue to dry

And that is it! Easy as it looks. Attach the head to the body, add arms and your BB Boy is done.

Really hope this short tutorial will help many of you who weren’t sure and asked me for help. Looking forward to hear from you and off course to see photos of your dolls ass well.

With kind regards wishing you all blessed rest of the week.




10 thoughts on “BB Boy’s hair (how to)

  1. These are adorable! Just finished one of the boys with the exception of the overalls. Do you have that pattern available now?

    1. Never mind, I found it. Thanks so much

    2. You can find overalls pattern right here, makes part of BB boys pattern.

  2. So cute! Someday I will try one of your cuties, too!

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