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Pammy the Piglet

And again we have little treat from our Facebook group. I try to encourage and post free patterns done by dear friends and amigurumi enthusiasts who make these for pleasure and fun. If you remember first one we shared this way was little Bianchina by Stefania Bianchi. She was accepted great and there are many Bianchina projects finished and photos shared on Facebook what makes me so happy. Really hope Stefania will come up with some new pattern we can share soon.

This time I can proudly present little Pammy the Piglet made by NVkatherine from Vietnam. This is her third free pattern. She also makes video tutorials of her projects and I will share you her links so you can visit and see her work.

She was very kind to offer this pattern to be presented and shared in my blog and I feel very honored and happy I have this blog and all of you dear friends who follow to share this little one with.

So here it is, little Pammy the Piglet:




st = stitch

sc = single crochet

inc = increase (a.k.a. 2sc in 1st)

dec = decrease (a.k.a. sc2tog)

ch = chain

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

BLO = back loops only

FLO = front loops only

FO = fasten off



*With pink yarn*

1. 6sc in the magic ring [6]

2. 1inc around [12]

3. 1sc, 1inc [18]

4. 2sc, 1inc [24]

5. 1sc in each st around [24]

6. 3sc, 1inc [30]

7. 4sc, 1inc [36]

8. 5sc, 1inc [42]

9. 1sc in each st around for 5 rows [42]

10. 5sc, 1dec [36]

11. 4sc, 1dec [30]

12. 3sc, 1dec [24]

~> Add safety eyes between row 9 and 10, 11 stitches apart.

13. 2sc, 1dec [18]

14. 1sc, 1dec [12]

15. dec around [6]

FO. Leave a long tail to sew up the gap.



*With white yarn*

1. 6sc in the magic ring [6]

2. 1inc around [12]

3. 1sc, 1inc [18]

4. 2sc, 1inc [24]

5. 3sc, 1inc [30]

6. 1sc in each st around for 3 rows [30]

*Change to pink*

7. 4sc, 1dec [25]

8. 1sc in each st around [25]

9. 3sc, 1dec [20]

10. 1sc in each st around [20]

11. 2sc, 1dec [15]

12. 3sc, 1dec [12]

FO. Leave a long tail to connect the body to the head.



*With pink yarn*

1. 6sc in the magic ring [6]

2. 1inc around [12]

3. 1sc, 1inc [18]

4. 1sc in each st around for 2 rows [18]

5. 4sc, 1dec [15]

6. 1sc in each st around [15]

7. 3sc, 1dec [12]

8. 2sc, 1dec [9]

9. 1sc in each st around for 2 rows [9]

FO. Leave long tails to sew the legs onto the body.



*With pink yarn*

1. 7sc in the magic ring [7]

2. 1sc in each st around for 10 rows [7]

F/O. Leave long tails to sew both arms onto the body.



*With pink*

1. 6sc in the magic ring [6]

2. 1inc around [12]

3. 2sc, 1inc [16]

4. sc around in BLO [16]

5. sc around normally [16]

F/O. Leave long tail to sew onto the face.



1. 4sc in the magic ring [4]

2. 1sc, 1inc [6]

3. 1dec, 4inc [9]

4. 1inc, 2sc [12]

5. 3sc, 1inc [15]

6. 4sc, 1inc [18]

7. 1sc, 1dec [12]

8. dec around [6]

Sl st into next st and F/O. Leave long tails to sew the ears onto the head.



1. ch6

2. 1inc across starting from the second chain from the hook [10]

F/O. Leave a long tail to sew onto the body.

NOTE: After sewing on everything, you can add decorations onto your pig. It’s totally up to you! ^^


For complete video tutorial on how to make your Pammy the Piglet, please fee free to visit Youtube and watch the vide NVkatherine made for you:

Pammy the Piglet by NVkatherine

For all questions, likes and anything else you would like to find about designer and her patterns you can find her on these two links:




So what do you think? Isn’t this one so adorable that you feel like making one for yourself?

Hope you have enjoyed. Thank you for staying with me and little Pammy  the Piglet.



Designed by NVkatherine2014

This is originally designed by NVkatherine so please do NOT claim this pattern yours. Don’t repost the pattern any where or sell it. You may sell the finished dolls but please give NVkatherine/Vi the credit as the designer.

Thank you


31 thoughts on “Pammy the Piglet

  1. What a sweet little piggy! So nice of you to give the pattern for free!

  2. Oh wow a lot of possitive comments here 😀 I’m super duper happy rite now ^^

    1. 😀
      Glad you are Vi Le. Pattern is great and you deserve all these nice comments to your work!

  3. Adorable! Great work NVkatherine! You have such talented friends, Vanja! How awesome of you. You’re a good friend. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I offered help to post the patterns from FB group friends who don’t have blogs. Vi Le accepted invitation and the Pammy was introduced.

      1. A collaborative effort! Your teamwork really shines in this piece. Kudos!

  4. Here, piggy piggy! 😀 What a cute little piggy! And look at those diapers. Aww… Such a lovely pattern by NVkatherine. Thank you so much Vanja for sharing her pattern with the rest of us 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it Serah, and I am also glad I could share it and help NV 🙂

  5. The pig is adorable! Thank you.

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    1. thank you Jeannie

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