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Baby Dragon


Our BB workshop was working hard for the past month. First I started with little tutorial on different variations how to make crocheted eyes for your dolls and toys. When started I though how it would be piece of cake, but then simple crocheted eyes turned out into so many different sub-groups.

I ended up with comic eyes to crochet, eyes made in layers, 3D crocheted eyes, simple black eyes, human eye shape….  At the end realized it will take me a lot of time till finished and shared with you.

As I didn’t want to stay to long, from my blogging, I decided to take a break creating something new.

For a long time we didn’t make crocheted toy, and so far I have never made a dragon (and I love dragons. I love Fantasy world and to me sometimes feels as I am living in one). For that reason I decided to make one dragon. Baby dragon to start with.

Pattern is easy, but is pretty long one with all the photos I added, so instead of writing it all here I have added a .pdf in Free Patterns page and decided to treat you with additional photos of two of my dragons born in my BB shop.

First I made a boy one. It is the green one you can see on the photos, but even If I haven’t mention he was a boy you would notice it straight away.

Girl dragon was the second one I worked on, wile testing the pattern and adjusting it so everyone can make a dragon to keep or share.

They are both so adorable and to be honest thinking on hiding them when my nieces will come over so they don’t take them away from me (joking).

They measure only 13 cm or 5 inches when seated and are as sweet as candies.

Leaving you with several photos of my babies I hope you will enjoy.


Wishing you all wonderful Friday and blessed end of the week.


Baby girl dragon by Vanja Grundmann-AmigurumiBB Free pattern

Baby girl dragon - back view Free pattern by Vanja Grundmann/AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - Free pattern by Vanja Grundmann/AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons by Vanja Grundmann–AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - by Vanja Grundmann - AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - AmigurumiBB

94 thoughts on “Baby Dragon

  1. These are so cute! I am currently working on a ice (blue/white) one for my daughter. Thank you so much for putting this on ravelry for free! I just noticed because I am currently working on the head that on row 16 your stitch count says 45… I think this must be a typo and really it’s 54. Not a big deal since this pattern is super easy to follow thus far but just thought I would tell you. Thanks again my daughter will be one happy camper Christmas morning!

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    Isnt this adorable! I’ve been wanting to try amigurumi and nay start with thus cutie!

  3. Hi! I am doing the nostrils of the dragon and they just seem to be too big for her face. Is there a mistake? Ivé tried to bend them a little bit but it doesn´t seem to work out. Should I do them smaller then?


    1. Hi Marta, Did you try folding them as I explained in my message left on FB?
      Let me know.
      I am willing to make them and take few photos for you to see and this way explain how they are folded and attached to the head.
      Looking forward to hear from you soon

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  5. Thank you for this cute pattern !

    1. you are welcome Julie

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