Baby Dragon


Our BB workshop was working hard for the past month. First I started with little tutorial on different variations how to make crocheted eyes for your dolls and toys. When started I though how it would be piece of cake, but then simple crocheted eyes turned out into so many different sub-groups.

I ended up with comic eyes to crochet, eyes made in layers, 3D crocheted eyes, simple black eyes, human eye shape….  At the end realized it will take me a lot of time till finished and shared with you.

As I didn’t want to stay to long, from my blogging, I decided to take a break creating something new.

For a long time we didn’t make crocheted toy, and so far I have never made a dragon (and I love dragons. I love Fantasy world and to me sometimes feels as I am living in one). For that reason I decided to make one dragon. Baby dragon to start with.

Pattern is easy, but is pretty long one with all the photos I added, so instead of writing it all here I have added a .pdf in Free Patterns page and decided to treat you with additional photos of two of my dragons born in my BB shop.

First I made a boy one. It is the green one you can see on the photos, but even If I haven’t mention he was a boy you would notice it straight away.

Girl dragon was the second one I worked on, wile testing the pattern and adjusting it so everyone can make a dragon to keep or share.

They are both so adorable and to be honest thinking on hiding them when my nieces will come over so they don’t take them away from me (joking).

They measure only 13 cm or 5 inches when seated and are as sweet as candies.

Leaving you with several photos of my babies I hope you will enjoy.


Wishing you all wonderful Friday and blessed end of the week.


Baby girl dragon by Vanja Grundmann-AmigurumiBB Free pattern

Baby girl dragon - back view Free pattern by Vanja Grundmann/AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - Free pattern by Vanja Grundmann/AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons by Vanja Grundmann–AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - by Vanja Grundmann - AmigurumiBBBaby Dragons - AmigurumiBB


94 thoughts on “Baby Dragon

    • Thank you dear Regina. So happy to hear you like these little ones.
      You are more than welcome for free pattern. Hope you will find time to enjoy making your own 🙂


    El día viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014 8:44, AmigurumiBB’s Blog escribió: amigurumibb posted: ”  Our BB workshop was working hard for the past month. First I started with little tutorial on different variations how to make crocheted eyes for your dolls and toys. When started I though how it would be piece of cake, but then simple crocheted “

  2. So adorable. I love dragons and anything fairytale or magical too. Living second childhood and love to share it with my grandkids.

  3. They are so cute. I love dragons also very much and these Baby dragons, are a “must have”!!!! Would it be possible to translate your pattern into German and link back to your blog for the English version? I’m sure the German crocheters will have a lot of fun and will be thankful for your design!

    • I am so happy you like them 🙂
      Dear friend, you don’t even have to ask for permission. You are like sister to me and can use my pattern as it is yours. Please translate it so we can share it with German speaking crocheters as well. Thank you so much Karin

    • thank you Deanna!
      As I said in my post I love dragons too. Also like to make nice crocheted eyes for my dolls and toys (well at least I give my best 😉 )
      Thank you for taking your time to write a message.

    • Thank you Jasmine,
      I also think it would make a great baby toy! Everything is crocheted, no small parts added any place 🙂
      Hope you will enjoy making your baby dragon!

  4. This is exciting to get a free pattern in your emails ever so often.  Thank you. I want to make a barefoot baby, I have the concept of the toes, ( like fingers, just shorter), I do know how to go from the middle of the foot, and make the heel into the leg portion, or would I make it two different pieces, the foot, and then the leg, join them together after they are both competed.   I have Googled, and Googled, can not find barefeet with toesanywhere, except to buy a pattern, can’t afford that at the moment. I just finished a Mickey Mouse, how adorable is he!!!!! Anyway, any help you can give me about the bare feet, would be greatly appreciated. Blessings, Joyce WilsonAmigurumiBB’s Blog wrote:

    • Hello Joyce,
      think I can help you with the barefeet for the baby.
      First try to take a look at Marsupiulami pattern I made few moths ago. He has barefeet (but with three or for fingers). You can do the feet this way or, I have few other pattern I can help you with 🙂
      here is Marsu pattern. If this won’t work, or you wish something else, let me know and I will send you some more patterns to review 😉

  5. Your dragons are darling! I love them, especially their spikes. Your dragon eyes are very impressive too. And their feet with the little toes! The cuteness is killing me. 🙂

    You and I are on the exact same page with the eyes. I started putting together a tutorial on different ways to do amigurumi eyes, but it was taking me a lot longer than I expected. It will be so neat to see what the two of us come up with! Can’t wait to compare notes!

    • Thank you Jennifer!
      Happy to hear you like the my baby dragons 🙂
      As for the eyes, feel so happy you are working on something like that too. And yes, it is taking more than we expected. So many details to add and so many varieties to show. I have no idea how to put them all together in one tutorial 😀
      To me making eyes is not so difficult (talking crocheted ones, not embroidery 😉 ), I simply sit and think what would go the best, leaf version, drop, round, oval….and I go from here. Now that simple start and all that comes after it is really hard to put in one simple pattern or tutorial, isn’t it 🙂
      Really looking forward we finish it and compare notes. You always teach me something new! 🙂

      • I learn so much from you too! I think we need an 8th day to the week just to get this all done. If it were up to me, there would be a day between Saturday and Sunday. We could call it Crochet Day!

      • Yes we need at least a day but at times in my case I need a week or a couple of hours every day. I’m greedy I know but when it comes to our craft we need to keep working on it and hone it. I guess then we’ll be begging for a day off. ha ha Never satisfied some of us.

        It seems everytime I set aside a couple of hours to do some special work something happens to ruin it. Of course my cat doesn’t help as he hates me crocheting or whatever I am doing. He is very possesive. I’ve tried turned down the love meter as our Dr Harry here on tv says (vet) but he (cat gets angry and attacks me. He is 18 mths old and I didn’t raise him. He’s sort of a furry grandson. The things we do for our children and grandchildren. They are trying to get a place they can rent that will allow pets.

        He attacks and even eats my crochet (which isn’t good for him as well as my feelings toward him) though he loves the blanket I made him and never pulls a strand. Right now he’s meowing at the door and will open it any minute now. Yep here he is. Doesn’t like me on the computer either. Bye

      • Meme,
        your cat really has some attitude 🙂
        As it seems, he wants your 100% attention all the time.
        Take good care of him

  6. Your baby dragons are adorable, and especially especially with their amazing eyes!
    Thank you SO much for providing the pattern for them, as I can see these will become a firm favourite in the presents list I’m making 🙂

    • Thank you. So happy to hear you like the dragons 🙂
      You are welcome regarding tutorial. I try my best to write and show as many details as possible so everyone can make the same dragon as I did.

  7. oh my gosh, they are so adorable!!! You are so very talented, thank you for sharing with us! I love them and can’t wait till I’m done crocheting all my orders so I can make these for my grandchildren!! thank you, thank you!

  8. Hello! I love the dragon and I decided to do it! I´ve been taking a look to the pattern and I already have two questions. When you say “Stitch 2 sc in one stitch” is an increase, right? And another one about the ears, in round 2 you say “ch1 turn”, thats 1ch and then turn around? sorry 😦

    • 2 sc in one is increasing stitch
      ch1 turn means you are working in rows. after finishing one, you chain and turn to work the second row back.
      ANd no worries, please feel free to ask whatever you need help with.

  9. hi
    i have some problem with the arms. i can´t get what you mean at row 3 and 4 you have 18st and at row 5 it should be 12st, but i don´t understand how.
    can you help me please cathrine

    • Hi Catherine,
      I made mistake when writing down the pattern. Missed decreasing round and didn’t have time these days to change the pattern with newer version.
      Here is how row 4 and later should be:
      R4 sc1, popcorn, sc1, popcorn, sc1, pop corn, sc12 (18 sts)
      R5 dec5, sc6 (12 sts)
      R6-R9 sc12 (continue as in the pattern)
      Sorry for the inconvenience

      • hi
        if you do 5dec and 6st it can´t be 12sts in the row if i counted right. i did 1dec in row 4 (last 2st) and then 5dec and 6 st in row 5. just to have them(dec) over the pop. (18-5=13) 🙂

      • there are 6 dec in one row
        dec5, sc6, dec1 =12
        will go and check it again
        but this what I just wrote is how the pattern should go 🙂

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  11. Hi! I am doing the nostrils of the dragon and they just seem to be too big for her face. Is there a mistake? Ivé tried to bend them a little bit but it doesn´t seem to work out. Should I do them smaller then?


    • Hi Marta, Did you try folding them as I explained in my message left on FB?
      Let me know.
      I am willing to make them and take few photos for you to see and this way explain how they are folded and attached to the head.
      Looking forward to hear from you soon

  12. These are so cute! I am currently working on a ice (blue/white) one for my daughter. Thank you so much for putting this on ravelry for free! I just noticed because I am currently working on the head that on row 16 your stitch count says 45… I think this must be a typo and really it’s 54. Not a big deal since this pattern is super easy to follow thus far but just thought I would tell you. Thanks again my daughter will be one happy camper Christmas morning!

  13. I am trying to make this and is the first stuffed animal I am trying. I was wondering when you work the next row do you slip stitch and then work in the next stitch or do you just work into the next stitch? Also when it says inc3 does that mean you would crochet 3 into the same stitch?

    • Hello Rebeccah,
      Most of my work are done in spiral; meneing no slip stitching at the end to first chain. You simply go and work in rounds. Important is to mark the first stitch each round so you can keep track on which round working on.
      When it comes to inc3, means increase three sequential stitches (or, to make it more clear inc x3 or inc next 3 sts).
      Increase 3 stitches in one stitch I usually write or put info in the brackets.
      For any help you might need while working on the dragon, please feel free to write and ask. You can reach me through e-mail as well.

  14. I have 2 questions about the baby dragon pattern. I tried to make the nostrils and they come out round instead of curving around. And also I am making the legs and ran into a problem. I am going from row 4 to 5 and I don’t understand how when you add extra stitches for the popcorn stitch how you can still come out to the same number of stitches as the previous row. I drew out the pattern and I am coming out with 30 stitches at the end of row 5 and then this will mess up the decrease for row 8. I noticed there was a correction for the arms pattern but I didn’t see any other corrections. I am trying to make this for my niece and any help would be appreciated.

  15. hi Im new to amigurumi (this will be my third project) and Im very very interested in making this dragon but I’ve only ever made amigurumi using the magic circle to start off. your’s starts with a chain of 6… do I slip stitch the two ends together, or do the first round and then crochet from the “bottom” of the chain? to get an oblong shape? sorry if Im just not reading the pattern correctly. thanks for any help

    • Malisa, once you make the chain, first round you have to stitch around the chain. Use back loops when starting, you will end up with 3 sts in last chain stitch and then simply continue to work on the opposite side loops (of the chain). You will crochet in circle, but around the chain. Hope this makes sense. Let me know if this helped you. If not will think of something else…

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    • I am not sure I wrote one. Whenever I have free time I crochet flowers and then use them for and with my dolls and toys. So whatever simple flower pattern you have, make one. On the bottom sew the stem you can either make by slip stitching the chain of desired length, or you can make one using 4 or 6 sts in rounds and crochet it as long as you wish (in addition, to make stem adjustable and foldable, insert the wire inside. Hope it helps.

  17. Might I suggest that in the arms row 11 (row right after FPSC8, sc4) you edit it to be BPSC8, SC4? so that it looks more like a “knee”? I would post a picture of mine but I can’t here.

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