Waldorf inspired doll




I must say that this is my favorite doll and pattern I worked on so far. This doll is just a treasure. She is soft and so darling. The size I reached by this one (30 cm -12 inches) is little bit bigger than the rest of my dolls but that makes her even more beautiful.

I know many of you will give it a try. Specially moms and grandmothers who grew up with one of these jersey sewed dolls with yarn hair. Here is your chance to refresh your childhood memories and opportunity to crochet one Waldorf inspired doll for your daughters, granddaughters or even for yourself.


Here is the pattern I hope you will enjoy

Waldorf inspired doll1Waldorf inspired doll2Waldorf inspired doll3Waldorf inspired doll4Waldorf inspired doll5Waldorf inspired doll6Waldorf inspired doll7Waldorf inspired doll8Waldorf inspired doll9Waldorf inspired doll10Waldorf inspired doll11Waldorf inspired doll12Waldorf inspired doll13

Isn’t she just lovely? Both are 😀 I really enjoy these dolls and hope you will too.

Waldorf inspired dolls by AmigurumiBB

Thank you for your time.

Wishing you all wonderful end of the week and relaxing weekend to come.




58 thoughts on “Waldorf inspired doll

  1. Dear Vanja. Congratulations with this magnificent pattern. The small one of the two Waldorfs has the most perfect face. You are really incredibly skilled, I can’t get my arms down. And I look so much forward to make one for myself ! You know may already know, these Waldorfs are my old everlasting love…..

    Have a really nice weekend, you deserve a weekend in Paris !!!!!

    Best regards Ingrid

    • Dear Ingrid,
      I am so please you like this pattern. You are more familiar with Waldorf dolls that I am and if you say they are good then they are and that works for me. I really like them. When it comes to expressing how much I like them (in english) I miss words. They are just so tender and sweet and so darling. …
      Now looking forward to hear from you and see you doll(s) done!
      Thank you for all your support.

  2. Olá, eu adorei!!!! Agradeço muito a você por compartilhar tantos trabalhos lindos o que me dá a oportunidade de fazê-los, pois eu não teria como comprá-los. Muito sucesso para você e mais uma vez, obrigada e parabéns pelo trabalho.

  3. These dolls are so lovely Vanja. I love the way one can put any type of outfit on but I particularly love the yellow dress with purple bodice and little purple shoes. ❤

    • Thank you Sharon. I am so happy you like this doll as well. This doll is perfect for dressing ups. Big enough to fit any baby pattern dress (or outfit) crocheted in thread. 🙂

  4. Thank you for this adorable pattern. I have always loved Waldorf dolls but as I am a much better crocheter than seamstress this is perfect for me.

  5. When i try to print the pattern the computer says there is something with your site. It closes and reopens but wont print. Please help

  6. these doll are fantastic . thank you so much for pattern cant wait to give it a go . Your crochet is brilliant and you are juat so talented

    • Thank you June,
      I am really flattered you like my work.
      This doll should be very easy to make. Hope you will give her a try. For any help, please feel free to ask.

  7. How do you make the smaller doll smaller? Do you use a smaller needle or do you less increases?
    So wich doll is made with a 2 mm hook? The small or the big one?
    Thanks for your answers

    Greetings from janine

    • Hi Janine,
      For the smaller doll I simply use smaller needle and finer yarn.
      For the bigger doll I used 2mm hook and DK cotton yarn. For the smaller used 1,50 or 1,75 (can’t remember now), and No5 knitting cotton yarn.
      The pattern is the same, stitch count is the same, it is all in needle size and yarn used.

  8. A huge thank you for this model waldorf doll!

    I love these dolls but I do not know how to sew .. then have the model hook, I’m thrilled!

    I’ll make one for my daughter (and offer it to Christmas)

    Thank you!

    Elodie (sorry for my poor english … this is google translation ;-))

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