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Bunny Family Easter Portrait

Hello dear friends,

It is little bit more than one month till Easter! This year my Easter bunnies wanted to share their family photos with you. They were also so very kind that allowed me to write the pattern so all of you can make their relatives and send us their photos when done. This way all the bunnies will see their relatives around the world and will be able to make a family album and maybe even create a family tree 🙂

Let me introduce the Bunny Familly

Bunny Familly Easter Greetings

As you can see it is pretty much the modern Bunny family; grandparents, mom and dad an one child (in tis case son).

Lets look at some more photos from their family album

Here are Bunny grandparents with their grandson. Grandma was first I made. From her pattern all other bunnies were born (It should have been grandpa, but….I started with the girl this time 🙂 )

buny grandparenst with their grandson

On the next photo are young mom and dad with their son. The pattern you are going to have is for this kind of bunny. I have written down as many details as I could. Eyes are crocheted as well, and you will find instructions on how to make them as well.

mama, papa and their son

Here the ladies decided to take photo alone…the little one jumped in last second.

bunny girls

One photo with boys only

bunny boys

The pattern is ready for download  here

For any questions regarding the pattern, please feel free to contact me. I really hope you will make a bunny or two and don’t forget to send photos for our family album!

Lots of love form Bunny Family and

Vanja ♡

36 thoughts on “Bunny Family Easter Portrait

  1. Hi
    Thank you very very much for these.
    I have a problem! 🙁
    I don’t khow , what do for:

    Sc1 and move stitch marker here
    At this point start working turn rows, without making ch1 at the start. Instead, skip every first
    stitch on each turn.
    R12 Turn work and sc9 ,….

    Plz help me dear Vanja.

    1. Not sure what you don’t understand with moving stitch marker one stitch forward. Simply crochet one more stitch and make it you start of the round.
      By this time we have worked in rounds.
      After moving stitch marker we are moving, from rounds to work in rows.
      so no more working in spiral, but finish the round, turn back to start new one.
      In ordinary way, when working in rounds, and with single crochet, after finishing round, you’d ch1, and turn. This ch1 helps you uplift the stitch and ables you to work in last stitch of preious round. Without making this chain you would not be able to stitch the first stitch. That is when we want to stitch straight and make rows even.
      This time we do not want rows even but want to decrease.
      Decrease will be done by not making this ch1 at the end of each round. This way we will skip the first stitch and this way we will decrease one st on the beginning.
      Really hope this helps you understand why and how it’s done and enables you to finish what you started. let me know if it works. Best of luck and happy crocheting

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