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Crochet Mooshka Dolls

Look what Jennifer made!!!! Adorable Mooshka doll!

Thank you Jennifer ♡

11 thoughts on “Crochet Mooshka Dolls

  1. These Mooshka Dolls are available at Target. My daughter saw them advertised on one of her cartoon channels and had a fit over them! Some of them sing when you press the hand. I’m wondering if I can use a larger hook, like an H or I to make these? Crocheting with a small hook and yarn is difficult for me….on a larger scale I believe I can make this! I may put one of the little music buttons inside! What Great Work you do!

    1. If you are going to put the music button in the hand, please let me know how it works! 😀
      That is awesome idea and your daughter will love it!

  2. Well done!

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