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Valentine’s Card

It is still not late to make a card!

One of dear blogger friends Karin from Ami loves gurumi, came up with great Valentine’s day envelope.

Here are few photographs of what Karin came up with:1071241132


Each photo will send you directly to Karin’s blog and link to the page and pattern. If you have missed it, the link is here:

Based on this wonderful and easy to follow pattern I have made one envelope myself. Also added tiny card to go with it.

Envelope-frontEnvelope-backEnvelope & card-frontEnvelope & card-back

Love letters you can see in front of the envelope is the pattern I used from here:

Love! Card

Lip applique I found here:

and little birds here:

Making envelope and card is fun! 😀

Really is!

You can use it all year round, not only for Valentine’s day! Make a personalized card to give with present or send to an old and far away family or friend.

Use it as a key holder or business cards keeper. I am sure you will think of something more to use it for.

I am going back to work. Have zombi Vanja to finish 😀  Yes, working on a zombi doll pattern from Jennifer and  SquirrelPicnic blog.

Here is the link to her pattern, , but more about it on my next post.

Just a sneak peak to what I have done so far. 😀

Zombi Vanja♡ Vanja

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Card

  1. Hi Vanja! Just came in to check what I’ve been missing all this while and immediately spotted the Zombie Vanja! So freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished zombie 😀

    1. Hi dear Serah,
      Have been worried about you (no excuses for not sending you e-mail). Hope you are doing fine.

  2. I think your zombie doll is very pretty and when she is finished even more so. I asked the opinion of my 13 yr old son and he smiled and agreed with me. “she is awesome” said he!!!! The cards? Great ideas. Yours is so sweet, especially the kiss on the back! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sharon 😀
      Regards and thanks to your son as well!
      Love letter should be sealed with the kiss, righ? 😉

      1. yes! 🙂

  3. Thank you Vanja! I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy that you tried out my pattern. You did a wonderful job and also love the ideas you had, using the envelope for business cards and the letter inside. Your inspirations are absolutely phenomenal!

    1. Thank you Karin,
      If it wasn’t for your great pattern there would not be any of this. Your envelope has inspired me huge! 🙂 So many ideas on new envelopes and cards I have….
      Thank you very much for great pattern and inspiration.

  4. I love Karin’s idea and your version! Your crochet card with the birds is darling. And you’re so fast with the zombie. She’s looking great! I’m honored and so very excited that you are trying out my pattern. I want to make a Mooshka of my own next. I have this coming Monday off from work and I’m hoping to work on her then. I can’t wait!

    1. Glad you like envelope and card. Ideas on making one are endless (at least in my head 🙂 )
      As for the zombi, I told you I was going to try to make one. So far so good. The only problem I am having with zombi doll is she has to come out zombi looking so kind of ugly….so while I was working on her I felt sorry for a little doll and there was this song of Christina Aguilera, “You are beautiful”, running in my head as I was trying to make the doll feel better 😀
      Hope I will finish her tomorrow and post some more photos. Thank you once again for great pattern!

  5. Very Cute 🙂

    1. thanks Morgan 🙂

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