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Mooshka dolls

This week we have got new treat for all doll lovers.

Girls will love this one. Moms and grandmothers as well as it is easy and fast project to do and doll is not a small one and has no tiny pieces to sew or work with. I find it real treat for big and small ones and all thanks to Kathy from Facebook group who asked for the pattern to be created for her granddaughter.

Here are two of my Mooshka dolls I made while working on the pattern.Mooshka dolls2Will not talk to much but will leave you with the pattern and few more photos of dolls. For any questions you might need while working on this little cute one, please feel free to contact me and ask.

To give you better presentation on how doll looks like when done, tried to make photos from side and back view as well. It is flat doll, very much looking alike a rag doll. Mooshka-orangeMooshka-side viewMooshka-back viewAs you can see eyes on this doll above is painted. She is second one I made. First one I have made with crocheted eyes.Mooshka-blueI have written you down how to make crocheted eyes as well. Also tried to give you as many details as possible on how to make eyes and what size to use when painting them, making them in felt or using safety ones.

Mooshka dolls can be made in any yarn of your choice with matching hook to go with it. Finished doll size when worked with DK (medium weight yarn) with 2,5 mm hook (as dolls you can see on the photo) are 26cm tall (10.24 in).


Materials needed:

Yarns of your choice for body, hair and dress

The rest of the doll  (legs and dress) can be made with leftover yarns to make Mooshka as colorful as possible.

Matching hook


Ribbons, buttons, beads….anything you can imagine or like to decorate Mooshka’s dress, head, shoes.

Emboidery thread to crochet the eyes or textile paint if you would rather paint them.

If you prefer safety eyes, find one that will fit the size 5×5 stitches of your gauge (what will depend of yarn and hook you will use. Make small piece 10 sts x10 rows and find the adequate eyes based on that. Important is that eyes do not exceed 5×5 stitches).

Embroidery thread or pain for eye brows, lips.

Embroidery needle



Ch – chain

St(s) – stitch(es)

Sl st – slip stitch

Sc – single crochet

Inc – increasing stitch (two sc in one stitch)

Dec – decreasing stitch (two sts stitched together, I used invisible decrease)

** – repeat what mentioned in between (followed by x number of repeats)

R – round

Cluster stitch – for help please follow the link



I didn’t write it in the pattern but head is done in finishing rounds. Start each round with ch1, and finish it with slip stitch.

With yarn in flash color of your choice


R1 sc4, 3sc in one st, work around chain, sc3, 2sc in one st (12 sts)

R2 inc1, sc3, inc3, sc3, inc2 (18 sts)

R3 Inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1 (24 sts)

R4 sc1, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc1 (30 sts)

R5 sc2, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc1 (36 sts)

R6 sc3, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1 (42 sts)

R7 sc4, inc1, sc8, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc8, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc1 (48 sts)

R8 sc5, inc1, sc9, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc9, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc1 (54 sts)

R9 sc6, inc1, sc10, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc10, inc1, sc7 inc1 sc1 (60 sts)

R10-R19 sc60

R20 sc6, dec1, sc10, dec1, sc7, dec1, sc7, dec1, sc109, dec1, sc7, dec1, sc1, (54 sts)

R21 sc5, dec1, sc9, dec1, sc6, dec1, sc6, dec1, sc9, dec1, sc6, dec1, sc1 (48 sts)

R22 sc4, dec1, sc8, dec1, sc5, dec1, sc5, dec1, sc8, dec1, sc5, dec1, sc1 (42 sts)

R23 sc3, dec1, sc7, dec1, sc4, dec1, sc4, dec1, sc7, dec1, sc4, dec1, sc1 (36 sts)

R24 sc2, dec1, sc6, dec1, sc3, dec1, sc3, dec1, sc6, dec1, sc3, dec1, sc1 (30 sts)

R25 sc1, dec1, sc5, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc2 dec1, sc5, dec1, sc2, dec1, sc1 (24 sts)

R26 dec1, sc4, dec1, sc1, dec1, sc1, dec1, sc4, dec1, sc1, dec1 sc1 (18 sts)

Stuff the head nice and firm.

Do not cut or tie off…continue working the neck

Neck area

R1 sc18

R2 Inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1 (24 sts)

R3 sc1, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc2, inc1, sc1 (30 sts)

R4 sc2, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc3, inc1, sc1 (36 sts)

R5 sc3, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1 (42 sts)

R6 sc4, inc1, sc8, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc8, inc1, sc5, inc1, sc1 (48 sts)

R7 sc5, inc1, sc9, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc9, inc1, sc6, inc1, sc1 (54 sts)

R8 sc6, inc1, sc10, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc7, inc1, sc10, inc1, sc7 inc1 sc1 (60 sts)

R9-R10 Sc60 x2


Forming arms

Sl st. last to first chain made, ch1 (this is our last round with, ch1 work, from now on continue in continuous rounds)

R1 Sc next5, count backwards 15 stitches and stitch across. We will make arm here and continue working in continuous rounds with 15 sts (when encounter sl st, ch1, skip both stitches and continue in next sc making 15 sc round count

R2-R21 Sc15

Somewhere at rounds 19-21 you can change color in order to create bracelet (it is optional)

R22 Two cluster sts with 3dc in the next two sc , sc13 (15 sts)

R23 *dec1, sc1*  x5 (10 sts)

R24 Sc10

R25 Dec5 (5 sts)

Tie off and sew the last row closing it nicely. Hide the thread inside arm area.


Next arm:

Count 15 sts around the opposite end, slip stitch two opposite stitches and continue stitching 15 in rounds same as with first arm

Repeat R2-R25 above (arm forming)


Note! When reaching R22 of this, second arm making. Pay attention to where the cluster stitch will be. It should face the inner arm side.

I didn’t have problems with any of the arms and this finger making, as I started to create arm under arm area. This way, to make thumb was on both hands first stitches to start with on R22.



Even though there are 30 sts left for the body to continue with, we will stitch corner stitches as well (to close the gaps under arms) and make 34 sts round.

Start body making the first stitch under arm stitch (this you will achieve by stitching front and back corners stitches first. Saying this, as it will make the body look nicer, when we start decreasing and increasing two stitches on each side to shape the doll’s body.


R1 slip stitch to one of the corner stitches, to start with and sc 34 sts around body part, stitching 4 of the corner stitches as well (34 sts)

R2 Sc34

R3 Dec1, sc15, dec1, sc15 (32 sts)

(if your first dec is not under arm and you lost this count, adjust the first stitch of this round to fit the pattern)

R4 Dec1, sc14, dec1, sc14 (30 sts)

R5 Inc1, sc14, inc1, sc14 (32 sts)

R6 Inc1, sc15, inc1, sc15 (34 sts)

R7 Inc1, sc16, inc1, sc16 (36 sts)

R8 Inc1, sc17, inc1, sc17 (38 sts)

R9 Inc1, sc18, inc1, sc18 (40 sts)

Change color for panties

R10 Inc1, sc19, inc1, sc19 (42 sts)

R11-R16 Sc42

R17 *Dec1, sc5*  x6 (36 sts)

Stuff the body nice and firm. We will add more and finish stuffing before closing  last round. Tie off leaving long end for sewing the body and legs.

First we will sew the body.

Flatten the body (if few stitches are needed to reach the end⁄corner stitch when body is flattened and ready to sew, sc those few stitches)

Using embroidery needle, sew the last round with whip stitch using just front loops to (this will close the round nice and give it even closure).

Before sewing it completely, add more stuffing if needed.


Legs x2


R1 Sc4, 2sc in one stitch, work around chain, sc3, 2sc in one st (12 sts)

R2 Inc1, sc3, inc3, sc3, inc2 (18 sts)

R3 Inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc4, inc1, sc1, inc1, sc1 (24 sts)

R4-R5 Sc24

R6 Sc8, dec3, sc10 (21 sts)

Change color (shoe is done)

R7 Sc6, dec3, sc9 (18 sts)

R8-R32 Sc18

Stuff legs nice and firm

Flatten the leg opening on the top making sure when flattened fingers and heal are pointing right directions and leg is not flattened sideways.

Sc8 stitches stitching through both sides of the top leg piece, closing the leg this way and making it ready to be attached to the body.

Tie off leaving long end for hiding it in the leg or doll’s body later.


Color of your choice

Hair is done in rows. After each row ch1 and turn

Sc5 in magic ring

R1 inc5 (10 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x5 (15 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc2* x5 (20 sts)

R4 *inc1, sc3* x5 (25 sts)

R5 *inc1, sc4* x5 (30 sts)

R6 *inc1, sc5* x5 (35 sts)

R7 *inc1, sc6* x5 (40 sts)

R8-R17 Sc40

R18 dec1, sc36 dec1 (38 sts)

R19 dec1, sc34, dec1 (36 sts)

R20 dec1, sc32, dec1, (34 sts)

R21 dec1, sc30, dec1, (32 sts)

R22 dec1, sc28, dec1 (30 sts)

R23 dec1, sc26, dec1, (28 sts)

R24 dec1, sc24, dec1 (26 sts)

R25 dec1, sc22, dec1, (24 sts)

R26 dec1, sc20, dec1 (22 sts)

R27 dec1, sc18, dec1, (20 sts)

Chain one and stitch side of the hair piece made (looking at the piece, you will continue stitching upwards, towards the magic ring made at start)

sc1 in magic ring. Ch11, slip stitch 10 to chain just made, sc1 in magic ring again, ch11, sl st 10 to chain just made, continue with sc  on the other side of the hair, sl st last, tie off and leave long end for sewing the hair to the head later.

Pony tails can be made many ways.

We can add tassels on sides, crochet buns…you can place them on sides or upper on the head.


Simple buns (blue haired doll)

Sc6 in magic ring

R1 inc6 (12 sts)

R2 sc12

R3 *inc, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4-R6 sc18

R7 *dec1, sc1* x6 (12 sts)

Stuff the bun well

R8 *dec1, sc1* x4 (8 sts)

Tie off leaving long end for sewing the bun to the hair later.


Longer buns (orange haired doll)

Sc6 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x3 (9 sts)

R2 sc9

R3 *dec1, sc1* x3 (6 sts)

Stuff the first part

R4 inc6 (12 sts)

R5-R7 sc12

R8 dec6 (6 sts)

Stuff second ball

R9 inc6 (12 sts)

R10 *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R11-R12 sc18

R13 *dec1, sc1* x6 (12 sts)

R14 dec6 (6 sts)

Stuff, cut the thread leaving long end for sewing




Ch2, turn, inc1, dc1…around (42 sts)


Inc1, dc2 … around (56 sts)


Back loops only, sc8, skip12, sc16, skip12 sc8 (32 sts)


Ch2m turn in1, dc1…around (48 sts)


Ch2, turn, inc1, dc2…around (64 sts)

Sl st sides and continue to work in rounds

Ch2, dc64 x5

Change color

Ch2, skip one, sl st in next, ch2, skip one, sl st in next…around

Eyes and creating dolls face

Mooshka in white dress has crocheted eyes. I made those with embroidery thread and 1,25 mm hook. You have to keep in mind that I also worked with medium weight yarn and 2,5 hook. If you have worked with heavier yarn and bigger hook, you might end up experimenting with the right eye size and what thread to use to make them.

To make eyes looking as similar as to Mooshka, they should not exceed the size of 5×5 stitches (on the head). Don’t feel discouraged, but give it a try with different threads or yarns to reach the right size to make eyes.

If this you will find to complicated you can always make eyes with felt pieces or paint them what will make them as beautiful and easier to do.


Crocheted eyes:

With black embroidery thread

Sc8 in magic ring, slip stitch last to first st in back loop of the stitch

Change color for the iris. Let it be one of bright, strong colors in blue, green or brown

Work in back loops only – Ch2, dc1 in same st where sl st made, 2dc in each of the following 7 sts (16 sts)

Add white to sides of each eye through over 4 stitches making slip stitch, 2sc and ending with sl st. (finish off nice and hide ends on the back side of the eye.

For the eye lashes I uses starting and ending thread from making the pupil. Instead of hiding them I placed them on side, fixing them to stay with tiny bit of glue before sewing them on the head.

For sewing the eyes I used so called invisible thread.

Place the eyes between rounds 15 and 19 leaving 8 stitches between them.

Once you sew them or glue them on the head take finest black marker you can find and color the back loops of the outer eye circle. This way you will round the eyes and make them doll looking.

You can embroider the black circle around eyes, but use fine black thread to do it.

You can embroider or paint the eyelashes and lips.

Embroider the nose in the middle of eye area, one round lower (that would be in between rounds 19 and 20). Use two horizontal stitches for embroidering the nose.


Place the lips two rounds below the nose.

Eyebrows somewhere on the third round upper from the eyes.

Use little blush to dolls cheeks (or if you are painting the details, use pink paint for the cheeks as well).

Mooshka dolls

And that it is! Your Moosha is done! 

Hope you enjoyed making your Mooshka.

Looking forward to hear from you and see your Mooshka dolls!


♡ Vanja 

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    1. Hi Signe,
      When starting with chain you have to work around the chain what will create you to work an oval shape.
      What you have to do after making a chain is go back and work on same chain (no connections or closing the chain made). Once you stitch one side of chain, continue working the same chain stitches but from the other side (opposite side of chain).
      Hope this helps you understand how it is done.

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    1. Yes, eyes can be very difficult, not to make them but to make them right size to fit dolls head. Most of the time it ends up in hours of trying different yarns, threads and hook sizes to reach right measurements.
      What I find good “trick” when making crocheted eyes, specially if there is a change of color and eye is done in one pice (instead of two or three layers) is to crochet in back loops. That way you don’t see the holes of the stitches and it looks better. Another thing that I suggest everyone is to add this white spark on each eye to bring them to life. Many of my eyes end up tiny (some are 0,5 cm small) and have difficulties to embroider the “spark”. Then I add it using little bit white textile paint.

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    1. Hi Sonia,
      Yes, it might be confusing the way I explained it. Try as Jennifer, one of my blogger friends, explained. Tie off as you finish the last round before you have to start with arms.
      Flatten the piece, and count 15 stitches on each side (as each arm will have 15 stitches rounds). This method is easier and not so confusing.
      Hope it helps.

    2. Sonia, try with this, as Jennifer explained. This is much easier.
      Fasten off as you finish the last round beofre you have to start with arm and then:
      Then flatten the chest so that you can find the side center stitch. Count 7 stitches back from this, and reattach your yarn there. Count 15 stitches forward (including the stitch where you attached your yarn), and single crochet those 2 stitches together. Continue with the pattern in rounds to create the arm. Repeat for the opposite arm.”

      1. I am more excited that you answered my question than the new way of crocheting the I am new at this. Thank you so much. I will try it. You are the best. Sonia

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      1. Sonia,
        it was typo in the pattern.
        I found one on the dress.
        What it means, you have to chain 2, turn you work in order to start new row, increase first stitch, stitch in next repeating this pattern (inc1, stitch1) for entire row.

  32. Thank you soooooo much I sort of figured that after awhile. Lots of learning moments for me. Have a great day.

    1. You are welcome, Sonia.
      For any question you might have, please feel free to drop a line here or send me mail.

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  34. This is a darling pattern! I’ve really enjoyed making her! However I am having difficulty with the hair, pattern says to start with a magic circle and 5 sc stitches, do you continue to crochet in a circle? Or into rows? Please help me! Thank you! Glenda

    1. Hello Gelnda,
      Glad you have enjoyed Mooshka.
      When it comes to hair; you start with magic ring, do not close it, and from this starter stitches work in rows.
      Before finishing you will return to this magic ring to make the bangs. When hair piece is completely done, the magic ring is closed. At this moment starting from ring and working in rows sounds silly, but you will see how hair will develop wig looking form that will fit the head nice, and this magic ring will close back and front just perfectly.

      1. Thank you so much! I love learning different techniques! I just couldn’t get it right, think I can now! Clever! Hugs!

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    1. You are welcome Beth. It is my pleasure. Glad to hear you like this doll 🙂

  36. Hi!, Your dolls are beautiful! You are so talented. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to get started and make a few. Just wish to ask your permission to sell the end product? Thank you for sharing your lovely work with the rest of us.

    1. Dear Ana,
      thank you for compliments 🙂
      Regarding the sale of finished product, yes, it is allowed and please feel free to sell doll you make.
      Wishing you all the best in that.

      1. Dear MigurumiBB,

        Thank you very much for your reply and your permission to sell the end product. The first one I make will be for myself because I really love them. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to see many more of your wonderful work.

        Kind regards,

  37. Thank you for sharing your pattern for these beautiful dolls. I am not sure when I am suppose to stuff the neck and arms. I checked the pattern several times and could not find it. I finished the neck and one arm, before I realized I had not stopped to stuff arms. Could you please help me understand . Thanks so much .

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  39. I am having a trouble understanding the dress pattern. When I follow the pattern for the top of the dress, I am getting sleeves for the dress not a cape look .Crocheting sc in the first 8 stitches and skipping 12 then joining stitch 13 to stitch 8 makes a sleeve, right ? It looks great but not like the picture. What am I doing wrong.? Also do I put the dress on the doll before I finish the bottom of the dress. I am
    sorry , but I am new at this and so confused about this dress.

    1. Dear brenda,
      When it comes to stuffing neck and arms, stuff them as you go. While you are still working on the body, so you can use something to push the stuffing in and stuff nice and firm.

  40. I realy love it but i have somthing to ask you about . do you do slip stitch after you chain 6 ? and please explain to me how to do round 1 only round 1 . thank you

    1. I am not sure round 1 on what part of the doll you wish me to explain it better.
      If it is when starting the head:
      R1 sc4, 3sc in one st, work around chain, sc3, 2sc in one st (12 sts)?
      after you make the chain, do not slip stitch, start working on your R1 (starting from the second ch stitch from the hook).
      What you will be doing is making an oval shape out of your chain. If you look at the chain (right side) it has two loops (each side one). work back loops when starting. Finish with sc3 in last chain stitch and from this point you will continue working on remaining loops of same stitches you’ve already worked (opposite side loops).
      you will work in round, around the chain. After finishing this round you can continue your work two ways, you can start each round with ch and slip stitch to this chain to finish the round, or you can work in continuous rounds (but don’t forget to mark you first or last stitch for easier round count as you go).
      I hope I got right R1 you needed to be explained better and hope this helped.
      Let me know if you’ll need any further assistance.

      1. thank you so much 🙂 for this i really love it thank you

  41. I have made this doll five times but I notice my dolls look nothing like yours, in fact she look scary LOL.
    I came here to find out what am I during wrong. Just figured it out after reading the blob from ghofran I started with a circle instead of with an oval, now that I understand the beginning. thanks for explaining r1

  42. Hello, working on the arms. Do you start directly from the last round of the neck? It looks like you crochet 15 and then go back? But I don’t understand how you do that and start the rounds. How do you make it go full circle?

    1. This part for the arms is not explained well. Finishing the last round (before arms) tie off.
      Flatten the doll and count 15 sts each side for the arm openings. Mark them, attach thread and work one round at the time. Arms are done in spirals. Making first round, connect and close sides for the arm, and then simply go in rounds.
      Second arm repeat the same.
      Left stitches in the middle you will use for crating the body later. s you can see, it is very simple (I managed to explain it pretty complicated in the pattern) 🙂
      Hope it helps.

  43. Serait-il possible d’avoir une traduction française ? Merci pour tous vos beaux modèles .

    1. I don’t have French translation so far. Will ask if someone can do one for us.

  44. Hello, I’m making you doll at the moment and I have a question about the legs. How are these attached to or in the body?

    1. Sew the legs on the bottom of the body. On both sides, legs and body you’ll have nice one stitch round and legs can be sewed on easily.

  45. I love your doll, I have been trying to make dolls for last few months. I have so much problem with the face looking right. I love the way you made the eyes!
    Is there a way you can tell me how to make the lips look like yours? I just can’t seem to get them to look right when I embroidery them on. I have to say i’m not an artest, drawing them isn’t for me. Can you please help me? Thank you so much for this pattern, will have to try. Soon!

    1. Crocheted eyes and making face looking nice is always the hardest art for me too. By best advice for eyes is to keep trying with different size threads (not yarn! use thread) until you reach the size to match your doll perfectly. Crocheted eyes in thread will make your eyes flat and looking nice when attached to face and will not stick out look bulky as they do when made with yarn.
      Lips on Mooshka dolls I painted. But I think I have made one lip pattern for about the same lip size and look. Have to find it though. If you can send me an e-mail and just remind me to send you crocheted lip pattern will be great and this way I will not forget. Same with eyes, when you get lip pattern, make them in thread as well. Try making several sizes (using different threads and hooks) until you reach the best one matching your doll’s head.

  46. Darling dollies!! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent!!!

  47. I love the little button nose, can you tell us how you did this? Thanks, Carla

    1. Darla, you simply wave the nose on with needle and same color yarn used to make head.
      If you want very tiny nose, wave it over one stitch, 4-5 times. For little bigger button, go over 2 stitches. It is simple as this. If you still need help, let me know and will send you photo on how it’s done

  48. Hi, i enjoy your dolls to much, thankz for sharing your expertise. I am in the process of doing the Mooshka doll but i have difficulties on the step of closing the body and attach it to the legs. I wander if you have any ilustration or picture on that step and you be so kind to share it with me. Thankz in advance. Yayi,

  49. Bellos sus trabajos ,que bueno que los compartes con los que gustamos del crochet y los amigurumis .Estoy haciendo la linda Mooshka siguiendo sus explicaciones ,tengo dificultad en la parte del cuerpo y las piernas no se como cerrar el cuerpo si es que debe quedar plano o en forma cilíndrica .Sera que tiene algunas imágenes que lo ilustren ,estaría muy agradecida si me las mostrara .Yo le escribí hace unos días no se si recibio .Saludos Yayi

    1. Hola Yayi,
      gracias por tu mensaje. Voy a tratar de hacer algunas fotos con la mejor explicación sobre cómo hacer mooshka manos y el cuerpo.
      Por favor enviarme correo electrónico como recordatorio, acaba de escribir mooshka para Yayi y yo sé quién es y lo que tengo que hacer. Déjame unos días para preparar las fotos y explicaciones para usted.

      1. Hola Vanja!!!
        Gracias por su rápida respuesta ,esperare ansiosa por las fotos acá le dejo mi correo electrónico .Me gustan mucho sus trabajos ya intente con la Fairy Doll como fue la primera me quedaron algunos errores cuando termine la Mooshka le enviare fotos Gracias de nuevo, saludos Yayi

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