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Meet Marsupilami!!!

Marsupilami by AmigurumiBB

Marsupilami is a fictional comic book species created by Andre Franquin, first published on 31 January 1952 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou.

You can visit YouTube and look for Marsupilami cartoons and have lots of fun and laugh at his jungle adventures 😀

After that you can take your yarns and hook and make one for yourself and have fun every day watching this silly creature gooofing around your room with his silly face, long bouncing ears and tail.

Marsupilami was done few weeks ago, but was waiting for my friends from the Facebook group to finish trying out the pattern so the final pattern comes out with as little mistakes as possible.

One more look of to Marsupilami and we can get started with the pattern.

Marsupilami by AmigurumiBB

Materials needed

Matching yarn and hook accordingly you will need

crochet hook (I used 2,5 mm and DK-medium weigh cotton yarn)


– yellow,

– light peach (beige),

– little bits of white and black (for eyes and nose)

Embroidery & darning needles



Ch – chain

St(s) – stitch(es)

Sc – single crochet

Inc – increasing stitch (two sc in one stitch)

Dec – decreasing stitch (two stc stitched together, I used invisible decrease)

** – repeat what mentioned in between (followed by x number of repeats)

R – round

Cluster stich – 2dc under same stitch; follow the link for explanation and how to.

Work is done in continuous rounds (spiral work). Use marker  for easier round following.


Using yellow yarn


R1 sc4 3sc in one st, work around chain, sc3, 2sc in one st (12 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R4 *inc1, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R5 *inc1, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R6 *inc1, sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R7 *inc1, sc6* x6 (48 sts)

R8 *inc1, sc7* x6 (54 sts)

R9 sc54

R10 *inc1, sc8* x6 (60 sts)

R11-R14 sc60

R15 *dec1, sc8* x6 (54 sts)

R16 sc54

R17 *dec1, sc7* x6 (48 sts)

R18 *dec1, sc6* x6 (42 sts)

R19 *dec1, sc5* x6 (36 sts)

R20 *dec1, sc4* x6 (30 sts)

R21 *dec1, sc3* x6 (24 sts)

R22 *dec1, sc2* x6 (18 sts)

Stuff the head nice and firm.

R23 *dec1 sc1* x6 (12 sts)

Tie off. Stuff the head some more if needed.


Feet and hands are done with light peach or beige color yarn, while the rest is crocheted with yellow


First make leg fingers

Start working with light peach color yarn or beige


Make 2

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R4 sc6

Tie off


Make one (middle finger)

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R5 sc6

Tie off.


And the last finger we won’t tie off but will continue

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R4 sc6

R5 bring middle finger (longer one) and continue with 3sc over middle finger, bring the next finger. You will make 6sc over this finger, working around the finger pointing to back side of middle finger direction; continue stitching 3sc of middle finger; now back to finger we have started from, making 6sc. Round is finished with total of 18 sts (18 sts)

R6-R7 sc18

Stuff the fingers at this point.

R8 at this round we will connect thumb sc3, now sc3 through thumb and working piece (in order to connect them), sc12 (18 sts)

R9 sc3, sc3 just over thumb stitches (three that were left unstitched), sc12 (18 sts)

R10 sc10, ch1, turn

R11 sc14, ch1, turn

R12 sc7, ch1 fold the last row in half and slip stitch through 7 stitches (this can be difficult as the piece is small, if you find it easier, you can sew the back instead).

What we have done here, is closed the foot. Now it is round, opened only on top side, where we’ll continue with crocheting the leg.

Reaching the end – closing the back of the foot (after 7 sts made) change color to yellow.

Add more stuffing to the foot and continue stuffing the leg as you go.

R13 make 12sc around the top edge of the foot made (continue working in continuous rounds)

R14 sc12 back lops only

(this is in case you want to ad fringes to ad more fur looking body. It is optional. I have made back loops on all, legs, arms and neck, but added fringes only around neck area.)

R15-R28 sc12

Note: to add knees make 3cluster stitches (each with 2dc) in the front area of the round 19.

At the end of R28 tie off and cut ends.

This leg we have just made was right side one.


Here are the instructions to make left side leg (the foot makes the difference)


Left foot


Start making leg as written above.  Changes on the pattern will start at R8.


R8 sc7, sc3 through both –thumb and working piece stitches, sc8 (18 sts)

R9 sc7, sc3 just through thumb stitches (three that were left unstitched), sc8 (18 sts)

R10 sc1, ch1, turn

R11 sc14, ch1, turn

R12 sc7, ch1 fold these tow rows you worked at in half (right sides facing each other)


Continue with the pattern as written above, but don’t cut the thread and tie off.


Legs finished,

making body:


Connect legs

R1 Ch3, continue making sc on right leg; sc12, sc3 (over the back side of chain made at start) sc12 (left leg) (30 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R3-R12 sc36

R13 *dec1, sc4* x6 (30 sts)

R14-R15 sc30

R16 *dec1, sc3* x6 (24 sts)

R17-R21 sc24

R22 *dec1, sc2* x6 (18 sts)

R23 sc18

Stuff the body nice and firm.

R24 *dec1, sc1* x6 (12 sts)

R25 sc12 back loops only

R26 sc12

Finish stuffing the body. Ad some more stuffing at the time when sewing head and body together to make the neck part nice and firm.

Arms x2

Firs make fingers

Each hand will have four fingers. Middle finger is one round longer.


Make2 (for each hand)

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R4 sc6


Middle finger

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R5 sc6

Last finger to go:

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2-R4 sc6

R5 bring middle finger and stitch over it 3sc, bring next finger and sc6, (continue working around the fingers as you go), sc3 over middle finger previously added, sc6 over starting finger (18 sts)

R6-R7 sc18

Stuff fingers.

R8 connecting thumb round (both arms are the same) – sc5, sc3 through double stitches (thumb and working piece), sc 10 (18 sts)

R9 sc5, sc3 (thumb only) sc10 (18 sts)

Change color to yellow

Stuff the hand and continue stuffing the arm as you go.

R10 *dec1, sc1* x6 (12 sts)

R11 work in back loops only if wish to add fringes on hands *dec1, sc4* x2 (10 sts)

R12-R31 sc10

To add elbows, make 3 cluster stitches with 2dc each. Add them around rounds17-18.

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.

Eyes x2

With white yarn

Sc5 in magic ring

R1 inc5 (10)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x5 (15 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc2* x5 (20 sts)

Ti off leaving long end for sewing


Black pupils are placed in the inner sides of eyes, between rows 2-3. I have painted mine, but if you are using safety eyes or beads this is the place where to position them.

White eye parts are placed next to each other on the upper half side of the head. (eyes and mouth piece will meet on the middle of the head (so pay attention to that).

Nose will be placed the way to touch the outer eye line and will go through 4-5 rounds over the mouth piece.


With black yarn


R1 sc6, 3 sc in one st, sc5, 2 sc in one st (16 sts)

R2 *inc1. sc1* x8 (24 sts)

R3 sc24

R4 *dec1, sc1* x8 (16 sts)

Tie off leaving long end for sewing the nose on the head. Stuff the nose well.

Place and sew the nose as described above.

Mouth-facial piece

With light peach or beige


R1 sc4, 3sc in one st, sc3, 2 sc in one st (12)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R4 *inc1, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R5 *inc1, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R6 *inc1 sc5* x6 (42 sts)

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.


Sc6 in magic ring

R1 inc6 (12 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R4-R8 sc24

R9 *dec1, sc10* x2 (22 sts)

R10 sc22

R11 *dec1, sc9* x2 (20 sts)

R12 sc20

R13 *dec1, sc8* x2 (18 sts)

R14 sc18

R15 *dec1, sc7* x2 (16 sts)

R16 sc16

R17 *dec1, sc6* x2 (14 sts)

R18 sc14

R19 *dec1, sc5* x2 (12 sts)

R10-R17 sc12

Flatten the ears, tie off leaving long end for sewing them on the head later.


Sc6 in magic ring

R1 Inc6 (12 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

Tie off leaving long end for sewing

Position the belly on the lower side of the body and sew it nicely.


Sc6 in magic ring

R1-… make tail as long as you like using 6sc Marsupilami has very long tail. I suggest making it 26 cm (12”). That size won’t make it too long and will still be nice and long.

Last 5 rounds *inc1, sc2* x2 (8 sts), next 4rounds stitch 8sc for firmer tail body connection.

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.


Time to sew all body parts together.

Connect head and body. Sew on the arms. Place them around rounds 24-25. Round 25 needs to be left free as you will put additional hairs here to create fur around neck.

At the end place on and sew the ears. Sew them on top sides of the head, rounds 5-6.

When sewing use one round stitches on the head and sew through both loops of the ears. Try to make them point upwards so ears can appear fluffy and in motion.

At the end sew the tail on.

Position it centered on the lower back side of the body, 5-6 rounds upwards from feet connected round.

What is left is to embroider black spots on it’s body.

Making fur around neck (arms and legs) is optional.

As you could see, I left front loops on arms, legs and around neck area. I have put on these extra hairs around neck only.

It is done as making hair. You will hook and knot yarn pieces through front loops, and when all done, trim it in V shape (longer points in front and back).

I have also added a fish Marsupilami holds in his hand. You can add it as well if you wish.

.pdf of the pattern you can find here:

Click to access marsupilami.pdf

We have to finish our toy with one more tiny detail and it is fish Marsupilami is holding.


With same size hook and yarn of your choice

Make 2 (tail fins)

Sc4 in magic ring

R1 *inc1, sc1* x2 (6 sts)

R2 *inc1, sc2* x2 (8 sts)

R3 dec4 (4 sts)

R4 connect both fin pieces, making 8sc around

R5 *inc1, sc3* x2 (10 sts)

R6 *inc1, sc4* x2 (12 sts)

R7 *inc1, sc5* x2 ( 14 sts)

R8 *inc1, sc6* x2 (16 sts)

R9 *inc1, sc3* x4 (20 sts)

R10-R12 sc20

From next round we’ll start decreasing so start stuffing the body as you go.

R13 *dec1, sc3* x4 (16 sts)

R14 *dec1, sc2* x4 (12 sts)

R15 *dec1, sc1* x4 (8 sts)

R16  dec4 (4 sts)

By now fish should be stuffed well. Tie off leaving long end for sewing. Thread the needle with excess yarn and close the last round nicely.

Upper fin, slip stitch to 8th round top stitch on the body (work through top stitches of rounds8-5) ch1, hdc in same st, 2dc in next two sts, hdc in 4th st and sc in same

Tie off, hide ends


Lower side fins

Here start at 7th round stitch; ch1, hdc in same stitch, 2dc in next st, hdc &sc in third st (tie off, hide ends)

Repeat at both sides paying attention to make them as symmetrical as possible.

With white yarn and embroidery needle sew on the eyes. With black thread ad pupils on top of each eye.

Hope the fish was not difficult to make and it ended up cute.

And that’s it! Your Marsupilami is finished! Hope you have enjoyed making him and even more will enjoy playing!Marsupilami by AmigurumiBB

Thank you,

♡ Vanja

46 thoughts on “Marsupilami

  1. I think I may have posted my question on the wrong page. I’m having a problem with the legs of Marsupilami. On round 12 of the feet, after I have the toes connected and I fold the last row in half and slip stitch through 7 stitches, it is not round and opened only on top side. I have no place to continue crocheting the leg. Love all you patterns and any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. That should be the point to have only the top part of the leg opened, so you can continue with the leg. Round 12 of the foot is your last round, or closing round of foot making.
      After you finish the foot, you will continue with crocheting upwards, where opening is and start with leg. Hope it makes sense.
      You can send me photo of piece you’ve done so far, and maybe seeing it I can tell you more and clearer.

  2. Thank you very much for the pattern. I am doing it for my song but in black.
    I don’t understand how to do the feet from R5 to R12. Can you help me with picture or more explanation?

    1. Don’t think I have any photos on how to join fingers. Will have to make some. But before I do make photo tutorial will try to give you brief description.
      What you have to do is connect fingers. Think of them as each having two sides, and each side of 3 stitches. Once you start connecting them, you bring finger to your work and make single crochets over three stitches, then you bring next one, and again 3 single crochets there….continue until all fingers are connected.
      Having last finger on, and connected over 3 stitches, you can continue with opposite side.
      Opposite side will be the one you haven’t stitched yet. Each finger will have remaining 3 unworked stitches on, and now you have to work them too. One by one, work each stitch with single crochets. 3 sc on each finger until you reach the end, or your start of the round.
      next round should be easy.
      When you reach the round where thumb will be added. You will do the same. The only exception is that each of first three stitches (when thumb is added) have to be done through thumb stitch and you base (working piece). Think of it as going through two stitches at the same time. Repeat this for all three stitches, then continue crocheting through one stitch (as you did all the way). Next round over thumb; forget about base, and work over unworked stitches on thumb.
      Hope it makes sense, and hope I haven’t made it to complicated.
      let me know if I ca assist you some more. I will try to make photo tutorial soon.

      1. Thank you. i will try again with your description.

  3. Wow… I love this guy! Great job 🙂

    1. Thank you Maz! Thanks for finding time to visit and even more to leave comment.

  4. sublime je vais essayer

  5. hello 🙂
    i made marsupilami with this pattern,thanks for share. You can see my Marsupilami at this page 🙂

    1. Thank you Pinar for the link! Going to check it out right away!
      Thanks, thanks! 😀

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