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Quack quack babies

Last year I have introduced Quack Quack parents. Hope you still remember them. They were accepted very well and have seen many of them done for the past few months.

One of the nice blog followers who is with me since the first day I started here is dear friend Amanda Turner. She came up with completely new pattern using the Quack one I made. She made duckling and drake first, but then was missing the baby. In order to do that she cut the original pattern in half; rows, stitches….and came up with baby duckling. Miniature, miniature duckling to make and add to duckling family.

Amanda sent me the pattern to try out and I was thrilled the way duckling was coming out. First one I made was with 5 ply cotton yarn and 2 mm hook and it ended up not bigger than 6 cm (2 1⁄2″). Being so sweet and huggable decided to try to make one even tinier than that. Grabbed 1,5 mm hook and thread no.10 and made little baby duckling of 4,5 cm (2″) tall.

What can I tell you except Amanda did great job. Pattern is easy to follow, easy to make and duckling is more than adorable.

Here are two of my little baby ducklings

Quack brothers

I have already added the .pdf of the pattern you can find here, under Free Patterns page.

Hope you will enjoy these little ones as much as I did!

All thanks to Amanda and her great job done making this pattern available for us.

Minie quacks

23 thoughts on “Quack quack babies

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    Yeah! New Pattern from Vanja! and of course I love it 🙂 and so do my Littles!! Thanks Vanja 🙂 Hugs, Rhondda

  2. they are sooooooooooooo sweet. thanks for sharing another one of your wounderful patterns. love debi

    Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 13:31:57 +0000

    1. thank you Debi,
      Only this time all thanks go to Amanda who came up with this pattern 🙂

  3. Oh they came out so cute! I’m glad you were able to figure it out! They go so nicely with the big ones! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Amanda for the pattern 😀

  4. Cute 🙂

  5. Adorable! Thank you so much for the pattern. x

    1. Thank you Joan ♡

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