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Haakwerkproject: Sleeping buddies

Using chance to reblog one beautifully made Sleeping Buddy… not English speaking but is nice photo to see. Our Dutch friends will love this 😉

10 thoughts on “Haakwerkproject: Sleeping buddies

  1. Sono stupende complimenti…. They are wonderful compliments.

    1. Thank you Sara, really like how Haakwerkproject made the Sleeping Buddy doll!

  2. Leuk om iemand in Nederland dit te zien haken! Je ziet niet dat je het moeilijk vond. Leuk!

    I will translate my words and the message words.. You can do it by google translate but I will do it now
    me: Nice to see someone in the Netherlands to crochet this doll. You can’t see that it was difficult for you. Nice!
    Her message was:
    …I liked the lavender doll the most. But I’m not so advanced yet to try that one. So I have made the simple version. Here is my result. It can’t be compared with the original version. And I think the sewing is bad done.

    greetings AmiFan

    1. Thanks Ami 🙂

  3. How sweet are these little babies! I especially love the one with purple flowers! The face on the foot is just awesome!

  4. this great, but how do you translate it to English?

    have a good day ,��� Donna


    1. Dona,
      try google translate. you can translate entire blog, every page there is.

  5. These are adorable! Thank you!

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