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Naughty to Nice…

This week our adventure with smurfalicious smurfs continues.

For those who have seen Smurfs2 are familiar with two naughty surfs, Smurfettes brother and sister

Vexy and Hackus! Both were created by bad and evil Gargamel and have caused lots of troubles for Papa Smurf and the crew!

Vexy & Hackus Smurfs

As you can see they are pigment-less and are grey, but that is still making them adorable Smurfs to add to your collection.

Pattern used to create these two little ones is the same as for basic Smurf/Smurfette. Different are the colors used and hair styles in order to achieve characteristic features for each.

In my pattern I have gave you directions on how to make each one. You will need to work with both patterns.  Smurf Pattern  and Vexy & Hackus Smurfs Pattern

If you will need help with shoe making you can always refer to Smurf Shoe Pattern for help.

I will be making new tutorial on how to attach the fingers and make hands to make it easiest possible for everyone to achieve best results when it comes to hand making.

Vexy Smurfette

Hackus Smurf hope you will enjoy these two naughty once same way as blue smurfs, and hope you will have fun making them too. For any help you will need, or question you might have, please feel free to write and ask.

Vexy & Hackus SmurfsWishing you all happy Friday and even happier and more fun weekend!

With kind regards and hugs to all,


31 thoughts on “Naughty to Nice…

  1. I love these Smurfs but the link isn’t working for me 🙁 Would you mind sending me the pattern as well? My email is Thanks so much 🙂

    1. pattern is sent!

  2. Hi! 🙂

    Your smurfs are adorable and wonderful! I wanna do my owns, but the link for the smurf-pattern doesn´t exist… unfortunately.
    can you send me the pattern as PDF to my email-adress, please?
    thank you very much!
    love alex ^^

    1. Sending you Smurfs right away. Will send you the german translation as well.

      1. Oh that is so wonderful of you 🙂
        Thank you a lot!
        love Alex ^^

  3. They are adorable, Vanja!, as all your patterns. ^.^

    1. Thanks Tari!

  4. Absolutely superb creations. Do you realise that within you , you carry the twin seeds of passion and genius?


    1. Ah yes..I am all twin seeds something 😀
      Passion-genius is one of them! haha
      There’s one genius-lunatic I cary as well!
      Thank you so much for this kindest message you left, and thank you for stopping by!

  5. Thank you so very much!

    1. Thank you too, Aknitter!

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