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Smurfalicious Smurfs Smurfed…

out of my craft room! 

For entire last week have worked on this Smurf(s) pattern and finally they are ready to be presented!

So far only three are finished.

Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Clumsy


Was fun working on them. Hope it will be fun for you as well. Not to mention the happiness of children who will have chance to play with the.

Still have to make two new naughty Smurfs, from Smurf2 movie….but about them when I find the right yarn color and make them.

The pattern is ready and you can find it here:

Smurf Pattern

There is also tutorial on how to make Smurf’s shoes, as I have worked on them as making slippers kind of way; toes, heel, top…. For that reason, to make it easier for you with this part and as suggested by dear friend Araceliz who was testing the pattern, I have made this photo tutorial as well.

You can download it here:

Smurf Shoe Pattern

I would also like to mention that Smurf and The Smurfs are copyrighted characters. This pattern is for personal use only! Please keep that in mind.

Have fun making them, and have your children and grandchildren have fun playing with them!



Wishing you all smurfest end of this week, and smurfalicious weekned!

Hugs to all,



125 thoughts on “Smurfalicious Smurfs Smurfed…

  1. Can you please send me a email with the pattern of the smurf I can’t find the pattern at all … ty so much

    1. check your mailbox! 🙂 Smurfs have been sent!

  2. Hi I love you’re smurfs they’re really cute I’m making smurfette and I’m confused on the feet on r2 I have 21 stitches instead of 27 And I don’t know what I did wrong and I’m confused on how to like put the legs together and make the body , same with the hands I’m sorry for bothering you I am just desperate 😉

    1. Also it says 3 hdc in next three stitches was I suppose to put 3 sc in each stitch or…?

    2. Legs, 3hdc in each of the next 3 sts.
      Make sure you download how to make smurf shoe. You can find it under help pages here on the blog.
      And you are not bothering at all. I can alwasy offer you live chat and help you immediately, while you work. Take your time to read the pattern through. Write down all you need (send me an e-mail) and we can arrange live chat through Facebook or google, when I can explain you row y row, as you go.

  3. Thank-you. I started making Papa Smurf using 5mm – H hook. He is going to be huge, around 18 inches tall lol

    1. yes, he sure will end as big Papa Smurf. If you didn’t come far, you can start over with smaller hook (if this is too big for you). Smurfs are done fast.

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