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Smurfalicious Smurfs Smurfed…

out of my craft room! 

For entire last week have worked on this Smurf(s) pattern and finally they are ready to be presented!

So far only three are finished.

Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Clumsy


Was fun working on them. Hope it will be fun for you as well. Not to mention the happiness of children who will have chance to play with the.

Still have to make two new naughty Smurfs, from Smurf2 movie….but about them when I find the right yarn color and make them.

The pattern is ready and you can find it here:

Smurf Pattern

There is also tutorial on how to make Smurf’s shoes, as I have worked on them as making slippers kind of way; toes, heel, top…. For that reason, to make it easier for you with this part and as suggested by dear friend Araceliz who was testing the pattern, I have made this photo tutorial as well.

You can download it here:

Smurf Shoe Pattern

I would also like to mention that Smurf and The Smurfs are copyrighted characters. This pattern is for personal use only! Please keep that in mind.

Have fun making them, and have your children and grandchildren have fun playing with them!



Wishing you all smurfest end of this week, and smurfalicious weekned!

Hugs to all,



125 thoughts on “Smurfalicious Smurfs Smurfed…

  1. please tell me which hook you used, ty

    1. 2 mm hook is my standard. This one I use for almost all the work I do. Rarely I try with 2,5 mm but that just in cases I wish to make something more soft.

  2. i’m done! But how do i make the gift he is holding?

    1. Square looking and nice square folding boxes you can easily make starting with 4sts in magic ring.
      First round, increase all 4 sts, but instead of making normal increase place ch between increases.
      On the second round, and each round after (for as many rounds as you wish) increase on the chain you made, and sc all other sts. This way you will form nice looking square.
      Sides are repeating rounds.
      For top of the box, make one more round of increasing before starting with repeating rounds, so it fits and closes bottom of the box nicely.
      After done, use some starch or fabric hardener to keep the square shape.
      Hope this will help.

  3. hi, there is some problem with the link

    1. Yes there is. You have to go directly to Free Patterns page and download the pattern from there.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Hello Vanja. There are sooo cute. But I have a problem – when I click on Smurf Pattern I see “File not found”.

    1. Dear Ani,
      try directly at this link
      I believe it will work. If problem persists, let me know and will e-mail the pattern to you

      1. It works. Thank you.

      2. Can u please email the smurf pattern I can’t find the pattern ty so much

  5. I really love them.. But what type of yarn did you use. Colourtype i mean? Is it pale blue? I read down here Patons 100% cotton, but you mentionned light blue, is that the same as pale blue? Sorry for my bad english but i’m Dutch 🙂

    greetings from Miriam

    1. Hello Miriam,
      Other than trying to describe don’t know how to help, as I thrown away all of yarn labels I used.
      If you look at the lates post I made (the bunnies) and the trousers boy bunnies are wearing. Good blue would be the darker one of these two. Other thing what I can do is to make you photo of several blue yarns I have got and show you which one are good for the Smurfs, or I can send you the sample of the yarn. Will gladly do that is you’d like.
      Just let me know.

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