Loopsy Doll Dress to crochet

New dress for Oopsie doll to crochet. Great one thanks to http://method13.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/loopy-doll-dress-to-crochet/

The burden here is sweet....

The method for figuring out a doll dress with a back opening, usually there are two back pieces, two sleeves, and a front which will equal the width of the two back pieces. To figure the size out for this doll, I simply chained a length, wrapping this around the neck and over the shoulders of the doll. This gave me an idea of how long I needed for the beginning chain. in this case it was approximately 20 or so, so I rounded this up to 24+1ch for turning. 4 stitches for the back, 4 for the armhole, 8 for the front, 4 for second armhole, 4 for the other back section. The front must equal 2x the back. I’m sure that’s obvious, but just thought repeating wouldn’t hurt. 😉

Here is the link for AmigurumiBB’s lovely doll pattern:  https://amigurumibb.wordpress.com/category/free-patterns-2/lalaoopsie/

I used a combo of Red Heart Shimmer…

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11 thoughts on “Loopsy Doll Dress to crochet

  1. Very nice patterns, I would like to how tall are your BB Dolls whene finish and can I make this doll with 4 ply worsted yarn? Thank you

    • Hi Lucie,
      My dolls are 10 inches (24 cm) toll. I made them with DK Patons 100% cotton yarn.
      Yes, you can make the doll with 4 ply worsted yarn; just make sure to adjust hook-yarn size for crocheting dolls.

  2. Will you advise me when you post everyones pics of your Lalaloopsy crochet doll? I wanna see everyone elses as well. Thankyou again for the pattern.

    Janet Goulet

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