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Fairy Dolls

As I said in the title, new fairies were born at my house this week 😀


I have really enjoyed every second of this week so far! Making Fairies is more than making crocheted dolls it is making fantasy world come true. Making magic!

Not all the time making dolls make me smile while I am working. This was more like playing and loving it! 😀

Looking at them, all three like this, together, even though they are fairies, and good ones, they seem as they’ve done something wrong and begging for forgiveness 😀

Good news is, I have finished the Fairy house, and have made two more fairies finishing the pattern for this doll as well. The fairies you have seen and here is the house, ready and waiting for my niece to come.

Fairy houseFairy house

There is furniture inside, but the door started to crack and had to glue them in order to keep everything in one piece. Was hard for me to make a photo to show you interior of the house. With 0,4 mm wire I made tiny chair, table and baldehin bed. added seed beads in pink and purple, pink tulle for baldehin. Heart shaped carpet in white felt on the floor, tiny little pink felt pillow and blanket. Two paintings I glued on the walls….

It is cute. All is very tiny. Chair is less than 1 cm high so you can imagine what kind of work that was.

Every window has this fake glass (made out of clear plastic) so peaking can be done from the outside. Hardly, but hey…it is fairy inside and they are shy 😉

Will let you know what my niece will say when she sees the house!

Think we can continue with our fairies and the pattern. As you can see there are three different hair styles and I will try to give you pattern on how to make all of them. Possibilities on making the fairy are really endless. With this basic pattern and little of your imagination you can do miracles. And I really hope you will! Hope you will enjoy every second creating magic in your own home, making one of these cute ones.fairies

Let us begin!

For the fairies I have used 2 mm crochet hook and Patons 100% cotton yarn, DK.

They ended about 16 cm tall

I also used golden and silver thread to add sparkle to the wings. Used some glitter on centers of the flowers I have added as details on hair or shoes.

You will also need little bit of liquid fabric starch to harden the wings and to form hair into better shape (I used fabric starch on ears as well).

Doll is made in continuous rounds (head, legs, body, arms)

If you will find anything you don’t understand in the pattern, let me know so can help you out.

Fairy Doll


R1 Sc6 in magic ring

R2 Inc6 (12 sts)

R3 *Inc1, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4 *inc1, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R5 *inc1, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R6 *inc1, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R7 *inc1, sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R8-R12  sc42

R13 inc12, sc30 (54 sts) – increasing part (inc12) will be your front face. Part where nose will be sewed and eyes placed (right above row)

R14-R16 sc54

R17 *dec1, sc6* x6 (48 sts)

R18 sc48

R19 *dec1, sc4* x8 (40 sts)

R20 *dec1, sc3* x10 (30 sts)

R21 *dec1, sc2* x10 (20 sts)

At this point stuff the head best you can. Stuff it firmly to fill all the gaps around R13-17. There should be no empty spaces.

R22 dec8, sc4 (12 sts)

Tie off. Stuff more if needed.

Sew the nose on the middle of row14, through 2 vertical stitches

Ears (make 2)

R1 sc5 in magic ring

Ch4 on 5th stitch made sl st1, sc1, hdc1 (to chain made)

R2 sc4, sl st1

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.

Ears will be sewn, on sides of the head.  Starting row14 –  16 (downwards) and two stitches on row 16 towards back of the ear. You have to stitch 4 stitches in circle shape.

Legs & body

We will be making legs first, then joining them together and continuing with the body part that will at the same time make base for the dress.

Legs and body are the same pattern as used for BB dolls.


R1: 6 Sc in magic ring (6)

R2: 2 sc in each st around (12)

R3:  *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18)

If you wish to make flat shoes, with more of leg color showing, change color to skin color yarn you will use and continue from here. If you prefer making closed shoes, as ones we used on BB dolls, continue with shoe yarn color for the next three rows.

R4: 18 sc

R5: dec6, sc6 (12)

R6: dec3, sc6 (9)

Stuff the bottom of the leg.

(Change color of the thread if you haven’t on R3)

R7-R16: 9 sc

Tie off and leave long end for sewing later. Stuff the leg.

Repeat from R1-R16 for the next leg as well!

Bring both legs together. Safety pin them so they stay close and firm.

Change color to one you will use for the dress and continue making the body.

R17: ch1, sc to the second last stitch on the next leg, sc7, ch1, sc to next leg, leaving one stitch free. Sc8. (18)

Pull out the yarn from the first leg you left for sewing later, through the gap between the legs. So it doesn’t come to your way while crocheting. You will use this yarn to sew this gap after body is done and stuffed.


R22-23 sc18 BLO (back loops only)

R24-R25: sc18

R26: *dec1, sc1* x6 (12)

R27 sc12 blo (back loops only)

Change color to skin color you use for the doll to make final two rows.

R28-R29: 12 sc

Tie off leaving long end for sewing the body to the head.

Stuff the body.

Now take the sewing needle and the yarn there is between the legs (one you left from finishing the first leg) and sew the gap nicely.


With same color yarn you used to make the body, starting at R22

Slip stitch to one of the front loops on R22, ch1

R1 inc18 (38 sts)

R2-R6 sc36

Tie off, hide ends.

On R23 (we left with front loops as well) make a dress “decoration”.

You can use various edging stitches here. I used the most simple ones, but don’t let that stop you from making beautiful fairy dress you are dreaming of. If you have some nice edging stitch you would like to try out, this is great moment to do so.

I have made it this way:

Pink one:  ch3, skip1, sl st, ch3, skip1, slst…..

White/blue one: Leave 6 stitches in front, start with making  sl st1, sc1, hdc1, dc1, trc2, dc1, hdc1, sc1, sl st1, *ch3, skip1, sl st* x5, sl st1, sc1, hdc1, dc1, trc2, hdc1, sc1, sl st1. In front where 6 stitches were left, tie a bow or make some other decoration. You can even slip stitch those 6 stitches to connect sides…

Yellow/green one: at this one I forgot to left front loops 😀 So instead of crocheting directly on dress, I just made a chain and tide a little bow at front. It is loose.

Neck decoration (optional)

Use same pattern you have used for dress decoration.


R1 sc6 in magic ring

R2-R8 sc6

Change color to one you are using for dress decoration.

R9-R10 sc6

Tie off leaving long end for sewing the arms to the body.


Pink fairy’s arms are done completely in skin color yarn. Then the shoulders that were done making ch11, sc10 (with picoe at 5th stitch) were sewed at the dress (which was done differently. Is fitting the body, not done as part of the body making process).

I warmly recommend making the dress as shown above, rather than making the body and then dress separately, but you can do as you like it better of feel more comfortable with.


Yellow fairyYellow FairyFairy

R1 sc8 in magic ring

R2 inc8 (16 sts)

R3 *inc1, sc1* x8 (24 sts)

R4 *inc1, sc2* x8 (32 sts)

At this point we are making hairs. Each hair at one stitch around row 4

For the bangs:

ch16, starting at second stitch from the hook inc5, sl st10 – make 8 of them

The rest of the hair:

ch26, starting at second stitch from the hook in 10, sl st15 – make 24 of them

Pink fairyPink FairyFairyFairy

 Hair is done in two major pieces. Front and back.

On the back in addition are made ringlets for pony tail and bun to hold the ringlets.

Front hair piece:

R1 sc8 in magic ring (do not close the ring!!!)

Ch1, turn and continue with R2

R2 inc8 (16 sts)

Here we will have 16 hairs

At this fairy’s hair we have no ringlets. Every hair is done with chain and slip stitches on the way back.

I will indicate how many chain stitches there are for each hair, for all 16 there are to make this piece.

1 & 2: ch26 (25 slip stitches) – These two hairs (on each side) you will use to wrap  and sew around back piece’s edge, behind the ear.

3. 4 & 5: ch17 (16 slip stitches) – Side hairs, placed in front of ear.

6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11: ch10 (9 slip stitches) – bangs

12, 13 & 14: ch17 (16 slip stitches – Side hair, in front of ear to be placed

15 & 16: ch 26 (25 slip stitches) – back hairs. Behind ear and to wrap to back piece.

Back of the hair:


*Sl st3, sc2, hdc2*

Repeat ** stitching in BLO (back loops only)

Make 30 rows like this before closing.

Also check if the round piece fits your dolls head. Add row or two if necessary.

You will have a hole in the middle that we will use to make a pony tail

Ringlets for pony tail:


I made 4 ringlets in different stitch count (from 35-40 stitches)

R1 inc each stitch

Reaching end of first ringlet, just chain again and continue making new one

Bun to close the hair piece hole and hold ringlets at place:

R1 Sc6 in magic ring

R2 inc6 (12 sts)

R3 sc12

Tie off leaving long end to sew the bun on

As you have finished all the hair pieces place them on the head. Pin them well before sewing.

Place ringlet’s (where they attach one to another) into the bun. You can use little bit of stuffing to tie them in the bun before sewing the bun on the head.

Now sew little by little. Starting with back of the hair and the ringlets. When that is done, decorate the front piece. Pin it how you would like hairs to go.

Here is my tip:

Sew the basic lines you wish hair to go and how to look.

The final touch you will get by using fabric starch to fix the hair look the way you want it. I used liquid one. Got my fingers wet and used it directly on the hair, forming it and modeling until I felt was good enough or the way I wanted it.

Use fabric starch at the end. When doll is completely done. Making the hair look nice is your final touch making the doll.

Blue fairy:Blue FairyFairyFairyFairy

Hair is done in two major pieces. Front and back.

On the back piece, or better said the sides of it, two buns to hold the pony tails were added.

Front hair piece:

R1 sc5 in magic ring

R2 in5 (10 sts)

Now hair making of the chains from every stitch in row2 – 10 hairs

1, 2 & 3: ch21; inc10, sl st10 (20 sts) – two are going behind ear, one in front.

4: ch16; inc5, sl st10 (15 sts) – front of ear

5 & 6: ch 11; sl st10 (10 sts) – bangs

7: ch16; inc5, sl st10 (15 sts) – front of ear

8, 9 & 10: ch21; inc10, sl st 10 – one in front of ear, two behind

Back of the head piece:


You will be working on both sides of the chain. Same procedure as with the front piece; chains and slip stitches back to create hairs.

In each of the 15 stitches chain 9- sl st8

When done connect each hair’s end with slip stitch. Tie off and leave long end for sewing.

Now repeat the same for the other side of the chain. 15 stitches, 15 hairs with ch9; sl st8. Connect the ends with slip stitch. Tie off and leave long end for sewing.

Pony tails:

Ch 26; inc15, sl st 10

Make three for each side

Buns to hold the tails:

R1 sc6 in magic ring

R2 inc6

R3 sc12

Tie off leaving long end for sewing.


For wings I used the pattern you can find on the following link.

It is butterfly pattern and is very easy to be made.  Please note that the pattern uses UK terms! 

I was looking for firm but yet enough lacy kind of wings and these seemed perfect.

They really are!

I used fabric starch on them as well so they stay firm and really nice.

On two of the wings, pink and green fairy, together with white yarn I used a golden thread to make wings sparkling.

On blue fairy I used silver thread, what I liked more but unfortunately didn’t have enough of it for entire wings. Silvery was just about how I wanted it. Hardly noticed but yet was giving this little touch of magic. Golden thread is little more aggressive for my taste, but you do and use what you have available or like.

You can try with different butterfly patterns. There are no limits to ones imagination.

I always try to encourage you to try different things, to try adding something own to whole project. I am just giving you idea on what could be done.

In this case, possibilities to make the fairy are really endless. You can decorate her dress many, many different ways. You can add tiny details to her hair, shoes….

You can make hair many ways as well. Here are just three basic patterns that you can work on and make endless hair styles.

Make long big ringlets or make short hair fairy…

If you wish to bring magic to your finished doll….think magic….make it.

You can always ask me for any help. Will be glad to help you and share what I know and can.

Almost forgot to mention details I have made on the fairies such as tiny flowers, tiaras.

Flowers I used n the shoes:

Was looking for tiniest flowers I could do with same yarn used for entire doll, but whatever there from the patterns available or those I use often were to big.

So I ended up making this tiny flowers this way:

Ch3, sl st to 3rd ch from the hook, ch2, sl st to the same chain st….repeat to reach 5 petals.

You can do this with magic ring as well. Think it might be evenbetter (you can close the ring completely)

Start with sc1 in magic ring, ch1, sl st to magic ring and repeat until you reach 5 petals. Tie off.


Both tiaras (on pink and green fairy) were done the same way. Pink one was done with thread so was very loose and had to put it on a wire to stay firm.

Green one was sprinkled with glitter after starched and placed on the head (I sewed this one on the head)

Both were done by making desired length chain

First row was done in single crochet

The second one was done ch3, skip one, sl st1, ch3…..

Flowers on blue fairy, one I used in hair were made my usual way.

Sc5 in magic ring

Sl st 5th to 1st

Ch2, hdc1, sl st to next st…

Repeat for all five petals


 If I have missed anything or you wish to find out more, please feel free to write and ask.

I hope you will enjoy making these magic dolls! Make sure to share you photos with us!

Thank you everyone!!!!

Have a magic weekend!

Love and hugs,


67 thoughts on “Fairy Dolls

  1. Hi thank you so much for sharing the pattern for these lovely dolls, im having a little difficulty with R17 *dec1, sc6* x6 (48 sts) , ive done it a few times, i have 54 sts as for row 16, i start with, dec1, sc6 , i do this 6 times but end up with 6 stitches left , heres how i work it out, dd is crochet 2 together, and s is sc, so here goes, dd ssssss, dd ssssss, dd ssssss, dd ssssss, dd ssssss, dd ssssss, but i only have 6 stitches left, so do i , just sc these or do i dd ssss, , it works out for me if i reverse it as , sc6 and dec1 x6 , please help

    1. Think i may have found my problem, checked another pattern of yours for this doll and it says R17 *dec1, sc7* x6 (48 sts), so will do that,

    2. Hi Janet,
      I checked the pattern and from what I could see, the round says to be done this way:
      *dec1, sc7* x6 (48sts)
      This is round 17 of the head, right.
      Check it and make it this way as written here. This is correct and will work all the stitches in that round.

  2. I am having a hard time in the hair. The yellow hair makes no sense to me :/ I’ve crochet along time and just don’t understand it. I think you need more details there. If there’s anyway you can explain it better that’d be great. I need the help please

    1. R1 sc8 in magic ring
      R2 inc8 (16 sts)
      R3 *inc1, sc1* x8 (24 sts)
      R4 *inc1, sc2* x8 (32 sts)
      Now we have the base. Fringes are crocheted in magic ring, and are done last, after you finish making all the hairs over R4.

      The rest of the hairs!
      As you finish R4, ch26, turn and work as follows: Inc10, sl st to next 15 chain sts
      Skip one stitch on R4, slip stitch to next and repeat for entire row.

      Once all the hair s are done, single crochet the side of the hair base (and climb to the magic ring where fringes will be added)
      Crochet 8 fringes using this pattern:
      ch16, starting at second stitch from the hook inc5, sl st10
      Hope this helps you!
      Let me know if it works for you.

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