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Sleeping buddies, lavender stuffed doll

This week was inspired by my first doll I ever got (had). Was a plush, red, patch doll think is called in English, with rubber face. Was one of those you take for sleeping. Soft and cuddly. This week remembered that doll again, and said, why not making one. In my yarn stash had this ball of very old white cotton yarn. Even the way it looked you could say  was very old. That was inspiring as well. “Vintage” looking doll, old yarn to go with..could not be better.

Added few details at the end and came up with this little one. Rice stuffed dolls - 11

Little sleeping buddy doll in cow pijama. Topic of this post is sleeping buddies stuffed with rice/lavender. This doll is stuffed with rice and fiber fill  stuffing. As I was stuffing the doll, was stuffing her in layers, mixing rice and fiber fill together. Only the head is stuffed with fiber stuffing all the way (but because had this head made some time ago).

The first doll was done! Now I had to try out the pattern and make new doll. Used tiny bits of different colors, to match the yarn weight and gauge. Basically left over yarns I found, but were the same producer. In second try I got the pattern done completely and finished doll looking like this:Rice stuffed dolls - 10

Difference at this one is the filling. This doll is mainly stuffed with rice. Fiberfill is added on top of each part for easier closing and sewing the parts later. I must say that this dolls fills great when held in hands, and I like her the most. It is heavy, when you squeeze her you can feel the rice grains inside and is fun to touch and play with.  Head I stuffed with fiberfill at this one as well. To be honest, wasn’t in the mood to experiment with rice. 🙂

While working on the second doll, this idea of stuffing the doll with lavender crossed my mind. While having breaks, took a trip to wardrobe in search of the lavender bags hiding there. Picked up fw, took the lavender out and now had to make one more doll to try this out! Lavender stuffed doll!

Rice stuffed dolls - 09

That is why the third doll is all flowery looking 😀 She is lavender one!

Stuffing it just with lavender doesn’t work. I was using last years lavender, and was pretty dry and light weight. You can’t really “stuff” the doll. Furthermore, lavender breaks and makes dust. To avoid this breaking of lavender and dusting, again used the layers stuffing method. Little bit of stuffing, little bit of lavender and at the end you get this beautifully nice smelling soft doll, what makes ideal sleeping buddy.

Here are all three of the dolls made together 🙂

Rice stuffed dolls - 07

Think we can start with the pattern. I am giving you the basic pattern, no details on the flowers or cow pijames.

Even the colors I didn’t mention in the pattern, so you can work based on own wishes or yarn availabilities. Important is to keep the yarn weight same or very similar.

Here is the Rice/Lavender stuffed Doll pattern:

Abbreviations (US terms):

Sc: Single crochet

St: Stitch

Inv.dc: Invisible decrease

Ch: chain

Materials used:

5ply or sports weight yarn in different colors

2mm crochet hook

black embroidery thread

embroidery needle

4mm round beads for eyes (if you are making the doll for babies, use safety eyes or sew the eyes on the face. do not use beads!)


R1: Sc6 n magic ring (6)

R2: 2sc in each st around (12)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18)

R4: *2sc in one st, sc2* x6 (24)

R5: *2c in one st, sc3* x6 (30)

R6: *2sc in one st, sc4* x6 (36)

R7-R10: sc36

R11: *2sc in one st, sc5* x6 (42)

R12: *2sc in one st, sc6* x6 (48)

R13: *2sc in one st, sc7* x6 (54)

R14-R16: sc54

R17: *inv.dec.1, sc7* x6 (48)

R18: sc48

R19: *inv.dec1, sc4* x8 (40)

R20: *inv.dec.1, sc2* x10 (30)

R21: *inv.dec.1, sc1* x10 (20)

R22:  inv.dec. x 8, sc4 (12)

Tie off. Stuff the head nice and firm.



R1: starting from the secong ch from hook, sc10, 3sc in one st (turn around),  sc9, 2sc in one st.

R2: 2sc in ne st, sc9, *2sc in one st* x3, sc9, *2sc in one st* x2 (30)

R3: sc1, 2sc in one st, sc10, *2sc in one st, sc1* x2, 2sc in one st, sc10, 2sc in one st, sc1, 2sc in one st. (36)

R4: sc2,  2sc in one st, sc11, *2sc in one st, sc2* x2, 2sc in one st, sc 11, 2sc in one st, sc2, 2sc in one st. (42)

R5-R14: sc42

R15: sc2, inv.dec.1, sc11, *inv.dec.1, sc2* x2, inv.dec1, sc11, inv.dec.1, sc2, inv.dec.1 (36)

R16: sc36

R17: sc1, inv.dec.1, sc10, *inv.dec.1, sc1* x2, inv.dec.1, sc10, inv.dec.1, sc1, inv.dec.1 (30)

R18: sc30

R19: inv.dec.1, sc9, inv.dec. x3, sc9, inv.dec. x2 (24)

R20: sc24

R21: sc1, inv.dec.1, sc4, *inv.dec.1, sc1* x2, inv.dec.1, sc4, inv.dec.1, sc1, inv.dec.1 (18)

R22-R23: sc18

R24: inv.dec.1, sc3, inv.dec. x3, sc3, inv.dec. x2 (12)

R25:  sc12

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the body with the head. Stuff the body well.

Legs  (x2)


R1: sc4, 3sc in one st (turn around) sc3, 2sc in one st (12)

R2: 2sc in one st. sc3, *2sc in one st* x3, sc3, *2sc in one st* x2 (18)

R3:  sc1, 2sc in one st, sc4, *2sc in one st, sc1* x2, 2sc in one st, sc4, 2sc in one st, sc1, 2sc in one st (24)

R4- R6: sc24

R7: *inv.dec.1, sc10* x2 (22)

R8-R9: sc22

R10: *inv.dec.1, sc9* (20)

R11-R12: sc20

R13: *inv.dec.1, sc8* x2(18)

R14-R15: sc18

Stuff the leg. Flatten the ends and single crochet through both sides (two stitches across), making 8 stitches in total.

Cut the tread, log enough for sewing the leg to the body and pull out through the last stitch.

Arms (x2)


R1: sc4, 3sc in one st (turn around) sc3, 2sc in one st (12)

R2: 2sc in one st. sc3, *2sc in one st* x3, sc3, *2sc in one st* x2 (18)

R3-R5: sc18

R6: *inv.dec.1, sc7* x2(16)

R7-R8: sc16

R9: *inv.dec.1, sc6* x2(14)

R10-R11: sc14

R12: *inv.dec1, sc5* x2(12)

R13-R14): sc12

Stuff the arm. Flatten the ends and single crochet through both sides (two stitches across), making 5 stitches in total.

Cut the tread, log enough for sewing the arm to the body and pull out through the last stitch.



R1-R18: sc50

Fold piece in the half, and stitch across side, through both stitches, making 25 st along the way.

Cut the thread and tie off at the end.

Ch60, and with needle pass and pull trough stitches on the bottom of hood (as shown on the photo).

Cut off the access yarn, hide the ends, flip the hood inside out and is ready to be placed on dolls head.

I like to fold out one row in the front of the hood. Find it nice looking on dolls head.

Here is how your crocheted piece for hood will look like: Rice stuffed dolls - 01

Now fold it in two like this and stitch 25sc through both sides (two stitches at same time):Rice stuffed dolls - 02Now ch60, yarn over embroidery needle and sew through the stitches at the bottom of the hood, pulling the chain you crocheted thorugh those stitches:

Rice stuffed dolls - 04

At the end the hood will look like this:Rice stuffed dolls - 05Rice stuffed dolls - 06

Assembling the parts together:

Sew he body and the head together.

Decide where the front/back will be so can start positioning and sewing the legs. Sew legs between the 4th and 5th row counting from the bottom (first, starting row). Leave one stitch between each leg.

Place arms on the sides of the body. Sew them nicely through 5 stitches we have made while finishing the arms.

Designing the face: 

Place the eyes, between between rows, 11-12. Leave 5 stitches between them

Embroider the smiling mouth. Without mouth doll looks great as well.

For any details on the face, or on the body, free your mind and play! 😀

At the end place the hood on doll’s head and your sleeping buddy is done!

Hope you enjoyed reading this and will enjoy making the doll! Make as many as you wish for your family and friends. Let me know what you did for stuffing, how the work went and what was your experience with the pattern.

If you will encounter any mistakes done, let me know, and will correct them immediately.

Thank you all for your time spent reading my post!Rice stuffed dolls - 08


I have forgotten to mention few details.

Finished size of the doll is 16 (hight) x 8 (width) cm / 6 x 3,5 inches  (if done with sport weight yarn and 2mm hook, as I did)

The work is done in continuous round (at least it is how I did it, you do it the way you like and prefer).

After each row is finished, continue without slip stitching or chain one. Mark the beginning of each row  for easier counting and pattern following.

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88 thoughts on “Sleeping buddies, lavender stuffed doll

  1. What a beauty’s again. I would have those to, if I was a child!!! Beautifull made… Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you AmiFan! 🙂 I am sure you at least feel childishly sometimes, so why not have a doll like that 😀

  2. This one made me go MOO! 😀 All of them are adorable but I love the one in the cow PJs the most. You are one heck of a creative girl and I love everything you make. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Hey! Always glad to hear from you! Since your last comment, every thought of ToTF was followed by the song in my head: “Flash….” by Queens (if I am not mistaken). From today on, will instead of Flash will start with MOO 😀
      Thank you for stopping and commenting. Really appreciate your thoughts and mean a lot to me. Glad you liked the sleeping buddies as well.
      ….still running Flash tho….o.O

  3. The dolls are wonderful and can’t wait to try one. I just finished a doll and I am not happy with the hair, so glad these have on little bonnets, Oh, the other doll was just an experiment, not from a pattern. love these and love your site. Carol

    1. Thank you Carol! Glad you liked the sleeping buddies! Let me know how did you like making the doll, and if possible, send me the photo. Hope you will enjoy crocheting as much as I did 🙂 Try different stuffings! Warmly suggest! If not rice or lavender, try barley or some other grains. Hugs

      1. I love the picyures of sleeping buddies, want to make the lavender one. I got the head done okay but am having trouble with the body. Is it made in the round to? There is no mention of starting with a circle. Row one says “turn around” if you turn it doesn’t that make row two begen? At end of rows there is no mention of chaining one and turning as there usually is in a pattern. I’d sure appreciate any help as hope to have her made by the time my grandaughter comes to visit. Also can you give me a hint on the flower foot and where to find a pattern for the hood flowers?

      2. Dear Sue,
        Sorry my pattern made you confused on how to make the body part on Sleeping Buddies.
        It is started as chain, but is worked in continuous rounds. It was my english that made confusion with this “turn around” thing 😀 What you need to do is to continue working around the chain (to form oval shape). No slip stitches, no ch1 and turns to next rows…just continue working in spiral.
        As for the flower foot and hood. Here is the short pattern on how it was done:
        Flowers on hood:
        In magic ring sc5
        sl st last to first st, *ch2, hdc, ch2 and stitch to next st* – repeat ** for all stitches (until 5 petals are made)
        At the end slip stitch to first and tie off. Leave long end for sewing the flowers to the hood later.

        The leg flower:
        Start making leg with yellow (this will make a flower center)
        Make R1-R3
        R4 continue with the color you will use for PJ, but stitch it BLO (back loops only)
        Front loops you will use for making the flower petals.
        Flower petals on the leg:
        sl st, sc+hdc in one st, 2dc in one st, hdc+sc in one st
        repeat al around to create 6 flower petals. Tie off, cut and hide the end.
        If you will need any further help, let me know so can help you accordingly

      3. Your toys are sooo cute I wish I had such talent.

  4. Thanks Carol, for so kindly sharing your Sleeping Buddy pattern with us. Very sweet dolls!

  5. You are amazing–so fast, so creative, and so generous in sharing your patterns! YAY YOU!!!!!! 🙂 Hugs, Katherine

    1. Thank you Katherine,
      Yes, fast! Sometimes wish I have three pairs of arms (hands)…imagine how fast would that be ;D
      My greatest inspiration is ability to share the patterns for free. If some of my patterns can inspire few, what more can I ask for 🙂

      1. I only have one hand and invented my own contraption to use so I could crochet if you figure out a way to get more please let me know LOL

      2. I am glad you can crochet with one hand and am sure you’re doing it better than many of us using two 🙂
        I am sure your granddaughter will love the sleeping buddy you’ll make for her. If possible, please send me the photo of the doll once finished.
        Thank you very much for stopping by here, at this blog and leaving comment.
        Very much appreciated.

      3. As I was working on my first buddy doll the dog I was babysitting kept playing with a squeaky toy decided to disect one and put little ball that’s in it into the end of dolls right hand so buddy doll can go squeaky when she squeezes hand. I was able to understand about what you meant when you said to “turn around”I’m just used to it saying turn and work on other side of chain. It seems to be coming out okay now.

      4. Dear Sue,
        Idea on squeaky hand is fabulous. Love it!
        I am sorry this “rutn around” cause some misunderstandings. These days I use term work around the chain instead 😉
        Glad you figured it out yourself and could continue with work.

  6. These are absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to make them. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!!

  7. They look great! How did you get the cheeks so rosy??

    1. Hi Kari and thanks!
      Little blush goes long way 😉 Just try to put some powder blush on, Tiny bit to make the cheeks rosy like that 🙂

  8. You have the most wonderful free patterns 🙂 I’ve shared three of them on my FB page(s) and I can’t wait to make this one for my daughter and son 🙂 Thank you for your kind generosity 🙂 Rhondda

    1. Thank you Rhondda, very much!
      Make sure to send me photos when you finish the dolls, and let me know how your kids liked it! 🙂

  9. They area adorable! I will have to make some. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you Liz,
      Happy you liked the buddies babies 🙂

  10. seriously wish I knew how to read a crochet pattern, these are beyond adorable!!!

    1. Hey Audrey,
      If you know how to crochet and want to give it a try, I can write you down it differently, make it easier for you to understand and learn how to read the pattern 🙂 Just let me know. Will be glad to help.

      1. Maybe you could write it differantly for me to am having trouble understanding it the way it is. Also, can you tell me how you did that cute foot and beautiful flowers on the hood.

  11. OMG! They are SENSATIONAL! Well done and thank you for posting the pattern. They really are all adorable and I love them all equally.

  12. Adorable and so sweet…I’ve just got to make one. Many thanks for the pattern and I won’t forget to acknowledge on my blog 🙂

    keep well

    Amanda 🙂

    1. Thank you Amanda,
      Hope you will find making the doll fun and enjoy every step of it.
      Best of luck blogging.

  13. These are the cutest dolls I have seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

    1. Thank you Susan for such a nice comment. Glad you like the sleeping buddies 🙂

  14. Very cute! My little sweetie will love this, and I’ll get started tomorrow!

    1. thank you Stephanie,
      Let me know how it goes 🙂

  15. Omg!!! I love em!! Def goin to try to make the flower baby!!! can u use beans instead of rice? Will the rice fall out or does it attract any kind of insects? Like flour does? either way these babies are AWESOME!!! Great job! Im goin to be makin alot of these for my mom n daughter! Thank you so much for sharing!!!<3<3

    1. Hi Nikki, and thank you!
      For the beans am not sure how would look as a stuffing. Try on one arm and see how it works. As far as I know rice doesn’t attract any insects. In old times, folks used barley as pillow stuffing. So barley would be nice as well. But if you will make a doll for a very little girl, I suggest you use plastic pebbles (stuffing) you can buy at craft shops. That way you can wash the doll frequently, to keep it clean for child to play. I hope this was helpful. 😉

  16. Beautiful dolls. Thanks so much for sharing. Must have a go at this one – so sweet.

    Love Joan xx

  17. Darling first I ADORE this gorgeous doll! Thank you for sharing! There are 2 mistakes that I wanted to bring to your attention. Round 22 of the head should inv. dec. x 8 sc4 = (12)
    And in the bonnet chain 51 will give you 50sc. Again thank you my grand daughter loves these and I am on my 3rd one!

    1. Dear Pam!
      Thank you so much for trying out the dolls! Even more I thank you for pointing out the mistakes! 😀 Really appreciate that. Will correct them immediately! Thank you very much!

  18. How lovely ! I must try these ones ^^ Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Anne 😀

  19. hermosos!!!!

  20. thanks for this lovely pattern

  21. Bedankt voor het patroon, als je nu de lavendel in een apart zakje naait en dan in de pop stopt is het effect toch hetzelfde?
    Ik ga het proberen!

    1. Thank you Tineke,
      In green doll, one with flowery hat, I stuffed the lavender, together with the fiberfill stuffing. Put it in layers so lavender doesn’t break and creates the dusty looking doll. Doll still smells nice. Not as strong as lavender bag would but it gives nice lavender smell. Didn’t try as you said, to put lavender in bags and use them as stuffing. Let me know how it goes please. Thanks! 🙂

  22. Love love love these!!! When stuffing with lavender and rice could you just soak the rice in lavender essential oils and maybe make a little sachet out of it and put poly fill around it? Just wondering how the rice would hold up to washings and it falling out through the stitches? Thanks for sharing your pattern I love it going to make one for my new great niece!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for visiting and nice comment.
      As for the questions you asked; for the rice falling out the stitches; it all depends what size needle you will use, size of the gauge you make and yarn (if its flexible or more firm). These dolls are made out cotton, so are very firm, and needle size I used in 2mm. There is no way rice can fall out through the stitches here 🙂 I suggest you to try it out by making smaller piece, like arm, stuff it well, squeeze it all around and see how it behaves.
      Think rice soaked in lavender essential oil, put and then used as stuffing can work fine. Didn’t try so can’t tell you with certainty.
      If the doll will need frequent washings, specially if made for infant or very small child, I suggest you use plastic pebbles stuffing instead.
      Hope this helped you a little. Let me know when you make the doll and what used for stuffing and how, please. Interested in hearing all of your ideas.
      Thank you,

  23. These are just ADORABLE !!! I think I will have to make one (for myself 😏). How did you make the “Rosie” cheeks on them ?? I really like the idea of using rice and lavender too. I have made little play balls for my little guy and used dry beans. The rice and lavender would be great you could even warm the, in the microwave when not feeling well. Thanks for sharing the adorable sleeping buddies pattern !!

    1. Hi Lynn,
      makes me happy to hear you like the sleeping buddies. Like your idea of warming them up in the microwave. Heard about it before, but was not sure and didn’t have time to google it to suggest this idea to my readers and give all the details about it. But love it and think is great. Thank you! 🙂 Have fun making the buddy!

  24. Think you need to clarify that if your working in ROUNDS, not rows you’re not joining with slip stitches, or ch-1.

    1. I try my best to give as many information as I possibly can regarding any of my dolls and patterns I write. I am sure I forget and make mistakes very often, and I do apologize for that. Also, always say that am here for for any misunderstandings or help one might need.
      Thank you for pointing this ROUNDS issue to me, will try my best to put more attention to it in the future 🙂

  25. scentsy sells scent packs… it would be great to stuff this doll with. Thank you for sharing the pattern!! Do you have the cow/flower part of the pattern somewhere on your site? someone sent me the link on facebook.

    1. Hi April,
      Let me know how that scentsy scent packs and stuffing the doll go.
      I didn’t place the cow or the flower pattern. made one just of the basic doll.
      Have few mails to respond to, sending them the pattern for cow/flower how to, then later will write instruction and put them here on the blog as well. If you will be in the process of making doll before I publish the pattern, send me mail and will write you quick instructions.

  26. What a fabulous idea! I love them. I’m going to make one for my 19 year old daughter. She loves the scent of lavender when she sleeps.

    1. Thank you Felicia,
      Have fun and enjoy making Sleeping Buddy for your daughter. Am sure she will love it.

  27. merci infiniment pour ces magnifiques modeles!je suis fan amitiés.

    1. You are welcome! 🙂

  28. Hello, I am starting the body of this adorable pattern and I am lost on round 1 (lol) It says to crochet and turn not continue in a round but go back the opposite way? I tried that and I did not achieve 30..rather 17. Can you break it down for me please? 🙂

  29. Hello, l adore this doll , l just got my first granddaughter…and this would be perfect for her.

    I don’t have experience…was wondering if you make these to sell

    1. Dear Mary,
      So far I didn’t make these dolls for sale, but think I can find a way to help you getting this doll for your granddaughter. Send me details to mail: and we’l see what can be done.

  30. If you want to use natural herbs you could think of putting them in small teabags (available at ecoshops). Start stuffing as you would normally, tuck the teabag in and add more stuffing.

    1. That is great idea and tip. Thanks a lot!

  31. Making the one with the flowers on her bonnet……any ideas for a pattern for the flowers?

    1. Dear Linda,
      Here are instructions on how to make the flowers; those on bonnet and one on the leg part of PJ.
      Bonnet flowers:
      In magic ring sc5
      sl st last to first st, *ch2, hdc, ch2 and stitch to next st* – repeat ** for all stitches (until 5 petals are made)
      At the end slip stitch to first sl st made and tie off. Leave long end for sewing the flowers to the hood later.

      The leg flower:
      Start making leg with yellow (this will make a flower center)
      Make R1-R3
      R4 continue with the color you will use for PJ, but stitch it BLO (back loops only)
      Front loops you will use for making the flower petals.

      This stitch count is used all around in order to create flower:
      sl st, sc+hdc in one st, 2dc in one st, hdc+sc in one st
      repeat all around to create 6 flower petals. Tie off, cut and hide the end.

  32. I looove this pattern! And you are such a kind person to share it for free, thanks! I am going to change the colors of the lavender doll and try to make it a sunflower doll… I hope to share a picture with you soon:-) Have a lovely day!

    1. What a wonderful idea to make sunflower buddy! Great! 🙂
      Looking forward to see the photo when done. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
      Happy sunflower sleeping buddy making!

  33. […] tijdje terug vond ik op de blog van AmigurumiBB deze leuke sleeping buddies. Vooral het lavendel poppetje vind ik prachtig. Hier zie je mijn creatie […]

  34. Saw these little beauties and could not resist!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Helen! 🙂

  35. I am working on the doll, very confused about the body. First you chain 12, and in the second chain from the hook you do 10 SC? How do you proceed from there? I have read the other comments but am still confused.Do you work the SC’s in the chains? Please clarify this pattern. Thanks

    1. Karalee,
      you start with the chain, but from this chain you will make an oval shape and continue working in rounds. Meaning, after chain is done, first round you will have to work around chain, on each side of the chain stitch. Once you make 10sc starting from the second stitch from the hook, you will be making increase of three stitches in the last chain stitch. After that continue working around the chain, crocheting though the back side of the same chain stitches you made when starting. Hope this clears some for you.

  36. muchas gracias por compartirlo y por el diseño tan gracioso de los amigos dormilones. sigue así deleitandonos con tus diseños

  37. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern! I can’t wait to make it for my niece for Christmas!

    1. You are welcome Angie 🙂

  38. Thank you for sharing pattern . I have noticed by reading posts, you ate a very kind gracious humble lady with a beautiful heart! You always respond kindly warmly apologizing when mistake pointed out . May you be blessed for your kindness.

    1. Thank you Christine for kind message left.
      Yes I do apologize often 🙂
      From time to time I still experience judgments and crititsism when I make mistakes, but after all I am just a human. I try my best making it easy for everyone, but flaws and mistakes always find their way through 😀

  39. You say use 5 ply or sports weight. I’m from the UK and not sure what yarn to use. Can anyone advise please?

    1. Try with DK cotton yarn. Perfect for these dolls.

  40. I love these “buddies”. I came across them helping someone look for a pattern and decided to attempt them…went for the one in cow pajamas first…my question is can you give me some incite to the ears on the feet? Thank you so much

    1. kathy, please look through comments (my recent replies) I have written the instructions on how to make ears for cow PJ. For the foot, start with flesh or pink colored yarn and stitch until you reach 24 sts (R3). Repeat one more round of same color and then continue with white.
      Embroider nostrils on the bottom of the pink part and add tiny beads for eyes on top (where you started with white color yarn).
      For the ears, like said, please try to find instructions in one of my recent replies.
      Thank you

      1. I have looked through all the comments but can only find additional instructions for the Lavender buddy and the feet for the cow. I can appreciate how many times you’ve been asked to provide the additional instructions but I have honestly not been able to find the instructions for the ears on the cow sleeping buddy.

        Thank you so much for the patterns. You are a very talented person.

      2. Hello Mary-Frances, thank you for your message. Sleeping Buddy in cow PJ is very easy to make. Ears, you find difficult to make are simple ovals, in shape of little leaves.
        In order to make them start with chain 6. You will need to work around chain, so when crocheting this, around chain round work in back loops all the way.
        slip stitch to the second chain from hook, sc to next, 2hdc in next, sc, sl st to the last chain stitch, ch1, and continue working around chain, sl st in the same stitch (where sl st and ch1 are made), sc to next stitch, 2 hdc in next stitch, sc, sl st to last stitch. Fasten off leaving long tail for sewing ear on the head.
        Hope it helps 🙂

  41. I, too, think these are adorable! I have just made two for my niece’s first birthday – a lavender girl and one little lion doll. ( I call them the Mild One and the Wild One).
    Can I translate the pattern into Danish and put it on my blog? You will of course be credited for it.

    1. I am very pleased you like Sleeping Buddies. Before translating, please check this page, Marianne has translated many of my patterns to Danish. If you don’t find Sleeping Buddies there, please feel free to make translation.

  42. Hello thank you for sharing your pattern for the Lavendar Sleeping buddies. So cute

  43. I love all your patterns, but I’m having a problem with round 12 of the feet of Marsupilami. I have all the toes connected but folding the last row in half and slip stitching through 7 stitches is not getting me the piece to be round and opened only on the top side. Any help would be appreciated.

  44. How really cute buddies! I love the three of them and I ‘must’ make at least the lavender one asap! Just finish my present work – a shawlette for a gift – and I’ll pick on it! I think I understand the pattern but as this will be my first doll… maybe I’ll have some doubts as I go along so… I’ll simply come back and ask you 😉
    Changing subject! I Love-love your designs and patterns, thank you so much for sharing them.

    1. Feel free to write and ask for anything you might need help with. Will be glad to help!

  45. Hi!

    This was my outcome, I used 8 ply instead because this is actually my second amigurumi ever and my crochet project after a long time and wasnt smart enough to check the wool weight before I went to the store.

    Thank you2! I gave it to a collegue that just had a daughter. Planning to make one for myself because its just too cute.

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