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Ella the elephant and her boy friend


Few weeks ago I have introduced you my Ella the elephant , and promised how soon will write the pattern (readable one 😉 as well. Meantime got several mails, asking me if this pattern is available. So to all who asked, yes, and here it is. While working on the pattern made the second elephant. Made few changes on the boy one. His legs and arms are slightly longer than Ella’s. In this pattern I have wrote down both options. For making a boy (in my case it is grey elephant) all you will have to do is add few more rows on arms and legs as indicated in the pattern. You will see, it is all written and easy to follow.AmigurumiBB - 21


Ch: chain

St: Stitch

Sc: Single crochet

Inv.dec.: Invisible decrease


Materials used:

2mm crochet hook

8 ply cotton yarn in light blue or grey color

black embroidery thread for eyes and mount

embroidery needle for sewing up the parts and details

white yarn for tusks and toenails

for stuffing I used polyester fiberfil


You will work in continuous rounds. Make sure to mark the first stitch, but only for the easier row count. You will not be working any slip stitches at the end of each row, or any ch1. As you finish, just continue working the next round as indicated in the pattern. When finishing the piece, after making last single crochet, slip stitch to the following stitch and tie off pulling the thread out of the stitch.

For those that wish to make identical size doll to these that I have made, here is the gauge used:

1×1 cm:  4 rows x 3 stitches

1×1 inch: 9 rows x 8 stitches


And we are ready to get started 🙂

Here is the Ella the elephant pattern.


R1: sc6 in magic ring (6 sts)

R2: 2sc in one st  x6 (12 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: *2sc in one st, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R5: *2sc in one st, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R6: *2sc in one st, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R7: *2sc in one st, sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R8: *2sc in one st, sc6* x6 (48 sts)

R9-R12:  sc48

R13: *2sc in one st, sc7* x6 (54 sts)

If you work with safety eyes, place them here leaving 6 stitches space between each one.

R14: *2sc in ne st, sc8* x6 (60 sts)

R15-R16: sc60

R17: *Inv.dec, sc8* x6 (54 sts)

R18: *Inv.dec., sc7* x6 (48 sts)

R19: *Inv.dec., sc6* x6 (42 sts)

R20: *Inv.dec., sc5* x6 (36 sts)

R21: *Inv.dec., sc4* x6 (30 sts)

R22: *Inv.dec., sc3* x6 (24 sts)

R23: *Inv.dec., sc2* x6 (18 sts)

Tie off, stuff the head firmly.



R1: sc9, 3sc in one st (last one on the chain), sc8, 2sc in one st. (22 sts)

R2: *2sc in one st, sc1* x10 (33 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc2* x10 (44 sts)

R4-R8: sc44

R9: *Inv.dec., sc2* x10 (33 sts)

R10: sc33

R11: *In.dec., sc1* x10 (22 sts)

R12: sc22

R13: Inv.dec x11

Tie off and leave long end for swing the ears on the head later.


R1: sc5 in magic ring (5 sts)

R2: 2sc in each st x5 (10 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x5 (15 sts)

R4: sc15 in the outer loop  (15 sts)

R5: sc15 (both loops) (15 sts)

R6: Inv.dec.3, sc9 (12 sts)

R7-R16: sc12

R17: sc3, 2sc in one st, sc1, 2sc in one st, sc1, 2sc in one st, sc4 15 sts)

R18: sc15

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the nose on the head later.


R1: sc6 in magic ring (6 sts)

R2: 2sc in one st all around (12 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: *2sc in one st, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R5: *2sc in one st, sc3* x6 (30 sts)

R6: *2sc in one st, sc4* x6 (36 sts)

R7: *2sc in one st, sc5* x6 (42 sts)

R8: *2sc in one st, sc6* x6 (48 sts)

R9-R18: sc48 (48 sts)

R19: *Inv.dec., sc6* x6 (42 sts)

R20: sc42

R21: *Inv.dec., sc5* x6 (36 sts)

R22: sc36

R23: *Inv.dec., sc4* x6 (30 sts)

R24: sc30

R25: *Inv.dec., sc3* x6 (24 sts)

R26: sc24

R27: *Inv.dec., sc2* x6 (18 sts)

R28: sc18

Tie off and leave long end to sew the body with the head later. Stuff the body well.


R1: sc6 in magic ring (6 sts)

R2: 2sc in each st all around (12 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: *2sc in ne st, sc2* x6 (24 sts)

R5: sc24 in the outer loop only (24 sts)

R6-R10: sc24

R11: *Inv dec., sc2* x6 (18 sts)

R12-R13: sc18

R14: *Inv.dec., sc1* x6 (12 sts)

R15-16: sc12

(if you wish to make legs longer as they are made at grey elephant, add 3 more rows)

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the legs later. Stuff only the wide, bottom part of the legs with the stuffing.



R1: sc6 in magic ring (6 sts)

R2: 2sc in each st all around (12 sts)

R3: *2sc in one st, sc1* x6 (18 sts)

R4: sc18 in the outer loop only

R5-R8: sc18 (for grey elephant arms add one more row)

R9: *Inv.dec., sc1* x6 (12 sts)

R10-R15: sc12 (12 sts)

For grey elephant kind of arms, add 4 more rows.

Tie off and leave long end for sewing the arms later.

Stuff only the wide lower part of the arms with the stuffing.



Tie off. Make a simple knot at the end. You can add few more threads in the last loop before fastening to give end of the tail have few hairs (and sew all as kind of little tassel), but it is optional.

Assembling the parts

AmigurumiBB - 01

Sew body and head first.

You will have 18 stitches to connect at both sides, so it should be pretty easy and give you nice clean connection. Start sewing, connecting end stitch of the head (where you tied off ) with end stitch of the body (where your thread for sewing begins), facing each other. Before finishing the sewing, add some more stuffing to the head and/or body so they connect nice and fill all empty spaces there might be between head and the body.

Now before sewing the rest look at your elephant carefully.

Turn her around looking at the head, until you notice the points where you started to make decreases. Pick one you like the best, as this peak will be the one onto which we will sew on the nose. Safe place the nose, with bobbin pins and sew it on the head. Sew through both loops of each stitch, for every stitch around nose. It is little picky work, but be patient so it will look nice later.

Arms you will sew on sides of the body. Take nose as the center point. Leave 5 stitches between each arm (looking from front side). Position the arms, safe them with pins and sew them nicely.

Sewing the legs.

Turn the Ella upside down.

Count 7 rows from the middle towards the front of the belly. You will be sewing the legs between row 7 and 8.  Take the bottom ring as your center point to position the legs evenly. Leave 3 stitches between legs, safety pin the legs on the body and sew them nicely.

Ears:  Position the ears evenly on the sides of the head. Place the ears starting R8 downwards, till R13. Sew them nicely, tie off, hide the ends.

Sew the tail between row 7 and 8 (counting from the starting ring of the body) centering it at the back side of the body.

Now you Ella is sewed completely.


Sew on the eyes one row above the nose level, leaving 6 stitches between each eye.

Sew them through only one stitch.

If you would like to use safety, eyes. Place them right after R13, leaving 6 stitches space between them.


Using white yarn or embroidery thread, sew the tusks on the sides of the bottom of the trunk. Go through one stitch several times to create ball kind shape to indicate small growing tusks here.


Two rows below the trunk, using black yarn or embroidery thread, embroider the mouth, stitching through three vertical stitches. Then curve them with diagonal stitch both sides, to make it smiley effect.

Feet/Arms toenails:

I made three on each arm and leg (but you can make it up to 5 as it is that many elephant can have ☺

Using white yarn or embroidery thread, sew the toeanails same way as you did with the tusks, leaving 2 stitches space between each. Start the stitch at the bottom of the leg or arm and sew over the edge ending in the first stitch above (the edge). Tie off at the end and hide thread inside the arm or leg.

At the end if you wish to make hair or two at the top of Ellas head. Cut two or three strings of yarn, 5-6 cm long. Using crochet hook (try some smaller size so you don’t make big gap on the stitch) pull it through one stitch at top of the head, hook the yarn folded at half, pull out through the stitch. Pull just enough to create a small loop you will use to yarn over and pull the rest of the strings through. Make two or three hars like that, cut them to the length you find likable.

And your Ella the elephant or her boy friend are done.

Thank you for trying this pattern out, and make sure you show us your finished dolls.

Pass these pattern to your friends. Make Ellas or her boyfriend for people you love, but please do not sell them or try to make profit out of them.

Allow me, as their designer, to enjoy the joy giving them for free and available for public use. At the end it is not the money that make people happy, but us being kind and respectful to each other.

If you will encounter any problems during your Ella amigurumi work, with the pattern or work itself, let me know, feel free to contact me. Will be glad to help you.AmigurumiBB - 02



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  1. Sumamente hermosos y muy tiernos!!!

    1. Gracias Emma,
      Espero que se los pruebe hacer 🙂
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  2. Nice Elephants, they are very sweet to see.

    1. Thank you Elze, very kind of you. Thank you for visiting.

  3. Ella and her friend are marvelous! Great job! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in sharing them with us. Adorable!!!

    1. thank you! Glad you like them 🙂
      It is my pleasure and joy to share what I know or do with all of you.

  4. Lindisimos! Gracias por compartir la receta 🙂

    1. Gracias Maria!

  5. Two totally scrumptious ami elephants. A pleasure to read and look at. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 So glad you find elephants scrumptious 😀 Love that word!
      Thank you for taking your time to stop by.
      Still smiling when think about the cutest bee I saw on your blog.
      Thanks again 🙂

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    1. Thanks Belinda!
      Hope you will make your Ella and her boyfriend soon 😉

  11. Oh these are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

    Love Joan xx

  12. Thanks for this lovely pattern, I enjoy it a lot.

    1. Thank you Siffa,
      Pleasure is all mine. 🙂

  13. These are adorable!!

    1. Thank you Lisa!

  14. Love..Ty:)

  15. So adorable!! I was wondering what hook size do you use and also what size is the completed Ella? How tall is she?

    1. Dear Lydia,
      Glad you like Ella! She is really, really my sweetie!
      As all of my dolls I made her using 2 mm hook, and cotton yarn. When finished measures about 18 cm, 7,5 inches. I hope you will decide to make one and enjoy her company later! 🙂

      1. So I’m finally going to start on Ella tomorrow! :))) my smallest hook I have is a D or 3-3.25mm will it make a big difference if I use this hook to make her? I think she just might be a little larger right?

      2. Yes, she will end up little bit larger, but don’t think that should b a problem. Make her nice softy! 🙂
        If you will need any help regarding the pattern, please let me know so can help you.

      3. I’m almost done with her I would like to send you a picture when I’m finished. Where should I send it?

      4. Hello Lydia!
        Glad you are almost done! You can send me the photo by mail.
        Looking forward to se your Ella! 😀

  16. I’m from Brazil, thanks for sharing those beautiful elephants

    1. Hello Velimolina!
      You are welcome for the patterns. Thank you for stopping by to leave the comment.

  17. Love them! So cute 🙂 I started making them yesterday and I’m falling in love more and more each day. So happy I found this pattern, thank you!!

    1. Dear Ellen,
      I am so glad you like the elephants 🙂
      Wishing you great time making them and even more fun playing with them later! 😀

  18. Hello. I have been doing small crochet creatures for weeks now. The suddenly yesterday my 8year old niece asked if I could do an elephant. After searching the internet your pattern leaped out and captured my love. So now I have started making an elephant in i light purple color. Thanks for charing this pattern. Love Hanna from Sweden

    1. Thank you Hanna for stopping by and taking time to leave the message.
      Glad you found little Ellie the elephant for you daughter. For any help you might need with it, please feel free to write.

  19. I am confused with the ear directions! Can you help me!

    1. Ella’s ear starts with chain;
      when making first round you have to work on both sides of chain made (3sts in one st will be your guide, after this one is made-and it will be the last stitch on the chain, after that one continue working on the other side of the beginning chain made). After finishing first round the rest will be easy, as you are working in continuous round oval shaped. Let mw know if this helped.

  20. I am so glad someone asked questions about the ears. I did everything else besides them because I just couldn’t figure it out. I let it sit for a day thinking maybe it would come to me. Now that you’ve explained you are working in an oval, it was easy-peasy! I think that’s pretty important to know and should be noted in the main instructions. I’ve never see a crochet pattern where you work on both sides of your starting chain.

    Please let me know where to send photos. This elephant is coming out so cute. Would love for you to see my work utilizing your pattern. I used a 3.24 mm hook because that’s the smallest I had on hand. I’m really pleased with the size.

    1. Glad you found out about ear making and finished your Ella. You can send me the photo on
      Always am thrilled when receiving and seeing photos of works done. Thank you very much in advance.

  21. How tall is Ella & is there a pattern for the

  22. How tall is Ella & is there a pattern for
    the flower?

    1. Ella is about 20, 22 cm.
      Use any simple flower pattern for the flower. The most simple flower to do is:
      R1 sc5 in magic ring
      R2 ch3, sl st to next st (work around making 5 petals like this)
      This one always turns out nice 🙂

  23. Hi! I absolutely adore this cutie 🙂 I’ve already started. Unfortunately I get stuck woth the ears, even after reading your extra explaination :-s I’m a beginner and I have absolutely no idea how to get further than the chain en sc1-9 and the three in one stich in 10. After that, I’m lost since I have nothing left to crochet in…Could you please help me out?
    Sincerely, Lydia

    1. Work in rounds. After you make beginning chain, and finish crocheting one side of that chain, simply continue working around the chain (imagine creating an oval).
      If you look at simple chain stitch, it has front and back loops. When you start this oval, your first side will be worked over back loops. As you finish last chain stitch, and add 2 or three stitches in that last loop, your work will automatically start to turn and point you direction to continue to work on the back side of the chain.
      So you continue.Now you will work through free loops or front loops of your starting chain.
      This way you will create an oval and from the next round can work in rounds.
      Let me know if this helps

    2. try looking at this tutorial. It might help you get better picture on how it’s done. Not the best one, but hope it’ll help

  24. Just finished construction of the basics (head-ears-nose-etc.) I need to get some stuffing then I can finish it! Thank-you so much for making it soo easy to follow your instructions!

    1. She’s all done – will be on my blog,

      1. She is super cute!!! Love the way you made her

      2. Thanks! I’ve also made a Grey one for a friend who requested it for her son!

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